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  1. That is a very good Question, it can be interpreted as though Somin Gave KJK a slight kiss towards KJK neck. And I love that delulu theory lol But Yoo Jae Suk did comment that they were too emotional and did something unsightly, might be referring to that slight kiss he saw
  2. Lol, What made me smile in this moment is when KJK is asked when he went there and if it was in high school, then he says he only came there as an Adult which then: Somin asks with a scoff, "With how many people did you take a walk there?" His answer "I took a walk there with one person" LOL my delulu mind can just imagine
  3. I really found that really interesting. In the car the way he sits just tells you everything. The way he places his body towards her. You can see how he actually changes his body position from sitting just facing the front front to turning his body towards Somin. And Somin Damn lol. She is much closer to Sechan than KJK, as is age and friends (like hang out with, maknae line and all lol) but she prefers to put her snacks on KJK's side? she kept leaning towards him as well lol. He didn't seem bothered about it as well. Somin looked like a lady boss lol, she looked like she owned the place. She was so comfortable. The way they were sitting, the way KJK positioned his body towards Somin and the way Somin sat comfortably (while even crossing her legs I think). I was amazed at that scene. KJK keeps saying Sechan is his favorite and all but why didn't he sit closer to him this time? Well I wonder....
  4. Will love to see your insights as well. This is a very interesting episode. You enjoy your day while you start with an awesome episode.
  5. You point out a very interesting conversation. Did you notice that it was the only KJK who knew of Somin stepping on the poop. Now, I want to know how the other members didn't know and KJK did lol They must have been alone somewhere at some point........
  6. Did you guys see how KJK and Somin were smiling like really hard after their moment in their dice game. Like seriously a lot. You can see this when JH is about to roll the dice. HAHA looks at KJK like really seriously but KJK is busy looking towards Somin's direction, and we can see Somin smiling while forcefully trying hide her smile (this looks like the same for KJK, since we barely saw his face). This episode lol was very epic in my view point as kookmin shipper.
  7. OMG, LOL They definitely meant for that pinky little touch lol. Happy they succeeded lol Can they be more cuter and discrete than this Such sharp eyes. And so beautiful
  8. Awesome lol This part was when KJK stayed behind while Somin and others were running. Was really amazed to see it.
  9. I would have also freaked out because of those pictures as well, but Somin knew this friend from way back, even when she was dating publicly and broke up. Knowing the fact that she posts those pictures when she says that she will only announce her relationship after she gets married, I think that even the fact that she can meet him outside alone comfortably shows the platonic side of their relationship. I think Somin and this friend did not hung out much this year and the past few weeks went out together to grab a bite. Somin looked relaxed in the picture and not someone who is with a bf tensed situation. My assumptions might be wrong but knowing Somin’s personality she would not forget her friends, and the caption saying “Thank you for running and giving it to me” must mean that Somin must have asked him to come last minute and wanted something that she might have wanted from him. Let’s wait a little longer, if he is the one, then she will let us know, if not then there will be no mention of it.
  10. Sorry guys but I still can’t move on from that hug after the group dance. I am sure some of you might still like me who want to look at it at least 5 times every day and still not satisfied. That hug was like 100% perfect and I can’t find myself to move on from it. Watching them from how they were distant in the very beginning and their interaction now, it makes me feel nostalgic and that hug was just in many ways symbolic for so many reasons. The Apink members were right there is no one who cannot be emotional after such an amazing dance. I am really happy they were able to let lose, whether that hug meant friendship or much more, I do hope for the latter, but I am so happy on how close they have become. I could never have imagined that. That hug and the other mini hug were free treats that I can’t but be so happy for them. No worries will move on from it soon. Might take a while though
  11. No need to analyze what happened in the fun meeting on today’s episode. Speaks loud and clear. Those hugs, just daebak. Seriously no words, but I am speechless
  12. Waiting for Running man to air today... So much anticipation for the end group dance..
  13. Eagerly waiting for today's episode. It is going to be epic, or should I say that I hope it will be. But I wonder if kookmin were going to do the couple dance why didn't the PD promote them on the show? Even though it is nice to have them partner up for the couple dance it would have been nice if the show promoted them at least as a national sibling. But, mostly nothing. Just ep 464 where they were let to do whatever they wanted and they teamed up for the restaurant mission, which wasn't even aired much. I really wonder if there is more to this? can't analyze it. Also, I just remember on the day of the Korean fan meeting SBS released Kookmin video, was that like on purpose? Or just a coincidence? I want to share my worry as I stay here continue waiting.
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