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  1. Going back to the topic of kissing again (lol). Now after watching the BTS kiss scenes, I think some of the lacklustre kisses weren't done on purpose for the story at all, it was just SY/DD style kissing. It feels like for the kiss scenes, they just kind of make them redo them again and again without much direction until one looks sort of right. In the bouquet toss kiss BTS, you hear DD going 'how should I kiss??' and SY telling him to be more accurate. In the end, the final cut still has him hitting her nose before her lips lmao. I'm sure it gets awkward after 5 takes and they just end up picking the best but I feel like the director could have helped them out a lot more. The tie pull kiss BTS is super cute.
  2. doing my rewatch now.. I'm on ep 2. Random thoughts: - it doesn't look like sub-zero weather yet - shancai's dubbing sounds slightly different in character at the beginning. Younger, more annoying? I guess the voice actress changes up the style gradually over the series - Throughout the series, there are so many scenes where two people are talking, and one just leaves without a goodbye or see you later. I can't remember them all now but I remember finding it awkward everytime it happens lol. This happens in ep 1 at SC and lei's first rooftop meeting. But even on a lot of SC/DS's outings, they'll do it too. I'm just nitpicking but in normal situations, you'd say something like 'lets go home' then walk together until the point where you need to go separate ways instead of just 'ok im going home' and leaving the other person behind to look at your back as you walk away lol. - I thought I knew all of DS's outfits but here's one I missed that lasted only a few seconds. It happens during the scenes where he's watching SC and Qinghe being friendly with eachother over a few days. Ugh I love his entire wardrobe (apart from that coat he wore at the fishing village LOL)
  3. It's a lighter read. I feel like the main characters have their quirks but are much less flawed so while it's not as frustrating to read, the highs and lows are neither as high or as low as the original and the impact isn't quite the same. The characters are quicker to realize/express their feelings so that's kind of refreshing. It's still satisfying my craving overall. Tsukasa is mentioned often and there are cameos from the other guys so far. There's a j-drama out.. not sure how good it is though.
  4. I was thinking about this scene too! haha. We're supposed to believe he's naked right?? I mean they're married, so why should he shower with clothes on. That's what I'll believe anyways lol. I agree the food scene was hard to swallow but this was pure Domyouji and I'm kind of glad they did it. I always hated when he slapped her/girls in the manga, I think it may have happened twice or so? Somehow I preferred the sweet and sour pork container than an outright slap, lol. Anyways, I cried with SC that first ep when she broke down to Lei and it got me hooked to the show immediately. You could tell he regretted it as soon as he did it. In the end, I think MG2018 DS growth is more developed and satisfying to watch than any other version. I just read all 80 chapters out of Hana Nochi Dare, the sequel to HYD manga. Anyone else reading?? I kind of love it haha.. The essence and characters are kind of similar yet so different. The main guy is kind of a dork, the heroine isn't as blind to the guys' feelings and the second lead is much more forward so the love triangle is fleshed out a lot more from the beginning.
  5. I also laughed at that lei scene. That scene and their first dance looked like it was shot on a mobile phone. We've gotten some pretty amazing cinematography in other eps.. what happened here? haha.
  6. I just watched that too and was dying laughing that he didn't let the kid win lol. Just what I would expect from him. @kokodus I was wondering where you were! Glad you're back for discussions now that it's over. I'm still gathering my thoughts about those 2 final episodes, LOL. So so so many thoughts. Some good, but mostly bad. Everything post the amnesia fake out has been a miss for me. While I didn't love HYD manga ending, I would have preferred it to what we ended up getting even if it included the real amnesia. I don't have much negative things to say about Eps 1-45, I can't wait for a rewatch.. yet these last episodes have been sooo disappointing. Why would they stick so true to the manga and then totally curve off path and deliver this mess in the end. I also shudder to think what must have been going on in Yoko Kamio's head while watching this week's eps. I'll get more in depth with my thoughts later when I can process it more.. haha.
