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  1. Regarding the post about YXH tried to defamed his fans in China, I have struggled whether to post my comment because I hate to disturb the positive and lovely tone in this thread. However fairness wins me over. Like a coin has two sides, so does a story. What I can say that a big portion of his Chinese fans are not that innocent. People join the thread from the beginning may still remember Avenue X, who has produced quite a few excellent videos purely out of love and at least two pieces of her work were shared/referred to in this thread. She was trolled by his Chinese fans. As far as I could recall, she mentioned it (not in detail) in her social media. (It hasn't stopped her from following him and keeping on producing works on him. A generous lady!). I haven’t been to this forum for several months because of what a big group of his Chinese fans did (not to me but to others). I was so disgusted that I was not able to spend time on translating his stuff anymore. Now I am recovered a little bit from it and came back to take a look and saw that post. I am sorry about the distraction. ZhuYilong is an excellent person and actor. It is good enough just to believe in him and sharing his own stuff.
  2. If jokingly making a list why he does not have a girl friend, this will be one of the reasons because the right answer is hot water, not warm water :-) In China, as a qualified boyfriend, this is the basic knowledge. Regarding drinking cold/warm(or hot) water, I think it is also related with diet. My understanding is that beef is main food intake in western countries. Beef generates heat for bodies. Therefore, it is fine to drink cold water or drinking cold water can balance the extra heat out to make people feel more comfortable. However, traditionally, beef is not the main food intake for majority Chinese people. Warm/hot water is more suitable /better according to the diet. Those are related with traditional Chinese medicine which might be hard for people from other countries to understand and believe.
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