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  1. LOL Big Fail indeed. The only one driving it was HAHA lol. This scene was so short that I felt so disappointed, I wanted to see every microsecond of that conversation with Somin
  2. But the way the show left that scene as a cliffhanger is so strange as well. And also in the beginning before JK introduces Somin, the whole conversation was centered around talking about their looks as far as I could fathom, there was competition for looks, so I thought maybe he wanted to show off he is close to a celeb. Because if you watch that cut you could see HaHa also trying to call Somin on his phone, but JK without any hesitation calls her instead. Hmmm... And just the way JK was laughing the whole time and his face being so red, I was actually so flustered as to what was funny, coz no one else was laughing as hard as he was, to some degree others were laughing so loud but they didn't seem to have that red face. I guess from the way they left it on this episode, there might be that lunch date that all of them will meet at and we will have to see.
  3. My heart just skipped a beat. I am more impatient to watch this ep now.
  4. Finally moment to find closure is nearing. After reading the article on Soompi online I see that they discussed it on Running man too, so I guess we will have to compare the actual scene and the conversation they have about it. Can't wait to wake up tmr morning, since where I am I will be sleeping when they will air this episode. What I am looking forward to more is the conversation we will have as shippers on this forum and on youtube when this episodes air both on RM and MUD.
  5. We are so quiet both in this forum and in Youtube, I guess all of us shippers are waiting for Sunday to come close so that we have some closure to how KJK oppa introduces Somin Unii to KJM. My thoughts are that maybe Kookmin are at a point where they are teasing each other and this is a way for KJK to show off how close he is to JSM. He often is known to hang out with guys. And seriously if he wanted to introduce Somin to KJM as a potential partner he would have done so by scheduling a meeting like he did for his Turbo colleague, Kim Jung Nam, in one of the MUD episodes. Even though, any theory is not going to calm me down, I am here waiting for 2 more days to pass. But, on another note, Both Somin and KJK updated their IG today, Somin with a poem about beauty of music and KJK on IG story with a photo he took while playing Soccer. Until this Sunday then...
  6. Didn't notice this, but after rewatching that segment, I saw that Jong Kook kept staring at the bag Somin stuck the bomb on. And on the flashback scene you you could see that Jong Kook was paying attention to Somin from the moment she walked towards the bag, So I am guessing he saw the whole thing go down, but he just kept quiet. Guess, he wanted to stay quiet about it Me too, I am craving for Kookmin discussion. Don't leave me here
  7. Just watched the preview of MUD's next episode. I don't know why Jong Kook mentioned Somin to Jung Min. I thought he promised handsome friends? Lol, I just can't wait to see the context as to how they are introduced. I don't think at this point Somin is in a relationship, because just recently Yoo Jae Suk wanted to introduce her to Sae Ho. Are they pushing Somin to find someone since she announced that she wants to get married soon on running man? Or does she have someone and they want her to fess it up? Now as a kookmin shipper I just want to see the context and understand it better. And what is weird is that it was Jong Kook that brought her name up, and he was smiling the whole time. Also, the moment Jk mentioned Somin, Haha looked sort of surprised. So now, I am left surprised like HaHa. ????
  8. Just curious as to how Kookmin have been inactive recently but suddenly update their IG today. Might be coincidence but I just wonder sometimes how they are thinking of sharing things online around the same time.
  9. He should, even though it is less likely going to mentioned in the next few weeks since they are busy with preparing for fan meetings and such. I hope it comes up since I am sure Jae Suk would love to recognize the fact that Somin Moved to a new place, on the show. Just already want them to talk about a scene similar to what Somin shared about Kwang Soo, even though she shared it coz there was no romantic feelings between them. I hope either Kwang Soo or Sechan can have a slip up and share such event. And I am sure running man is going to have a housewarming party since they did the same when she first moved earlier.
  10. Lol! Just saw on instagram when Jaesuk was calling Somin, on the show he is in. I learnt that Somin was moving to a bigger house finally. After seeing this I immediately remembered last year on SBS award ceremony KJK teased Somin that instead of calling Kwang Soo to help with her curtain she could have called him. Finally there is an opportunity he can help lol
  11. So insightful, I have also noticed Somin and HAHA's closeness. And when we talk about Jong Kook wanting his girl having to be friends with his friends, now that I look back on the date that Somin initiated lol, I just thought maybe it wasn't Somin getting introduced to potential boyfriends but to Jong Kook's friends. Having Kwang Soo who is also a close friend to Somin does help lighten the mood, in deed. Probably not the case from where they were with their relationship at the time, but my delulu mind wants to think that lol But, one thing that I just wanted to get out of my chest is that, Jong Kook made plans last year that he would love to get married by this year's fall or winter. Winter passed already, Summer is going to pass by so quick, can't wait to see Jong Kook getting married. But, how does someone make such plans unless they have someone in mind. Even though something is unbelievable I always make future plans that I can envision. Jong Kook dropping a bomb at HAHA and Sechan and often talking about marriage over the past year, makes me wonder whether he really has someone and is making plans to go ahead. Hopefully we can hear something about the colourful spring they just had. And another thought of mine, if ever they want to go public with their relationship, I think it is going to happen after award ceremony. From what I remember Song Song couple went public after 2017 award ceremony, Lee Lee couple as well did go public after last years award ceremony. I don't know the significance but it seems rather the trend they follow.
  12. Reminds me so much of the jail episode, when Jong Kook pulled in Somin for a hug . Even though not much Kookmin again, those two hugs are Gold
  13. Wow, great catch , interesting in deed, I would love to know
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