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  1. Thanks for the response. I just checked my netflix and they just uploaded it. I was able to see up to episode 49. Anyway, I'm from Europe and I must say that this series has had it's fair share of awkward moments for me. I don't know if it's the culture difference or just this particular series? Do you find it awkward? Like - the way they kiss each other - no lip movement. How SC can faint so easily (when DS got stunned on London Bridge and she just fainted) but manage to stand days without food or water in the rain... And the whole wedding scene? SC fainted again and they somehow got her naked, changed her clothes and had a wedding without her parents. Oh and she never really agreed to marrying him, not even once did she say yes It's just all these small moments of awkwardness that add up and I always end up asking myself - how did I get so hung up on this series But I must confess I totally am in love with it
  2. Hi guys, new here. I was just wondering and I hope SOMEONE responds because netflix only posted the episodes only up to e47 in Europe, meaning there are 3 whole FINAL episodes out there and I HAVE NO ACCESS TO THEM :( :( :( :( PLEASE does anyone know where I can watch them with English subtlitles?? I hate how everyone knows the ending and I dont :( :( Please help me out.
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