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  1. Ah!! This could be true. I remember HJY and KJK being quite big at the time and HaHa might have made the reference towards that loveline. But I just thought it was amusing to see HaHa, KJK and Somin on the same frame as he said it. Somin turns really shy after that. And also later in the episode, Somin makes a Husband and Wife skit with KJK as the Husband in Sechan's house where Somin treats the rest of the cast as their 3 children. But thanks for clarifying that. Kookmin were not at all a thing during the time this episode was filmed so the reference might not be relevant to them .
  2. A Throwback moment: I was just rewatching ep 420 and I noticed this reference that I didn't see before. When in the beginning of the ep Somin is imagining going on a one day date, there is this exchange about whom she wants to go with but later Somin declares that she wants to date someone on T.V. This was a response from Somin when HAHA brought up Jong Kook and Jinyoung's love line in Mom's Dairy. What was completely weird to me was the next reference HaHa makes right before they change the topic. Here I believe the reference HaHa makes implies to KJK and JSM and I wonder what
  3. I think you should still watch the show. The show is really fun. Though Kookmin's interaction has reduced that doesn't make the show less fun. I didn't watch for a while as well, this was mostly due to my busy life (finally caught up last week). But in the spirit of the show I think it is really fun and as Kookmin fans I think we should not be discouraged to watch the show just because of less interaction between KJK and Somin. Of course I would love to see Kookmin interact but I also want to respect their space. Watching kookmin interaction is always a plus to watching Running Man weekly. I t
  4. Looks like we won’t be getting any Kookmin moments for a while. With the SBS awards so close I would imagine that Chamin is being highlighted/pushed for a couple award.
  5. Throwback moments: Not sure if this was brought up before but I noticed KJK bringing up the same University in ep 464 and 513 which happens to be a women university near Somin's place https://imgur.com/a/C0KNvSA '
  6. Just like @Catch-22 emphasized, I think it is quite important that this is the very first platform where Somin gets recommended to think of KJK as a potential partner. Running man (other than times YJS jokes about KJK liking Somin or Kookmin getting married) does not link Kookmin as potential serious partners. Somin gets recommended Sechan, Seho etc.. KJK gets recommended SJH, HJY etc...They have their own list but that never have they been mentioned together or linked in a romantic flirting relationship. Whenever there is a fortune teller episode, Somin gets linked to Sechan or Kwangsoo. Even
  7. This week’s made me so happy as a Kookmin shipper. overall, this episode was also a good episode where member chemistry really shined. Doing the balance game again with more witty and conflicting questions would be so much fun. This game revealed to me as a shipper that Kookmin are certainly closer and whether romantically or not, they do have very deep conversations.
  8. I think KJK and JSM are at a phase where they can comfortably tease each other publicly. KJK responded to her tease but immediately held himself back by accepting that others can feel that way. It was also fun to see Kookmin actually tackling each other. Others here mentioned it but in the last game during Kookmin’s turn, it was more about Kookmin fighting each. It was even more fun to see how KJK tackles DJ while Somin tackles So You. It felt like they first started off with fighting each other and then later went back to tackling each other’s partners. Kookmin are going o
  9. Been awhile since I wrote here. Hi Jingu’s it has been a while but the post you make here are so good to follow that I have been enjoying reading to catch up. Liked the intimate interaction Kookmin have been sharing with us, I can’t stop but try to fan girl every single action. Hope to see more interactions in the future but hope for their happiness more. Through their SNS interaction, Somin looks really happy and enjoying a really healthy lifestyle while KJK also seems happy and enjoying his time working out and eating delicious food. Hope these reactions lead somewhere this year and
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