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  1. 13 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    Hi welcome here....good to have another crazy lady here hehehe.....and if there are more lurking around please do join the fun...the more the merrier.



    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    i’m guilty for the silent lurking here since the ladies here are very funny,polite,nice and entertaining I honestly dont feel the need to add to anything since i know zero about pmy and psj before i watch the drama and thanks to this forum and youtube videos i got my fuel for my wild imaginations with this two. 

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  2. First of all, i’ve joined soompi aloooong time ago, but lost my password. And i think i’m older than most of the posters here *hides in shame*. So, its been so long since i’ve watched kdrama since it’s usually too heavy for me, this drama is just perfect. 

    May i suggest a japanese drama “my rainy days” to all of you guys, since the lead female is so pretty.

    i gotta say the reason i watched this drama is park min young since shes so beautiful from all angles, the only famous korean actors i know is shk, rain and wonbin, i got no idea whos psj is.

    when i watched this drama, i was questioning my self, since when is the romance in kdrama feels so real, i could literally feels the love, i mean this is a fluffy drama, but i felt like i’m intruding something, their kisses was,omg, just like when i kissed my husband, so full of love and passion.

    and when i watched their viki videos, i honestly thought that this two is in a real relationship already, pmy is glued to psj and he was so smitten on the bts i got secondhand embarrassment for watching it lol.

    so anyways, thankfully it turns out i’m not the only crazy lady here, i hope I could join all of you by being crazy together.

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