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  1. They are not hiding it anymore lol . KJK being as obvious as he can be, let’s wait and be surprised with any announcement coming our way
  2. Very insightful. It really does justify the interest we have seen KJK have on Somin's book. More request from KJK and Somin would have to make the answer key official lol
  3. I think those were posts for different reasons not birthday wishes. For LKS I think he wished him well for his new movie and he took pic with Sechan to promote shootdori. He did post one for LKS when he got injured and wished him to get well soon though. But I didn't see any post dedicated to birthday on this IG posts. EDIT: I just saw that he did post in 2017 wishing HAHA HBD. Regardless whether it was done before by KJK or not, this is indeed very special and my kookmin heart restored. Kookmin on Social media isn't dead after all. I guess we might get some Social media interaction now since Unii shall take time to heal.
  4. Well, he got careful with his caption too lol, he brings in LKS at the end as an after thought. Well Kwang Soo Oppa Get well as well but the way KJK just says #kwangsoo #aswell seems like he is putting it there so that we don't misunderstand. But with this post, I will definitely spoil myself and ship harder as well.
  5. The picture and the captation shall speak for itself. Happy Birthday Somin Unii and get well Soon. This is the boldest thing KJK did thus far, OMG. Well still playing it safe by posting a pic with the maknae, he must have thought thoroughly before posting the picture.
  6. Hi HappyVirusRM Thanks for pointing that out and I am sorry I wasn’t very elaborate on that Thanks for understanding, I meant that the comment earlier and some other fans on the forum seem to be also Somin fans, and when they feel frustrated they comment on KJK as a person. I am sorry, I sort of wanted to relate to @HydgenG since he/she seemed to be a Somin fan as well. I did generalize there (without intending to). Thanks Again
  7. I am not sure how you meant it here, maybe it is a joke, but while I think you can be disappointed with kookmin’s progress on the show, I think it is not appropriate us as shippers to start commenting of both KJK’s or Somin’s Sexuality. I guess what I am saying is let’s be disappointed in the ship and not with the people. We imagined their relationship and their closeness, thus if you want to show frustration I think maybe you should direct it with the hopes and imaginations we created rather than commenting or joking about KJK’s or Somin’s sexuality. In the end of the day despite our hopes and expectations they shall live their own desired lives. Sorry for long reply, I thought I should comment on this. I am a huge Somin fan and I adore her a lot just as you do, but it not okay commenting about KJK when feeling frustrated about the ship. I think we should try to avoid commenting about a specific person and blaming them for the relationship not moving forward. Both of them are adults and if it is meant to be, they will get the desired results. I personally think that Kookmin have been starting to keep distance on the show since the change of PD. As you will notice since the new PD took over Kookmin moment have been edited out or Kookmin are not on the same team. Even the line up on today’s episode, the entire time Kookmin always had someone between the two of them. Even in the same team, they are not allowed to be close together. Thus, if there is anything going on between Kookmin, for a while we will not be able to get any insight (to me that is what it looks like). I hoped the new PD would allow Kookmin to interact freely in front of the camera but it looks like they will be more restricted. Well, something to be excited about could be running man’s 500th episode is coming up. With everything happening in the world, I hope they can safely keep filming at least up until the 500th episode.
  8. We didn’t have much of kookmin moments today but next week they do seem to be in the same team. They used to break away from their teammates before to interact, but I guess this week’s episode didn’t allow them to. It is also so heart warming to see KJK send out those gifts to the girl that appeared on ICSYV7. Stay safe everyone.
  9. I am sorry to be a pooper but please don't quote the image. We had warnings previously and quoting posts will definitely put this page at risk of being deleted.
  10. Sorry, if that part was unclear. I sort of assume from our conversations here that chamin is indeed a business couple and have no possibility of something real. I was just puzzled with the rate at which Chamin started to grow and you are right, it might be to divert our attention from something else, and what that is I am not so sure? But I guess as time passes things will be clearer down the road.
