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  1. I just watched ep 3 and i'm loving the progress of the story..i predict that hong jong hyun, though 2nd lead will again get the girl just like in the King In Love..that's ofcourse regardless of how loving yeo jin goo' s character is..at the end of the day...he is still a robot..Im sorry I still didnt memorize their character names..I really hope that more people will get to watch this drama despite the competition..it has its own charm and all the actors are great..
  2. Hi everyone.. Im just glad to know that both husband and wife are busy alternately.. I am yet to watch a drama with sang woo.. I am a fan of so yeon.. What 1st drama can u recommend guys?
  3. I just watched the first ep...and contrary to some..I really like it! Its an easy watch and though its just the 1st ep, the leads did great in their acting. I'm a fan of Hong Jong Hyun, and am just glad that he is portraying a role completely opposite of his other ongoing drama. I am also glad that the female lead's acting is not over the top..i am also surprised how yeo jin goo' s abs have developed that good..i remember him as taking the younger version of the lead actors in sagueks and other dramas..now he has grown so manly..i hope others would come visit this thread to make it more lively..
  4. @whomehi dear! I read somewhere that my absolute boyfriend is pre-produced.. Meaning they are already done filming as of dec2018 i think..
  5. Hi @larus! I've been a fan of KSY since prosecutor princess..ive watched a handful of her dramas already..even followed her in her wgm stint..although i have not watched happy home and her most previous work..
  6. Hi everyone! I just finished the latest ep of 'mother of mine' and i just really need to come to this thread to say that KSY is such an excellent actress! She nailed the last scene..having dinner with her biological mom who did not recognize her..how painful that must have been for a daughter who waited..her cry, her eyes and all ..just portrayed the pain of a daughter who was abondoned..
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