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  1. 2 hours ago, marrez1 said:

    .....anyway hong sisters are much obliged for this.....


    I wanted to watch this drama for the leads and because the story seemed interesting but Absolutely Refused due to the HONG SISTERS!  They have written too many soul-destroying dramas.  They build you up and then let you die crying.  Endings are never good, solid, or satisfying. 


    Hong Sisters--the very name sounds like a curse to me now.  Watch one of their dramas?  Never never never again.

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  2. It has been awhile since I've posted much on this forum (had real life problems), so I really don't understand what has gone on here. 


    I wanted to watch Jinxed but thought I'd check out the thread for comments first but there are NO comments.  There is almost nothing on this thread but a re-hash of news articles. So disappointing and really a waste of time.  If no one is posting, why bother?


    What is going on with Soompi?  It used to be so lively, and there were always people wanting to chat about a drama.   Now it seems like a wasteland.  :tears:   Did everyone go somewhere else?

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  3. 3 hours ago, Kathy said:

    Where can I watch this with English subs?  Can't seem to find it in usual places.


    It's up on several (not legal) streaming sites, so it should be easy to find.  


    I came by to lurk since I'm trying to decide if I want to watch.  Really like SJS but I'm so tired with KDramas letting me down with bad endings that I've been avoiding all of them.

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  4. I really wanted to watch this drama because I like the cast so much.  But I've got to say that by the time I got halfway through episode one, it really made me wish I wasn't living my life.  I know that dramas (especially good ones) are supposed to make you feel something--love, joy, anger, sorrow--but all I felt here was utterly drained and numb and hopeless.


    The thing that was bothering me most was how much the characters had to be grateful for:  how amazing it was that they were still living and working together as a family, how everyone had enough to eat and a safe place to be, and how they felt no love or gratitude for any of it.  I was horrified, and it made me terribly unhappy.  Yeah, maybe that is how the drama is intended to make us feel but I can't get on board with that. 


    When I walked away from the screen, I kept hearing a really old song (like three decades old) in the back of my head.  It's about the careless ingratitude with which we can treat others and how it just hurts us at the end of the day.  We have to be willing to be open to others to be truly alive.  


    The characters in this drama made me feel like this:  Standing Knee Deep in a River and Dying of Thirst.



    I'm not gonna hang around for this drama despite the stellar cast because even 30 minutes of it made me feel such misery.   But at least I thought I could share an old song that is still relevant now because I think we all need the reminder to face those around us.


    Time for Thistle to go bloom elsewhere.  Hope the drama ends happy anyhow.



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  5. 8 hours ago, Eliza Marlowe said:

    Thank you so much for your help. Yes, it is Ditto. I thought I could never watched it again because I don't know the title. Thanks to you, I could watch it again. There is full movie with English subtitles in YouTube. 

    I am now more understanding about the ending, true it all makes sense now. It is sadder seeing her end up alone. 


    Glad to help.  I discovered this movie quite by accident years ago, and I'm sure that you will understand the reference when I say that the scent of it lives in my heart.


    (spoiled tagging here so I don't spoil the story too much for those who may not have seen Ditto)


    Although the FL ends up alone, it's also really beautiful because she had the courage to give up her first love so that her second could be born.  I thought that she was very courageous.  Her character was so innocent and childlike at the start but she had become wise when she had to make her decision.


    I think it was right that she left the ML to lead his own young life and I believe that he was smart to realize that he should not intrude on her mature life.  He made his own sacrifice when he respected the sacrifice that she made so that he could live.  


    Sometimes the best love really is bittersweet and cannot be truly fulfilled.  For me this was a true love story.  The men were both able to move on but the FL accepted her solitude.  That says a lot about how deep her love was.


    One of the other things that I really like about Ditto is the security guard and how he just might be the "angel behind the scenes" who is responsible for what happens with the HAM radio.  The first time I saw the film, I didn't pick up on how important a character he really is but the next time, I thought "aha!" because there's an important reason for him to be there, and he is there in both times with the same un-aged appearance.


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  6. On 3/4/2022 at 1:04 PM, Eliza Marlowe said:

    Bittersweet romance :cry:


    This is one of my very favorite movies; it's called Ditto, and it was released in 2000.  It stars Yoo Ji Tae and Kim Ha Neul.


    Borrowing the storyline description from MyDramaList:

    'Ditto' focuses on a female university student from 1979 who begins talking via HAM radio with another student from her school. They hope to meet, but through a series of misunderstandings, she begins to realize that the other student lives in the year 2000. This bit of the supernatural serves as the foundation for an exchange between these two, who are separated by 20 years during which their culture has been transformed.