  7. I've seen up to 47. My thoughts on the last few episodes.. - XY/XM still doesn't feel right. The ex and building search storyline came from the manga but I don't remember thinking Yuki was as obsessive/creepy in the manga as I do now. I used to think XY was so cute but I don't like where they've taken her character. The way she asks for a gift then pouts when he said he didn't have one between fake smiling that she's happy just to be there with him. It makes it feel like she's always been putting on a mask when she says she's happy. - I didn't mind SC's giving up and harsh words as much as I thought I would when I read the spoiler here. Mostly because DS could see through it so it didn't have the same effect as the first rainy breakup. They've come so far that there's so much mutual confidence and reassurance in their love, I'm not worried anymore and looks like neither are they. - The montage was really nice but he's lying when he says through all their hardships he never wavered in his love. Because that London breakup was all him lol. He gave up. He pushed her away and he broke up with her. The manga gave more excuse behind why he did it but in this series it really felt like he gave up. That's fine. I think it's realistic given their ages. There's just a lot of sloppy writing going on in these last episodes now that they've rewritten the story so much. - DMF is a crazy b. They've made SC parents so much nicer and DMF so much meaner haha. Maybe because I haven't seen the point where she turns around yet but I think she's just TOO much. Who can be that heartless. I like that in the manga, she stayed cold but you could see the mother in her come out in the amnesia arc when she brings his old raggedy stuffed doll for comfort through his recovery, and she tells them she'll consider him dead for a year basically giving them a free year. Here she didn't even stay to see him wake up.. geez. - I really didn't like Xiao Zi leading the gang to beg SC to give up on DS. I didn't like F3 doing it either but I understand they saw DS and were scared. He's their best friend after all. But XZ barely knows him and given her role in this entire ordeal, she had no place being there and begging SC through tears to give him up (basically to her even if she didn't say those words) As with XY/Yuki, I love XZ's manga counterpart much much more. Yes she had one sided love for Domyouji through to the end but I always felt that she valued her friendship with Makino much more. - The teashop closing scene was cute. But I have to say I'm a little disappointed we didn't get a proper confession from Lei, one that didn't look like it was fabricated to get our main couple back together. His manga story is kind of tragic since he made it clear he loves Makino but he's happy to just stay on the sidelines as a friend and see her happy. Lei here just looks like another sidekick now, a step up from Meizuo and Ximen. I suppose it's implied that there's more to his feelings to SC because why would he follow her to London, and then there's that scene at the restaurant where he tells Thomas he likes her. But it was kind of written like he's teasing her? I'm not sure.. They also kept the friend/pet line, but in the manga he admits that was a lie to cover how he truly feels about her. I guess I was just seeking that heartfelt confession from him. It would make me feel more connected to his character. I have soooo much work today. I hope I can watch 48/49 tonight but I also don't feel too rushed to see them because then that means the experience is over.
  8. Right???? And when they were talking about missing their once in a lifetime moment back then when he didn't show up on the rooftop, I was just like.. what? But you guys are together now! Come on! Make it happen. It frustrated me just as much as DS's 'lets be happy like this together in our next lives'. lol What about now??? @maisquaredI agree that 10m of XG/XM history did more in selling that relationship than all the episodes they spent on XM/XY. I think they started off right. I loved their casual interactions in Canada and really loved when he helped her with her jerk boyfriend. I was rooting for them already then. Didn't love him being a jerk himself to her the next times they hung out. That's when it started to go wrong for me.
  9. Just saw this bts on Twitter. I’m dying at Didi apologizing and helping the ghost girl up after everytime he throws her.
  10. Yes exactly!! You’ve just written out everything I felt about that rooftop scene. I get that they had to rush through the plot line to fit it in but it just really felt off to me. I agree they should have developed the Xm/XY story better. Also I think it would have helped if they scaled back XM/XG initial reaction to seeing eachother. When she left to go cry in the bathroom about still loving him so much after all these years, I really felt for her. Then all of a sudden it’s like psych, I don’t love u anymore.
  11. Me too!! I loved this. Just watched 44 last night, still need to watch 45. DS and SC dating dynamic is so cute. It was just so amazing to see how nice he was with everyone at his party even qinghe and lizhen. Seriously he’s come soooo far. Im not totally convinced with the XM/XG story ending so XM/XY can live. I feel like there was still feelings there between XM/XG even if it was written for them to agree it was over. Also XG seems like the far superior choice lol. I found myself rooting for them more than XM/XY. XY has come off really weird and creepy in her Ximen quest. I’m not buying that her actions have made him slowly fall for her.
  12. Thank you!!! You've got me hopeful and excited again. :):):)
  13. I agree with everyone Dylan's age really shows in real life vs him as DS. On top of the style, I think it's his voice and the way he speaks too, he sounds much younger than his MG dubbed voice. Omg all the previews.. I can't wait to watch the last eps!!!!
  14. LOL! I guess River isn't just Ah Si's anthem. It's the Dao Ming family's anthem.
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