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  1. Reflection on today’s episode: the episode today was really constructed and acted out really well. I personally disagree with people who say that this episode did not have romance. I liked all the dialogues between Hae Ryung and the prince. You could see how much they care for each other. I loved how Hae Ryung jumped to reach the prince when he was in danger and I loved how the prince tried to cover her when he noticed her fear. In my opinion romance is not just the lovey dovey moments between both leads. It has to go deeper than that. I see many people thinking that enough for people to be happy. But the reality is totally different and I like that the writer is showing us more of a realistic relationship. In this episode, we could see how deeply our leads care for each other, yet how good they work together even when they r at disagreement about this love. That’s the win win situation for a relationship. I like how the CP left everything behind to come for his bother. I’m still loving their relationship as bothers and at the same time I feel sad that the future revelations might affect their love and commitment to each other but I hope it won’t. I have already said in a previous post that I can’t imagine how the leads will feel when the truth is discovered about their identity. I have to say I feel equally distressed for both the CP and officer min. Both men just showed how amazing both of them in their own ways. I’m sure both will be devastated too considering that their families is also implicated in the matter. I kinda feel that the queen mother has something to do with the attack on the prince. I’m not yet sure, but it might be part of her plan to have prince rim as the future king. She seams determined to have him as the future king and is planning accordingly. I also have a lot of mixed feeling about the plan of the queen mother to have prince rim as the future king. I’m not sure if he himself wants that. Through out the drama, he only showed support for his brother and respected him as the future king. He never showed any internet in being the king. So, what his grandmother want for him might be a total opposite of what he wants for himself. Also, I worry about the relationship between the prince and Hae Ryung. It’s kinda difficult now, but has he to become a future king, it would be kinda of impossible for them to be together. He would be expected to make a marriage for political reasons not love and he will never get the chance to leave the place. Hae Ryung is still for me what a heroine in a drama should be about. I just love her character. She is so relatable to many of us girls out there. A girl who is smart and strong (but not in ur face strong). She depend on herself and have a dreams of her own and don’t expect they guy to do things for her. I could say much about how much I admire her character. To much to reflect on. But I will finish for now and look forward to the next episode.
  2. As we are getting close to final, I can’t imagine how the prince and Hae Ryung will feel when they discover their true identities. I’m not even sure, but they could have even met before or she met his dad or something. I’m sure the sense of betrayal and disappointment will be great especially for Hae-Ryung as she and her brother are so close. For him, to be partly responsible for the death of the king and her dad will break her heart.
  3. @jimjim_1704 and @SC2019 , unlike you guys, I have no liking for the second couple nor do I ship them or care for them to be together. I like the crown prince, he is a good person who is trying his best to be a good future king (regardless if he really aspired to be a king or not) and he is doing his best for the people and his family. I liked his relationship with prince lee rim. He know that his dad -the king does not look kindly on prince lee rim and even does not like him thought he does not know the reasons behind that but, he does his best to support him. I liked their brotherhood relationship. They support each other and try to do the best for each other. It’s a refreshing brotherhood relationship in historical drama considering that usually brothers are fighting and hating each other’s. I hope the crown prince meet someone worthy of him like hoe goo hea ryung and prince Lee rim worthy of each other. Historian song, on the other hand is a selfish being who only thinks about herself and care for herself only. I could have been ok with her being selfish. But, the way she betrayed her colleagues, the crown prince and the country is really disgusting. She kept providing the second state minister with information until he become knowable that prince lee rim is not the son of the current king and is working to kill him. She betrayed her colleagues by giving access to the historical records when the king himself is not allowed to look at them. She betrayed the crown prince and his family by her actions and by spying on them for the benefit of the second state minister. I personally don’t fathom how can she even think of herself as worthy of the CP after what she did. She should be trialed for treason for her actions along with the second state minister. She herself chose her fate and I was hoping at one point she could redeem herself but kept on going with her betrayal. I’m sure if the CP get to know all what she has done, he will regret even considering her as someone he could like. There is a vast difference between her and goo Hae Ryung, who was ready to sacrifice herself for people, who refused to let anyone access history record when she was found by the guards. She preferred to be in prison rather than giving her history record to the king. That’s the difference between a person who has ethics and principles and someone like historical song who has non.
