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  1. @niccll yeah he is not, wtf... i thought they will make an actions on it, but why it still.. my goshh ..
  2. @parkparkloveu if the KSTAR group is really handle this well, but why do I feel like its still not handled..
  3. @parkparkloveu I always adore your positive attitude, but I almost want to give up, I doubt PSJ would catch up, but I always believe in the power of MASS VOTING, pls PARKPARK SHIPPERS please focus now on VOTING let's make him WIN, its the only chance to see them in one frame, but hey I can't still vote because of this restricted device thing..
  4. So i kinda believe now that the humors are true, this time its 100% sure, seems like they really want to find a perfect time to tell us the good news..
  5. woooohhhhhhhhhh there must be a good news now.. I smell something fishy of our dear PARKPARK COUPLE..
  6. @parkparkloveu Days are running but we still have to catch for a 100k plus votes, pls tell me not to give up..
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