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  1. notice something different between all of the backhug that psj does on some of his other drama? *hint* look at his hand placements. We all know who gave us the type of backhug psj did to pmy right? And this is not the only scene on wwwsk he puts his hand waaaay below the appropriate hand placement between colleagues.

    ps. I’ve never watched any of his and her drama before wwwsk, so in no way am i trying to insult, discredit or making fun of other ship, just my humble observation.

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  2. One of the commenter translated this part

    • aldeurihssMC: it seems like the filming staff and the actors are happy (to work with MY)
      MY: (eyeing seojoon and taewhan) it doesnt seem so
      MC: arent you happy? Seojoon-ssi?
      SJ: im happy everyday 
      MY: he always teases me
      MC: Oh really? What does he tease you?
      MY: im actually really happy to be sitting right now since they are both really tall...i always need to use a box to stand on
      MC: Minyoung ssi is not that short though
      MY: I really want to believe that as well but the two of them really look so tall
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  3. Have any of you ever met that someone who likes the same sport, who loves the same movies, who loves the same exact songs, who loves to travel to same places, who you could talk to for hours, who have the same sense of humour, practically its like you’ve found your own personal very best friend that you never knows existed.

    well, i have that kind of chemistry with my husband. Its so hard to explain, we’re practically best friend on the same week that we know of each other.

    If they’re being honest and really have never dated or dating each other for any period of time, i think they might be that kind of couple. 

    I’m in no way comparing my self with them, as its so obvious i’m but a mere nobody lol, just wants to share my thoughts.

    thats why when i watched the drama and when i watched their press conference and interviews its so hard to ignore it, cause i could really see the signs of that real life chemistry and i think so many people, all of us in this forum obviously, could see it too.

    its so fun, just like watching their drama, its like watching their own budding romance blossoms. All of those stolen glances, secret smiles and inside jokes, like theyre trying so hard to be coy about it, but its so obvious to us, its funny to see both of them and all of the people around them trying to hide that.

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  4. Dont tell me yesterday they wore the same color clothes, and today they wore the same exact shoes too? Must be like miso said, it’s buy 1 get 1 free, just like the shampoo.

    is it from the same store/brand that psj went shopping to before his flight from london to Seoul?

    and the bracelet too.... jyst like they said, its just coincidence, everything’s just happenstance.

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  5. Lol, this is like playing sherlock, We’re looking for clues with every single ig posts. 

    Is this what shipping is? Being happy just by guessing that they’re sitting across each other and wear matching outfits. 

    But, their stylist is way too obvious with cryptic pictures and videos, while both groups of the stylists spending the whole trip as a group rather than do everything separately. 

    Its official, we just got to wait for the wedding announcement, we dont need to know when do they became a couple. 

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  6. @LurkerNoMore girl, if you must know, my imagination is wild alright :D just trying to keep it PG, and thanks for this forum it might get wilder.

    pmy is just the type that i pictured as a cool and collected beautiful almost perfect woman. I do hope she’ll settles with someone whos quirky,not an image control freak, funny and grounded man, we all know who that man is right?


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  7. 16 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    No it's ok.... I don't think it's as simple as just admitting and things will be ok.  Knowing Knetz...they will always find something new to bash because they literally breath on those kind of things.  Some people find their self worth by the number of likes they get whether in their IG, FB or comment posts.  When I say I pity them.... I mean it.


    PSJ got a lot of bashing because he can't give a strong denial.... what Park Min Young did was damage control...  I think that's the right thing to do.  I cannot Imagine the damage it will make on PMY if PSJ made a strong denial.  He is the man, it is just right for him to protect her.  I don't think PMY is cautious at all.  She could just say no to the possibility of them dating in the future but instead gave an open ended answer.  They were in sync in their answers.  If she is cautious.... she will not join the reward trip.  And honestly, she will never have accepted this drama.  

    I honestly have no idea before reading this forum how dating between actors are unwelcome in korea, as i see no reason why, the male actors specifically, market value could go so low due to dating rumours, while lets be real, the chances of a regular person dating their fave is very low and unrealistic.

    i agree pmy did do the damage control for stating that theyre not dating, especially since i read one of the poster here stated that pmy is known for being honest and frank. 

    To me, psj seems like he was trying to show everyone that this so called scandal will not deter him to ‘stay in contact’ with pmy, honestly, it reminds me of when lyj said to miso that he’ll bear anything just for miso to love him back :D

    21 minutes ago, thranduils said:


    Not sure about the cultural thing but I think we should keep in mind that the comments we're reading from the Knetz (on NetizenBuzz) come from a very specific portal site (called Nate) that is notorious for representing the more irrational/rude/awful/hateful k-netizens and don't represent the opinions of the general netizens even! A better way to gauge the reaction of the general public is to look at Naver, where generally the more ~level-headed people go. I scanned the comments on Naver and they seem to be overwhelmingly positive (sympathetic, even) or at the very least, neutral :) So, I would say that we can take a breather and should try to avoid going on NetizenBuzz/Nate, because we're only ever going to find salty people :P

    Based on your explanation, you know what the commenters on nate reminds me of? The daily mail commenters lol. Where people with the worse,awful,hateful comments seems to get most likes. Those type of people is the ones that never contributed to the celebrities, yet always on the first line to cheer on bad things that happens to any celebrities. I bet you, they must be a joy to live together with.