  4. I also can see how he thinks of her as his everything. She was there for him all this time with all the challenges and what was going on. When I think about, I think he really loved her the first time he saw her. But when she dissed his novel. They conflict between them started. But, he really wanted her to be with him regardless. I think Hae Ryung really loves him. But, I think she is worried that their different dreams might ruin the love. She surly wants to travel and do more things in her life. But, I think she can tell that he is not ready to leave everything behind and be with her even if he says so. Yes, he might be ok at the with for a while. But then the resentment would resurface even if he promised not to resent it. I actually like that they r bring this issues. To many times, people think that if couple came together, then it’s the happy ending. But that not true in real life. To be with someone and spend ur life with a person and star a family, it requires compromise from both parties. Usually, this is highly neglected in kdrama. It good to see a drama present the idea especially that some of South Korea celebrities are getting divorced this year. I think the next episode preview is interesting because it will maybe teach them more about what is important and about compromise too.
  5. @omiki and @vtxy Thank you for hilighliting that the ending of the novel was in this way. I actully wondered why they did not just fake their death and disappeare as the main couple in The Sound Of The Desert did. It was quit disappointing to watch the last 2 episodes not only because so many of the good characters died and many of the evil ones stayed live. It had also to do with the actions of the main leads themselves. While I understand that many people just wanted and rooted for a happy ending and others felt bad for the ones who died. My main problem was that the actions of both leads made me dislike them so much in the last 2 episodes. BQ for example, after constantly rejecting DFS, she agrees to marry him just to lead him to his death. To me that was beyond cold. I do understand that she did not love him nor wanted to marry him and agree with her. but he was a guy who saved her life multiple times. Is this his reward for saving her so many times - stabbing him in the back in this manner? What she did just made me dispise her honestly. In my culture, if someone saved ur life you own him a life. Her betrayal in this way just is unethical to me. I don’t understand why the director went that direction. Her character is now in my least favorite leads for ever for that. As for CY, who suppose to be a people’s hero, he was already made into a bland character by not giving him heroic qaluties after the first several episodes. But in the last 2 episodes he also showed unethical characters that I would not like to associate with a main lead such as claiming to be working with DFS when he was the emperor man; and also by standing still and doing nothing when BQ was marrying DFS in order for him to be able to take him down. To just not do anything in this situation made me lose respect for his character too. His girl was marrying another guy and he just did nothing just for a political gain. Unfortunately , the last 2 episodes ruined the 2 main leads to me morally and ethnicity that I could not care for them or for their happy ending. Maybe I’m reading to much into the situation, but these were thought in my mind that were not settled. I am happy that the ending of the novel was quite different. If its translated into English, I would appreciate a link to read it. I also hope that both actors get better role next time as I really liked them especially Bin Bin who is one of my favorite Chinese actors.
  6. @biancardi, I just wanted to say that I appreciated your comments about DFS. It’s like you were reading my mind. He is, to me, the most interesting character in the show. I liked how he was presented and who he grew as a character. Multi dimensional character are usually my favorite in any drama as it represents us as humans unlike unrealistic and perfect characters usually presented in Asian drama. If it was not for his character, I don’t think I would have continued watching this drama. While I started watching in the first place because of zhang bin bin because I like him as an actor. His character in this drama was the most disappointing. They tried to portray him as this masked hero but then unfortunately he turned into this plain character who is not generally heroic. After the first part of the drama, nothing was added to his character. And finally, when he was still committed to his uncle the horrible emperor, I even become more disappointed. I keep asking myself, what if the emperor asked him to marry someone else or even to being BQ to the place for the emperor. I have this voice in my head that says he would have done that unfortunately. While DFS, started as this self-centered and bratty character but end up the most sacrificing. After that, I really did not want CY to end up with BQ. He was not deserving to live a happy ending to me. I will say this is not bin bin best work for me. He is really a good actor and I hope to see him in better roles in the future. I disliked the character he played here but will keep supporting him as an actor. I also learned about Austin Lin who played DFS and I really grew to like him as an actor. He played a complicated character impeccably well and I will look forward for new roles for him too.
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