    I've always been surprised that people don't understand the ending and that they are impatient with the pacing of this beautiful movie.  It makes so much sense to me, and it has always touched my heart.  Think I'm gonna re-watch it again soon.

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  7. On 2/16/2022 at 1:55 AM, rocher22 said:

    Whenever I see this tunnel I expect some murder to happen...  :D


    Yeah, I thought of several dramas with murder scenes set in that tunnel as soon as I saw that image.  Creepy.


    On 2/16/2022 at 2:21 AM, sadthe1st said:

    hi fellow chingus! i usually lurk but, HIIIII !!!


    I'm lurking as well while I decide whether to give this drama a try.  Sounds really good, though.


    On 2/16/2022 at 5:39 AM, Kathia said:

    And I did thought of Hotel Del Luna too! Ahahah! That tunnel is iconic!


    My first thought was of It's Okay Not To Be Okay.




    So, thanks to all the great posts I'm reading, I'm gonna give this drama a try.  Thanks, everyone!

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  8. 9 hours ago, Kathia said:

    I watched ep1 and was not impressed. I love Park Min-young, but I'm not feeling the vibe of this show. There's no chemistry with Song Kang, and we have nasty second leads, which I hate. Thankfully we have Proposal coming and those second leads are lovable. I'm not sure whether to check ep2 or just drop it...What am I going to do chingus?


    Not feeling it either, and I do Not like the leads together.  Was really planning to watch this because I have liked many of PMY's other dramas but I can't with this drama.


    What to do?  Wait a few weeks, read spoilers, and then decide if it's worth giving another try.

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  9. 36 minutes ago, Kathia said:

    But it seems the writers forgot about that narrative, or just simply didn't care anymore.


    Sadly, it is likely to be a bit of both.....or perhaps it had something to do with money. 


    I believe that they began with a very big idea and that maybe it was too complex or too expensive to maintain.  All of those monster scenes and so on must have cost quite a lot to produce (special effects, costumes, sites, stunt performers, and more), so it I have wondered if this was why they came to a halt so suddenly and the story began to get a bit confused in the middle as though it had to be re-worked for some reason--this seemed to happen when all of the monsters suddenly disappeared.  There was some stuff that just didn't follow through.


    Even though they were working with Netflix, there are limits to any budget.


    Just guessing but this is something I've thought about.

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  10. Back when the writers seemed to lose the threads of this drama (around episodes 10 and 11), I strongly suspected that we would get an ending something like this because it was obvious that the writers did not seem able to meld violence and romance so the leads would have to either be both alive or both dead at the end. 


    I was ready for this but I still find the ending hard to accept.  Too much time was wasted on ET and too little was spent on Hwal and SW.


    Oh well.  Bulgasal was good.  It just wasn't great.  I really wish we had seen enough of the romance shining through to make the ending a satisfactory one.   



    .....editing because I just remembered that I wanted to say thank you to the posters on this thread.  I enjoyed all the theories and it was nice sharing the drama-anxiety.  Thank you!




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  11. 1 hour ago, RobinM said:

    They tried to hard to make this drama twisty and complex and after a certain point people get annoyed and confused. It’s a fine line.  


    So true.  I do like this drama very much and love the slow burn romance.  But there was a point at which things seemed to lose focus, and that was where I think the reveal really should have begun.  I'm still hopeful for a happy ending or at least a satisfying one.....or even just something that makes sense.

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  12. 1 hour ago, illay said:

    What a depressing episode..and the preview OMG....


    Judging from the spoilers I've been reading, I think I'm gonna wait a few days to watch.  Maybe I'll even wait until ep 16 because I get so nervous when everything starts going crazy in dramaland, and the way Bulgasal is going sounds like a whole lot of sad/crazy. 


    I'm one of those who needs to know how it all ends, so I love spoilers.



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  13. 7 hours ago, andy78 said:

    I have a bad feeling about SIHO and SHAMAN lady...one of them or maybe both have something to do with what happened 1000 years ago


    I agree about SH (who has seemed shady from the beginning) but I actually like the Shaman Lady.  The Shaman isn't in control of the visions she sees and she has to tell what she hears; this makes her seem dangerous but when she is herself she is okay.


    59 minutes ago, lolly84 said:

    but i'm SangHwal shipper so i think their connections is beyond his relationship with Si-ho.


