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  1. Regarding the post about YXH tried to defamed his fans in China, I have struggled whether to post my comment because I hate to disturb the positive and lovely tone in this thread. However fairness wins me over. Like a coin has two sides, so does a story. What I can say that a big portion of his Chinese fans are not that innocent. People join the thread from the beginning may still remember Avenue X, who has produced quite a few excellent videos purely out of love and at least two pieces of her work were shared/referred to in this thread. She was trolled by his Chinese fans. As far as I could recall, she mentioned it (not in detail) in her social media. (It hasn't stopped her from following him and keeping on producing works on him. A generous lady!). I haven’t been to this forum for several months because of what a big group of his Chinese fans did (not to me but to others). I was so disgusted that I was not able to spend time on translating his stuff anymore. Now I am recovered a little bit from it and came back to take a look and saw that post. I am sorry about the distraction. ZhuYilong is an excellent person and actor. It is good enough just to believe in him and sharing his own stuff.
  2. If jokingly making a list why he does not have a girl friend, this will be one of the reasons because the right answer is hot water, not warm water :-) In China, as a qualified boyfriend, this is the basic knowledge. Regarding drinking cold/warm(or hot) water, I think it is also related with diet. My understanding is that beef is main food intake in western countries. Beef generates heat for bodies. Therefore, it is fine to drink cold water or drinking cold water can balance the extra heat out to make people feel more comfortable. However, traditionally, beef is not the main food intake for majority Chinese people. Warm/hot water is more suitable /better according to the diet. Those are related with traditional Chinese medicine which might be hard for people from other countries to understand and believe.
  3. @siobhanne You are welcome! Don't worry, I won't let the interpretation in the new story ruin the Clown/Ugly. No matter what the director says/agrees, I consider it an independent story. Plus there is a saying "There are a thousand of Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes". So I just keep my own interpretation. :-).
  4. @BreezeC Thank you for the elaboration! I remember the birthday surprise from Ady An and I think that's gone too far. But who knows, perhaps the criteria in Entertainment industry is quite different.
  5. By the way, when I shared the fun fact, I forgot to mention that the original Chinese word for Beauty is used for female. Professor Shen is called 沈美人(Beauty Shen). Zhu Yilong is called 朱美丽 (Beauty Zhu).
  6. I feel the final part of the story (long dialogue between the girl and the guy) makes the suppose-to-be-a-masterpiece story falling into the ordinary, cli·ché category. The lines and the acting intend to be touching. However, I always feel this type of lines and acting, especially the acting, are too artificial (after taking into consideration of sort of exaggeration of theatrical effect/performance) and they immediately pull me out of the story every time I watch something like this. This story helps me get the answer for the question I have had since I watched Ugly: who came up with the idea for the ending of Ugly? The ending is so unique and makes the story top ranked in my list. Now I am 100% sure it is Zhu Yilong’s. In my opinion, the story/acting of Meet (Reunion?) provides an additional example to demonstrate two things: The great mindset of Zhu Yilong The extraordinary acting, especially voice acting, of Bai Yu in emotional scenes (He does stage play as well) I draw the conclusion for my question based on two pieces of evidence. The other is from an interview of Zhu Yilong regarding the idea of Ugly. He said something like this (not exact words): There might be someone who provides pivot assistance in our lives. However, we never know when that person will show up. So what’s the most important is to focusing on making ourselves strong no matter whether we will run into that person and no matter when that person will show up. Frankly speaking, the interpretation of Jiu Yue pulling back the clock which Wei Xiao agreed makes me feel the story ruins Ugly a little bit. Thank you @TheRedDragon for the help on "absurd".
  7. Not sure whether someone has helped on this video. I haven't watched the drama and am lack of context. For the part you are especially curious: Zhu Yilong was asked by the guy to blow the flour (Is there a flour game in the drama?). Zhu Yilong was about to blow it and changed his mind in the last second. He was saying while he was walking to the guy “Am I stupid? If I blow it, it will fall all over my face (instead of hers)”. I guess he saw through the tricks and that made everyone laughing.
  8. The word "loincloth" (nothing to do with the movie) reminds me Monkey King, one of the most popular characters in Chinese literature- Journey to the west. In the interview of Zhu Yilong and Bai Yu in this video https://www.bilibili.com/video/av27020143, at roughly11:50, Zhu Yilong was asked to use gesture language to represent digit 9. After he did it, Bai Yu commented he should be more creative and suggested different postures. The posture he repeated is the typical posture of Monkey King in the drama of Journey to the West (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3KNpyKILHM&list=PLIj4BzSwQ-_sfc7l2xm1wQswAd5jqrrDS ). The cartoon figure in this video is from the classic Chinese Animation Movie Havoc (Uproar) in Heaven (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hu0XosgxCyU) . That’s why Zhu Yilong reacted to Bai Yu’s posture by saying “ I will knock him(Bai Yu) down if I have the golden cudgel (the weapon of Monkey King).” Just some pieces of culture context if someone is interested in it.