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  8. 11 minutes ago, saved2K said:

    I love these two for they are really tough....defying gravity....absolutely a rare find among celebrities.  Knetz has no power over them lol....let them wag their tongue till they drop dead.....these 2 will still make more money than them....live a happier life than them and will continue to chase after the things that will make them most happy.  That's life....only those who dare swim against the tide can really find true happiness.  They will be ok.... for the worst thing that could happen to anybody is to allow others to live your life for you.  I love these 2 even more and I pity those Knetz more and more each day for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks....what could be more pitiful than living a life full of bitterness.  Only losers find pleasure in putting down other people


    Please dont get angry at me, but i actually thought that its psj that seems to be very bold on his approach and doesnt seem to give a damn about the awful comments and the dating rumour.


    Psj got so frustrated on the news that pmy got the role due to his recommendation rather than her own merits, which shows how he doesnt want people to undermine pmy.

    psj denied and stated how the ig posts that they seemingly travel abroad together is false and how everything is a mere coincidences, while pmy said how that news unsettled her mother.

    psj actually did not denies the rumour about their dating *i could be wrong,please correct me if i’m wrong* all he does is circling around the question without answering it, and he actually stating how due to the wwwsk he might develop feelings as pmy is very pretty, While pmy blantantly denied that theyre dating.

    psj actually posted a banner after the rumour that theyre dating comes out, it was either to proof that the dating rumour is not true and for people to focus more on the casts or to show how he doesnt care what those people that bad mouthing him said about him.

    Psj posted a near identical picture a mere days from pmy. 


    While pmy was very cautious and tries to avoid any rumors between them two, as seen on the video of them cutting the cake. And its very understandable as its always the women thats being blamed, and in this case she was known to date a very famous actor before, and chances are she might repeat it again.

    It kind of shows that if they do date each other, it was pmy whos trying so hard to hide the fact, while psj was so transparent. 

    Gosh i reread this post and realize how crazy I sounded :sweatingbullets:

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  9. 6 minutes ago, twoparkcouple said:

    as i know, in the drama reward trip, they usually reserve a hotel or resort for all cast&crew for private.

    There goes my hopes for candid pictures. 

    Psj looked so happy in almost all of the pictures this time. So different with the pictures got taken before his flight to uk. Even though its obvious that hes tired, he still make time for this trip. You could tell from all of his work schedule before this trip he tried to squeezed that many jobs with a very short amount of time. If its not a symptoms of a smitten man...

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  10. 3 minutes ago, addikorean16 said:


    I agree with you. Actually in my country, that's totally illegal. You can't use your phone or even have it out while you're going through immigration for security purposes. I can imagine the stricter rules for immigration officers. 


    Funny, these days I feel like we're playing "Where's Waldo?" or "Where in the World is Carmen San Diego?" Lol! It's a full time job just tracking these two down!? 


    I know right? I remember my husband getting yelled at just for turning on his phone while queuing on immigration while right infront of us a bunch of french teenagers busy talking on the phone for quite sometime. Oh to be asian.

    since i’ve never shipped anyone before, this is kinda funny. I cant imagine what went thru pmy and psj mind if they read this forum, it must have blown their mind, all this lurking, ig stalking and all of the theories.

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  11. Either hes very bold with his display of affections or i’m really taking things way out of proportion.

    Who recently dates a woman and moved to her nearby neighborhood?

    Thats why i’m kind of believing the rumour about them dating before WWWSK, I mean, if it was me, i’d definitely moved to a closer neighborhood just to cut down time so i get see pmy quicker lol. 

    But then when i watched the video when they’re having their first script reading, psj was so shy he cant even looked at pmy directly when shes talking to him. It doesnt looked like a 2 or 3 years old relationship to me, cause i think when you reached a 1 yo milestone of dating is when you get over the butterflies and settles in a more comfortable relationship. But then again, what do i know.

    well, for sure psj isnt acting like a man whos trying to avoid the dating rumour between him and pmy, cause he actually dares to post an almost identical picture on ig days apart from pmy. Some might actually think that hes trolling, but comeon, for someone whos been rumoured quite a few times with his co star *that is if i’m not mistaken* wouldnt he try to distance him self from being linked with pmy. 

    Once again, i’m quite possibly wrong, but oh well.

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  12. 11 minutes ago, parkparkloveu said:



    Isn't that an old interview of PMY? I think it was in 2015 I am not sure.




    The situation is different with PHS and PBY you cannot compare because it is like comparing Apples from Oranges. :D


    KNetz love PSJ and PMY to date AFTER THE DRAMA. They said that plenty of times during WWWSK airing.


    What made them angry was that they said they were deceived because the truth after all was PPC ALREADY DATING. 


    PHS and PBY linked only AFTER THE DRAMA. See the difference?


    Anyway the haters are only few compared to the entire Korean population and these KNetz haters most of the time react negatively to almost all entertainment articles anyway.

    Could be, since i know zero about pmy and her previous interviews, apologies if I offended anyone :) 

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