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  1. Can’t we(the customers) do anything? this is so unfair. I think it’s not make sense. like snitchdrem08said they can blurred it...
  2. Do you guys think the shirt(I don’t know what it’s called) that PMY wore in HPL party is the same style as that woman? But PMY’s shirt looks bigger than the other one.
  3. I wonder why Allkpop had posted dating rumor news again. Some international fans ,Thai ,Filipino were surprised about their dating rumor 3 years ( actually we all shippers have been there before)cause they have never watch the drama before.I hope PPC will be having more shippers than these days like SSC. Maybe this is good for wwwsk to gain more viewers.
  4. hahaha same to you. Last night I wondered why people didn’t know it yet. Many people were surprised that ppc have been dating for 3 years and they realised it’s the old news. I asked someone on twitter about that and she told me that she has never watch wwwsk but she was shocked about dating 3 years
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