  9. Yes, it is the video I guessed. Although I said there was nothing interesting, I don’t think most people, if not all, following this thread will agree with me. I translate most part of the video. The rest are checking the network connection, talking of weather in Beijing, the construction noise, the train passing by (fans were curious about the exact location where he was because of the train and which place he wants to travel. As expected fans won’t get the answers.). They also talked of video games. But I don’t play games so I am not able to translate that part. The other two people are his workmates. They helped read questions from fans and keep the live webcast moving. The lady is his agent. For the convenience of myself, I labeled them both as host (H) unless it is very important to differentiate. From 3:00 onwards: Z: Yes, I like photographing. Z: I am currently in Beijing but will leave tomorrow for the shooting of the Legend of Ming Lan. H: Why haven’t you wore cap and face mask recently? Z: I still wear them. I am not wearing them now because it is not polite to do so during a live webcast. H: Director Zhu Shimao complimented you several times. Is there anything you would like to say to him? Z: Director Mao is very nice to me. He is kind and easy to get along with. He is not like a director on site. He is like, emmm, he is like my H: A kid Z: ah? (puzzled, shocked face) H: like a kid, he treats you like his own kid. Z: Yeah, like the relationship between the elderly and younger generation in a family. He is considerate and approachable. H: You played a photographer in Hu Yang’s Summer. Do you like photographing? Z: I haven’t applied eyeliner. Of course, I don’t apply eyeliner. Z: I like photographing. (laughing) I’ve finished my answer. H: Are you satisfied with any photos you have taken? Z: (Distracted by the stuff around his face shown on the screen) What is this? Z: What’s the question again? H: Photographing Z: oh, Photographing. I am afraid of two things the most. One is dancing, the other is photo shoot. I am always in the same posture. It gives photographers big headaches. I make them miserable no matter how excellent a photographer is. H: How about yourself? Do you like any photos you have taken? Z: myself? H: Selfie or photos you have taken as a photographer Z: Yes, I will show you when there is a chance. H: The movie Eternal Wave will be released on Nov. 3. Could you talk about the role you played in it? Z: I played an undercover agent in Eternal Wave. I disguised as a restaurant pianist. Aaron Kwok was my trainer. H: (The character is) called Cen Zimo Z: called Cen Zimo H: Talking of dancing, you taught Aaron Kwok how to dance in Eternal Wave. As a newbie in dancing, could you tell us what was going on then and your feeling of teaching the Dancing King of Asia? Z: He taught me before the shooting, then I taught him and Liying during the shooting. It’s quite funny. I could not make it if I don’t a have strong belief. H: How long did it take you to practice the dance at the end of the movie (Hu Yang’s Summer)? Z: Did you guys feel awkward when you were watching me dancing in Hu Yang’s Summer? I tried to tell myself it was not awkward. I tried to tell myself I was a dancer. But it seems I didn’t make it. H: Will you attend entertainment show if there is a chance? Z: Entertainment show? Sister Chan (his agent), will I attend entertainment show if there is a chance? His agent: yes. Z: She said yes. (showing his agent) H: In Eternal Wave, you were wearing long hair, weren’t you? Z: Yes, with hair extension. It is quite long. I also did photo shoot with it. H: Do you like the style? Z: it’s OK. But it is hard to wash. I wore it for four months. It was quite painful every time I washed my hairs. I washed my hairs everyday because of the glue and it was hard to dry the hairs because of the hair extension. H: They say you look nice with long hair. Z: Really? It is the first time I wore hair extension. When it was removed four months later, I felt I lost a lot of hairs. I thought I would be bald. Z: My hairlines? Because of the costume drama, my hairlines have receded a lot. Luckily it seems getting better recently. H: Would like to be a director in the future? Z: Currently I am focusing on acting. It is too early to think about it. It is the question to think about after I have some good roles and play some good characters. Z: I also would like to open a hot pot restaurant. But I don’t have time. I am busy with filming. H: Some fans say that you look nice with mustache. Could you wear it? Z: Wear mustache? OK, when there is a chance, when I play a hard man. H: Which type of hard man? Z: No specific type. Depending on the character I run into. Just wait for an opportunity. Z: After I said I would like to play a hard man last time, you guys left comments asking me not to. You guys said you objected to it, didn’t you? H: When are you going to perform in a stage play? Z: When I don’t have so many filming projects in a year. Actually I don’t want to have so many projects in a year. However, there were few opportunities in early years. You always tried to get any opportunities for various roles. Now it becomes better. There are more opportunities. When you read a good screenplay, you would feel regret if you give it up. Although I feel