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  1. oh yea apparently its been going on. fansites suggested that fans report the problem to google so they would fix it. Idk y but I feel so wronged for PMY. She never freaking gets the credits that she deserves!
  2. based on comments in the post, it seems like excluding female casts is a thing. Even SHK was excluded before. will never understand some of the things korean industry does towards women. How can u even nominate someone from the drama called WWWSK without nominating the main god dam woman, which is secretary kim=PMY!!!!
  3. Idk about u guys but dont u think Simba & Leon kinda represent their daddy and mommy? Like Simba's eyes are smaller but u can tell he's probably more mischievous, kinda like PSJ lol Meanwhile look at Leon's eyes, they're big & round, innocent like just like PMY
  4. can someone share the link to the Daum dvd teaser? I made the account but I cant find the video anywhere Edit: nvm found it but idk y the video wont show. Is the video only showing on a certain format of window? Re-edit: jk I figured it out. lol PMY like u said was so timid which is so suspicious lol
  5. The whole Starple voting is such a f*king joke to me at this point. LOL. Honestly we all know its rigged so whatever. they can let the other person gain fame through company power, illegal votes, bots, etc. Clearly we know its true. Idc at this point cause at the end of the day, PPC will still end up together so not like not getting some stupid award will matter.
  6. THINGS WE NEED TO VOTE RIGHT NOW: 1) TVN https://twitter.com/iloveparkpark 2) AAA https://www.asiaartistawards.com/vote/preVote.html?type=mactor 3) Seoul Awards (download app on your phone) 4) Starple (download app on your phone) If someone could compile step-by-step to vote per award would be great!!! Ik if some of u backtrack to pages before, someone posted steps already on how to vote TVN award I think.
  7. they are mostly KJW & PSJ shippers. they left nasty comments in PSJ IG feeds before & some active IGs still going on now. They target PMY by saying stuff about her plastic surgery, that's literally all they can say too. but how they do is its truly disgusting. I wont post their posts/igs on here cause that will just be disrespectful to this page. Anyways, to our PPC updates, fighting! how PMY answered her questions is just too cute. She's definitely in loveeeeeee~~
  8. Ok I know we're well beyond the whole Starple voting manipulation thing but I'm honestly still very bitter to know the votes are rigged but Starple aint doing richard simmons about it. Btw Ik I should ignore haters but after coming across a few haters igs, comments, Im really more convinced PSJ deleted his past posts to solely show his support for PMY. Those comments targeting PMY is srsly hurtful. Even if our PMY is a strong girl, it's still disheartening to see.
  9. our PMY hit 3M on IG. Congrats to our cutie, getting that recognition & interest from public, it's what she deserves!
  10. Did her caption srsly include "bye bye" lol cuz if yes then r they communicating to one another? PSJ with his hand wavinng emoji and here PMY with her byebye caption
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