  11. I totally agree, there were very subtle suggestions about their relationship and subtle actions even during the korean fanmeet that make you go "woah! This means something more than they are letting on." However you have this loveline creeping in which again makes you second guess all possibility of them having a relationship. MY POV ON CURRENT COMMENTS AND THE SHOW Just like anyone, I guess I am very reliant on what is said and happens on the edited version of the episode we see, and I guess it gets very confusing to see the chamin loveline heightened when there was a parallel dialogue and interaction happening between kookmin at the same time. At first there was clear parallel progression going on between Somin's on screen loveline and kookmin real life interaction. However, suddenly when one day Kookmin reaches at its peak and there is a mention of kookmin possible marriage the entire parallel progression stops and we have only chamin prevailing and nothing much between kookmin. I would say, I was quite confused at first as to why kookmin had sort of halted their interaction on the show, I don't think I can speculate any reasons as to why, but certainly we have to critique why Chamin suddenly became so huge on the show and even finally land a CF. Not only that but even be the focus on an episode of MUD. I guess those questions lay down the road, and hopefully her coming up appearance on Hana's radio show gives light to some of her progression (relationship wise). Since, last time she went, she did touch on her song and the ambiguity from the guy it was for. So, maybe/hopefully this time she has a more clearer answer for that. However, despite all the luck of strong moment of kookmin lately compared to before, I think that is fortunate because less media attention almost always guarantees better/healthier relationship. If kookmin are currently in a relationship (my wishful thinking) I think getting little to no attention at all is the absolute best for them (even though not for us). I have contemplated a lot about chamin, and how it would really affect the members personally, and to be honest my answer as I went through and read comments was that I shouldn't be so worried about their personal life. Lots of people worry a lot that Somin's bad mood might be a result of the loveline weighing on her, but I think it is a bit naive to conclude that. There is a lot of other factors that could be a result of her certain change of mood that could have been not to the loveline alone. Somin was sick in the beginning of the year, throughout episodes airing in Jan you could tell that. And right about now, these are episodes airing when Somin had just published her first book. (Something else to note is that during when these episodes were being filmed Somin had cancelled her book signing event, her book was barely promoted by her agency (I felt this might be reason why lots of celebs helped promote for her). So, we have to be really thinking about other stressors other than Chamin that concern Somin (which she admittedly shares on MUD, the fact that she is concerned about work)). It could be naive to really blame just this one loveline to be the only pressure on her right now as a Somin fan. However, I do feel concerned also as to whether these jokes does affect them in real life. Up until now, all I can see is Somin is still willingly participating in the loveline (we could argue that this is due to her unwillingness to defy her seniors but still Somin brings in very personal accounts of her own mother), so I just sort of think that the loveline could possibly be a motivator for her to really get away from real life worries and at this time gunner some screen time for herself. I truly think that Somin is an amazing entertainer but I also think that Somin like everyone else has moments where she is filled with worries about real life stuff/worries that she doesn't want to actively participate to be funny (at this moment watching the show, I truly think that Somin is less motivate to participate not because of the loveline but maybe personal issues, however, I love that she still wears that smile on her face). I really do miss Kookmin moments and I think Chamin is being forced down our throat real hard at the moment (not so much this past 2 episodes), but I think for Somin at this moment, (for now) she could use some attention away from her own private life. People can have opinions about the loveline, but I would love it if her actual relationship isn't breached and be compromised. I truly love and am a huge fan of Somis who enjoys her antics but these past few episode I can with about 90% feel that Somin has some personal worries and does not want be the center of attention right now, and I feel like a lot of the comments being made right now about her character disappearance and the discomfort with the loveline also show how we do want Somin to be at the center of attention not for a loveline but rather for who the entertainer she is (Somin, has been constantly been trending not for antics but for the loveline for a while, so that could also be an added stresser for us as fans, but I guess we have to remember when it comes to media there is always a reason something trends, it is never a coincidence). I see lots of flags raised about who Somin is dating in real life because I know just like a lot of people we have sensed for a while before even the start of the loveline Somin was definitely having a growing chemistry with KJK and that has always been questioned lately in light of the loveline. So, giving her space would most certainly help for her right now. I also think giving Kookmin some space could be the most help now. All in all, we just have to wait for future progression, but this is my two cents
  12. The thing that makes it different if you look closely is the metal strap which is on Somin's hat and not on the one KJK is holding. Also it seems like the hat KJK is holding has a small black tag on the side which is not the same on the one somin is wearing.
  13. I rewatched to look at how similar the hat Somin is wearing is to the one on the sling bag KJK is holding, and I think they are different.
  14. The way KJK panicked was suspicious, he even went to an extent I think to even ask how it is used and what it is. In this episode, it is really suspicious that the first 2 times Somin gets screen time, is about her asking whether a booth opened and coincidentally enough, both times she was with KJK.
  15. I agree. But the way I view it is that, the loveline between chamin was unavoidable. In the first episode when chamin joined the show, I remember one of the first remarks Somin gives Sechan is that "people think we are a couple." A few episodes later I remember that Chamin gave a review on how they were being received and Somin commented that they were supposed to not have a loveline with other castmates but they could have a loveline with each other. So, to some degree I think that Chamin love line sort of had to be explored with or without support from viewers, but I guess what we learnt from it is that they are really just good friends and nothing more. I am sort of glad that they explored this right now instead of having those what if's in the future but just like everyone here on this forum I wish that now that we understood that chamin are really "just" great as friends and not lovers that we move on. I could tell from this episode that Somin was especially feeling down and she wasn't as talkative as she normally is, I hope it is not due to the loveline, but if it is I hope like how they were more platonic today, they move towards the direction of absolving this equation.