    Thank goodness!  Good to know there are others who feel this way, too.  I got so tired of the anti-SW/SU and "no romance" comments that I have not posted as much as I might have. 


    And now I'm gonna say something really unpopular:  I can't stand ET.  He is creepy and not funny. 

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  14. 2 hours ago, andy78 said:

    i could not agree more...i fear i might be disappointed by the end too...telling the truth i did not like GOBLIN end very much


    More truth:


    I was absolutely enraged by the ending of Goblin and cannot excuse it ever.  Likewise the ending of Hwayugi (I now despise the writers known as The Hong Sisters and will NEVER watch anything they write) as well as a number of other dramas.  

    My heart has been broken too many times.  But, no matter how foolishly, I continue to hold out a slender hope that there is a chance for Bulgasal to end well.

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  15. 39 minutes ago, illay said:

    Did the writers trying to pair the lady  & ex-detective on tonight episode? :lol:


    I think so--Absolutely!  And they were so cute together.  :D


    In a different vein.....I'm thinking about the plotlines again.  In the beginning of this drama, the writer made everything very dark, very violent, very convoluted, and very confusing.  This has lead us all down a winding road.  Now we are facing a different sort of confusion because the writer seems to have lost the thread.  What seems to be happening now is formulaic and predictable; this is a little disappointing in the long run.  


    Although I'm really glad that DY is not dead, the fact that he lived showed me that this drama is more romance than when it began.  At the start, the drama was something else entirely.  Why the shift?  I don't know.  I'm glad to see some romance (hey, I'm the person who seriously wanted it) but the writing inconsistency bothers me.  It's a like a cake batter that isn't fully mixed, so that the cake comes out of the oven lopsided.


    The formula that I think may be happening here is something like this:

    • Bulgasals were not meant to be evil; they were a matched pair of good spirits who were meant to control the monsters of this world.  That pair was Hwal and SU.
    • ET was an evil and greedy person (possibly a monster?) who somehow managed to get between Hwal and SU through lies and deceit.  
    • Hwal tried to protect SU, and somehow this resulted in ET trading his soul to Hwal so that ET became Bulgasal.
    • Perhaps Hwal and SU thought that they could figure out a way out of this dilemma but something went wrong again.
    • In the meanwhile, Hwal with ET's soul kept reincarnating and SU had to try to protect him every time.  Perhaps Hwal reached his final incarnation and the only way for SU to save Hwal for for her to give him her Bulgasal powers.
    • Maybe Hwal and SU planned to trade soul and Bulgasal powers back and forth until they could figure out a way for them to outwit ET.
    • At the end of the day, there will either be two Bulgasals (Hwal and SU) or none at all.  If there are no Bulgasals left, who will control the monsters?  There must be a pair of Bulgasals; therefore SU must become Bulgasal.

    So, this is just what I was left thinking at the end of today's episode.


    Not only do we see the detective and the shaman lady finding their way to one another, we also see Hwal and SU doing the same. 


    Now, what about SH who admits to liking bad men?  We still don't know the baby-daddy, and I'm still thinking it's a monster.


    I still like this drama but I'm not happy with the inconsistencies.  Oh well, I'll just enjoy to the end.


    .....editing to add this thought:  one of the things that is bothering me is that we had so much focus on the monsters.  The monsters were insistently tracking SU and HWal was fighting them.  Now the plotline with the monsters seems utterly gone, and that just doesn't make sense.  Where are these extra bad guys?  Are we just waiting until the end for a final major battle?  Grrrrr.  So annoying.  As I said, the writer seems to have lost the thread.  


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  16. 17 minutes ago, Bleu Winter said:

    Looks like Sang-Un can't help but to come back for Hwal. At the end of ep 11, he has become more important than her revenge. Her instinct (probably her love for him for 1000 years ago) makes her save him when he was drowning and makes her come back for him no matter what. I'm sick of hearing Eul Tae's excuse. 

    Lol, even if he is telling the truth I would be skeptical since he has lied since the beginning. Since Bulgasal's are  pairs probably Hwal + Sang-Un were pairs. 

    Eul Tae who was weak 1000 years ago was hungry for power so he probably plotted to be bulgasal.

    Everyone who had ties with Eul Tae in the past life 1000 years ago probably are reborn this time as faith brings them back together closer than he thinks. 


    This is what I've been thinking as well.  


    ET was greedy for power, and he used Hwal and SU against one another in the past.  

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