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  1. I need help, ladies. I'm suffering from serious withdrawals and now looking at flights to and hotels in Shanghai I'm rewatching it again but it doesn't seem to help. I just miss them more and more! On that note, if you do have details on where they shot what scenes, please tag/PM me because we're definitely going to Shanghai!
  2. Omg I thought I was the only one! Whoever is Meizuo's stylist... what did he ever do to you to do him bad? There was even one that covered his entire hands!
  3. I saw the pic of the cast and HELL NOPEd my way out! I need to wash my eyes now, thanks!
  4. I just finished watching episodes 40 and 41 and... onions! Onions everywhere!!! I got so hurt: - for Lei when SC said DS is the one always protecting her so she must follow him to London this time around. Did you see the way Lei looked at her? What is he, chopped liver?? He's protected you from the very start, SC! ouch for my Lei! - for SC when DS brushed her off just like that. She traveled all the way to London, lost her phone and the bracelet you gave her. And you tell her those things, DS?? OUCH! - for DS when he had to say those terrible things to SC because his witch of a mother is right inside his room, hiding in plain sight from SC! - for DS again when he was lying in bed, still in disbelief he told SC to go away. - for Lei again when he got left behind in the cab. This beautiful, selfless boy... it's ok *pat, pat* I wish we can write the most perfect girl for him and give him the happy ending he deserves for being the BEST best friend of DS and protector/admirer of SC. - that %!##&*^$&*#@ hotpot scene. NOT MUCH TO BE SAID but omg this was soooo painful!!! DS's eyes were already red and they haven't even started eating! The only reason why I'm not a total wreck right now is because of the SC and Lei scenes. How protective was he? Call me when you arrive, when you check in, when you see Ah Si, do you have your passport, you wallet etc etc so cute! Then flew all the way to London to look for her. My heart... I feel like that's how their first date should have been too! Ice cream, rose, dinner, performing in front of her. I was so touched when he used his earned money to buy a rose for SC. And I laughed so much when Thomas figured out it was Lei SC mistook him for when she got drunk and then asking SC if she'll date Lei if not for DS. Then, Lei asking her the same thing plus the 2 boys chiming in. Poor SC for being put on the hot seat What a rollercoaster ride, these 2 episodes were! I'm all and at the same time! edit: and because I'm a masochist, I'm playing Rang Wo Ai Ni (Vic and Barbie's song) in the background. Yes, it's from a different drama, but it's still Lei and SC!
  5. ^They really need to find a Lei that can play the violin! Maybe the future Lei is still studying it (and still in his primary school ) Angie Chan - Please, please, please for the next remake!
  6. I'm not sure but I don't think so? I look at him even more closely when he plays the violin but I can't see him playing it vibrato. It would have been so perfect if he played it in real life too! Who knows, maybe the next Lei! I'm so sad that WangHeDiArchive is no longer releasing subbed episodes. But, I think, it's better this way because people can be idiots, especially on the internet. It's just sad for us because we'll have to wait a little longer for Netflix! Is it really ending next week?? Please say it isn't so I will miss them so much!
  7. Yes, the guy on the right also posted the same picture on his IG Location, Brocket Hall in the UK! Can't wait to watch this episode!
  8. I share the same sentiments with you ladies... I will watch all remakes of MG for as long as I'm alive. My daughter watches MG with me and my husband. We're not chinese speakers so she can't really understand what's going on! Her most favorite scene is when SC kicked DS (first ever episode). She LOVES their songs but she said Darren's is the "bestest song in the world" she always asks me to play this in the car! Before it was AST1's Yearning Heart (from BOF) but now it's Darren's! I can't believe it's going to end next week! I'm getting anxiety thinking about it!
  9. From Netflix's webpage: Damn... he certainly took things to the extreme! I cannot wait to finally see SC admit her feelings to DS!
  10. I was so annoyed at SC in EP 33... OMG she really is the queen of playing hard to get! After all that DS has said and done, and Lei's efforts for her to really own up to her feelings, she still couldn't! I feel bad for DS... can I smack some sense to this girl? I know she will eventually admit it anyway but I just feel soo sooo bad for DS! He even said they need to come up with a plan, but SC wusses out. OMG! No wonder DS walked out and left lol! Lei's messages to SC, that scene+SC yelling on the rooftop goodbye+Darren's song as the background music, broke me. I literally had nightmares last night about these two. I also miss him already (even though he'll be back in ep 35).
  11. And we know this is above and beyond for him! The love he has for his brother and his restraint are commendable. I really admire this about Lei. He also blessed us with this lip bite. /dead
  12. We are getting better at reading Lei! Even with that poker face! The cutest cupid ever!
  13. Maybe he's thinking "DS, are you absolutely sure this time? How far will you go? Will you be a brat again and stop chasing her after 2 hrs? 12 hrs? 18 hrs?" In other words, you better make up your mind this time, DS! Must be confusing for F3 to see their relationship in such a high, then a low. I remember a friend being in this kind of relationship and I couldn't handle or keep up with their fights and makeups, it got extremely frustrating for me.
  14. @kokodus Yes!! Lei truly wants SC to be happy and likewise with DS. It doesn't matter that SC only sees him as a friend as long as she's happy. So selfless! Darren's song, Gentleness Behind the Flower, is really an appropriate song for what he feels towards SC. I'm gonna go sit in the corner and cry for Lei My boy will be sad for all eternity. SC and DS better have a blissful, married life for all the trouble all 3 of them went through!
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