a little bit tired, I feel content. H: A fan would like to watch you play a psycho. Z: Play a psycho? I will. Z: It will take a very long time to shoot The Legend of Ming Lan. So I am reluctant to decide the next project now. I am focusing on the current project. H: Do you prefer costume drama or contemporary drama? Z: No preference. In this year, I have done costume drama, contemporary ... Is Guardian a contemporary drama? H: More like a time travel drama. Z: then Granting You a Dreamlike Life, which is Republic Era (turmoil period in the history of China, 1912 (end of Qing Dynasty) – 1949 (establish of PRC)). So I’ve tried all the types. H: Did you watch the movie Hu Yang’s Summer? Z: Yes. I watched the premiere in Shen Zhen. H: How do you evaluate your performance? Do you think you have a good performance? Z: Could you please not ask such a different question? Do I have a good performance? I don’t know. Z: It is easier (to play) in contemporary drama. The room for self-interpretation, is there more room or less room? (asking for help but no one is able to help him with this question). I don’t know. For contemporary drama, you have more freedom (to portray/interpret the character). Z: I am not wearing cosmetic contact lens. I am wearing prescribed contact lens. (He is near-sighted and does not always wear his contact lens.) Z: Yes, I do deep dive. I would like to have some time to go deep diving this year. There is a place I want to go. But I have been so busy and haven’t had a time. It’s OK. After I finish the project, I will have a lot of free time for deep diving. Z: How many abs do I have? Still only one pack. But I will have two pack abs soon. Talking about video games H: What are you drinking? Is it sour plum drink? Z: No. It’s not sour plum drink. It is cola. Yes, I drink cola when I feel nervous. I don’t drink hot water. It is not good (for health to drink something cold). We should drink hot water. I drink cold water since I was a kid. It’s not a good for health. H: Why do you get a teddy (bear dog) as your pet? Z: There is no specific reason. Z: Guardian should be released soon. It should be released in the beginning of (next) year. I suddenly realize that I have been running from one filming project to the next filming project and accumulated a lot of works this year. Those will be gradually released. Z: Yes, it is my own voice in Guardian. Is it my own voice in Guardian (asking his agent)? A: Yes Z: I will try to dub myself for Granting You a Dreamlike Life. I am communicating with the director and the producer. Granting You a Dreamlike Life is not location sound recording. I will try to dub it without affecting (the process/schedule) of postproduction. Z: If I am singing now, the passersby will think I have a mental health problem. Z: Ok. I will post more on Weibo. I have posted more on Weibo recently, haven’t I? Z: Yes, I intend to share more about my daily life on Weibo. But I am very untidy and scruffy in my daily life. My hairs are messy and I don’t shave. My clothes are … Z: Do you want to see my mustache? OK. I will post (a picture of my) mustache on Weibo in the future. Z: During filming, I shave before I leave for dressing room in the morning, and in the evening around 6-7 pm, I can see hair growing on my face. So I have to shave twice a day during filming. I’ve run into this inconvenience since roughly two years ago. It suggests I am mature. H: Do you think He KaiXin (Royal Sister Return) and Hu Yang are similar? Z: I have been asked whether those two roles are similar or what they are in common. Actually I don’t differentiate them on purpose. I don’t say to myself I must portray one role differently with the other. It depends on the character. Each character has his own growing path and his own past experiences. Therefore, each character is different. It might seem two characters are similar. But when you get into the roles, they are different. H: Fans ask whether you could share more of yourself in a daily life on Weibo. They love to see it. Z: I’ve said that I am too scruffy. H: You guys will stop being his fans (if he shares it). Z: yeah, for sure will stop being my fans. Z: I am getting old. Yes, it’s true. I am getting old. Z: I will try to reduce cold drinks. I will try to get rid of the bad habit. Z: Awkward chat. Do you guys still think it’s an awkward chat? It seems I could not get rid of this label. Z: Singing? Yes, I think there are chances. I will sing theme songs for some dramas I am in. I will try to dub myself because I think it is an important part of a character. H: They are asking how the Lady of Luminosity is (his pet ant) Z: I already set her free. I set all the ants free when I finish filming The Rhapsody of A Summer Dream. Z: Yes, it is cool to ride Harley in Granting You a Dreamlike Life. This is the first time I ride a motorcycle. I am quite good at it in the end. Z: It will take a long time to shoot the Legend of Ming Lan. It will finish next March or April. Z: I don’t want to bite my fingers. You guys have said my fingers do not look nice. However, I bite my nails subconsciously. I am not aware it when I bite my nails. When I look at them, they are already gone. Z: It’s the end of the live webcast. Please support the movie Hu Yang’s Summer.
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