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  1. I just loved the way he prepared even the small details for the party, he knew she would want a mask that would cover her whole face, and the notes he took were so sweet, unlike her ex husband who just ask someone to find out how she was dressed, like if she was going to be dancing in the middle of the platform. This guy does not know his ex wife
  2. I love this show, everything is so lovely, it's also one of those times where I'm not getting SLS, Daniel Choi seems almost creepy with moving there just because of her, and their interactions feel so forced sometimes, like how he put her face on his shoulder when she fall asleep while also putting his arm on her shoulder, also all the lying and hiding, and how old was he when he got a crush on her, because she was still in highschool. On the other hand I love the interactions between the leads, I liked how he slowed his pace to let her walk next to him and not behind him, it was sweet and also speaked about the way he treats his employee. The umbrella scene was loooovely, and the car scene as well, him not waking her up and instead choosing to sleep till she woke up.
  3. Maybe I'm alone on this but one of the OST reminds me of Lee Jong-hyun from CNBLUE. The voices and styles are very similar.
  4. This show is making me really confused. I have no idea what is going to happen, which only leaves me the option of keep watching it to find out.
  5. I just finished watching the second episode, and I'm really loving it. The roles reversal is what I'm more interested in, I don't remember having seen a Korean Drama before where there was a woman as a CEO, I might be mistaken though. This drama is sweet, refreshing, and has make me smile so much that my mouth hurts now.
  6. First time posting for this show, but I couldn't help it, there was a scene in yesterday's episode that reminded me of Cheese In The Trap, when the pervert hits Seoul and then Jung follows him to an alley and starts hitting him. Both scenes felt very similar to me. Though Jung and SY are very different.
  7. Am I the only one wondering where the nephew is? It's been so long since I've seen him that I already forgot his name!
  8. I can't wait till that part has been translated. I would have also liked to see DK making them a surprise dinner (with HN, HN's mother and sister) to cheer his father and his new stepmother after her family didn't show up to the dinner.
  9. Thanks for your hard work, I stopped watching the drama because the MY sickness was too much for me. But I still wanna know what´s going on, and thanks to you I know!!!
  10. I'm actually not convinced by either, but the manga artist seems more trustworthy. I wouldn't trust the other as far as I could throw him, which wouldn't be very far since I have no strength. And considering that she will lose her magic and her sanity if she's betrayed by her lover...
  11. Hello everyone, this is my first post ever. So it feels like the fated man has been the manga artist all along. Now, we'll have to see what is she going to do. The other guy seems too cold for her, to be honest.
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