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  1. Regarding the post about YXH tried to defamed his fans in China, I have struggled whether to post my comment because I hate to disturb the positive and lovely tone in this thread. However fairness wins me over. Like a coin has two sides, so does a story. What I can say that a big portion of his Chinese fans are not that innocent. People join the thread from the beginning may still remember Avenue X, who has produced quite a few excellent videos purely out of love and at least two pieces of her work were shared/referred to in this thread. She was trolled by his Chinese fans. As far as I could recall, she mentioned it (not in detail) in her social media. (It hasn't stopped her from following him and keeping on producing works on him. A generous lady!). I haven’t been to this forum for several months because of what a big group of his Chinese fans did (not to me but to others). I was so disgusted that I was not able to spend time on translating his stuff anymore. Now I am recovered a little bit from it and came back to take a look and saw that post. I am sorry about the distraction. ZhuYilong is an excellent person and actor. It is good enough just to believe in him and sharing his own stuff.
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