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  1. Belated Happy Birthday To our prince Chen Xing Xu! Li Chengyin.. God bless! Looking forward to your future projects! God bless!
  2. Another lifetime please. Redeem our brokenhearts.. Hay! This drama Did made us cry, hate, love, hate, care, mad and sometimes be crazy...
  3. True.. between them(LCY &XF) love was always there. Maybe they are not mature enough to handle situations and problems that comea to them. Choices and priorities... OMG.. my heart...
  4. Please look for the other one. If you have twitter account I'll share it with you. I dont know how to upload here.. God bless.
  5. Let's stick till the end.. who knows... For our GMP drama, Still hoping for the best and looking forward for their future projects together. Drama Gods please...
  6. Hoping for another project for them(CXX & PX) to redeem our broken hearts. Just love their chemistry..
  7. True.. He should have died beforehand (fallng from cliff scene). Hay!! Still ranting!!! Sorry.. I still love my OTP. LCY&XF
  8. Indeed.. LCY (Chen Xing Xu) is very handsome or else , many had dropped this. I love them(CXX & PX) since the their first meeting.
  9. GJ should have died when he fell from the cliff. Hateful character. Sorry for the rant.. I still love my OTP(LCY & XF) & it breaks my heart to see them like this.
  10. We just hope they will release cut scenes. I found two clips on YT and shared it in twitter. Cuts from Ep 1 or 2. Still watching though even without subs
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