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  1. This makes me want to watch the whole drama all over again. Every bit and piece of it. Warning, may be spoilers for those watching on Viki.
  2. I honestly was not surprised the pilot was an accomplice. The way he said "Don't worry, he doesn't understand us" with a smirk on. What was a surprise that it was revealed he was actually talking to the other guy on the phone. I felt like I was watching an episode of criminal minds watching everything unravel lol. Now I'm just curious if he survived the crash or not.. I'm excited to see more of Suzy's character too, like can she really not fight.. Or is she just acting like she can't? She can shoot that's for sure
  3. I decided to watch Love & Destiny while waiting for this to air (which is a great show, btw). Now I am having withdrawals for the show, and want the Pillow Book to air more than ever now. Even a set air date would be good.. I guess this gives me the chance to finish reading Pillow Book. I still check this thread every other day to see if there's any news. I also am so excited for Reba's fighting scenes, she didnt get to do much of those TMOPB.
  4. Yes, and this is probably one of the reasons why Hua Yan is much happier when she becomes an immortal again, because she had lived a good mortal life unlike before. Also, @Winterfairy I think there is a high chance that Si Ming will end up with Shi San. Although he always brushes her off, he was pretty concerned when she was hit by JX and passed. When she reincarnates and can't remember him, he's like "You... Don't remember me?" with a super sad face. And plus, this time she is reincarnated as a mermaid, not a merman, and is a completely different person. Si Ming couldnt fully like her before because he once viewed her as a bro, because she was once a man. I mean just think, imagine your best girl/lady turning into the opposite gender and falling for you. No matter how sincere their feelings are, it will always be a bit weird. Anyway, I'm still sad this ended. I would like several more episodes to detail what happened during the 300 years, and see Ling Xi go through her pregnancy alone and raising Nian'er by herself, see more of Qing Yao and her man... Scenes of Cheng Tan and the little spirit.. How Jiu Chen got out.. And more scenes after Jiu Chen returns. I need more!! Lol
  5. Yep! And I've now just convinced my husband to watch the drama with me too! Sooo excited
  6. Hello All! I just watched episode 1 and I gotta say, that was an experience. Cried the first episode already, as soon as I knew it was his nephew on the place my heart fell. And the lady with her baby names...
  7. I check this forum everyday too. Sometimes, I check it multiple times a day when I dont have the time to watch any episodes to get my fix. Do you have a specific favorite episode that you like to rewatch? Mine would be episode 18! I've probably rewatched it 3x already haha. @Winterfairy, you're from Cali right? I am too! We are in the same time zone so it may be easier for us to coordinate a time to watch on Viki
  8. Looking at people's comments on episode 46, JX needs to try harder for me to feel bad for him. I do not feel even an ounce of pity or compassion for him. Okay, I admit I felt a bit bad for him when he was blind but thats about it. Like others said, they should have made Yuan Tong the real villain, or at least developed Jing Xiu's character more. At this point, he is just annoying. I skip most his scenes, even with the ones with A'mo lol. I've ranted about him before and probably will continue ranting about him until his character.. You know. I also think it doesn't make sense when people said he fell for A'mo cause she was the only one who was really kind to him. That is not true, cause the SL tribe princess is kind to him, and even LX's mom was kind to him. But he did not fall for either of them.
  9. Thats why it weirded me out. If I had never come to this forum, I honestly would have probably never noticed that CY is in love with LX. She always viewed him as her brother, and I thought he also saw her like a sister. However, it makes alot of sense now why he was so upset after Le Buo passed. Not only did his father(master?) pass, but the women he loved passed (or so he thought). I think the whole thing with LX coming back and having an identity crisis and figuring out whether JC really loves her as why they should have added another 5-10 episodes. I would have really appreciated more screen time of the new LX, because when she comes back shes a mix of both A mo and LX. But hey, I cant complain. At least its not sad ending right? Lol!
  10. Thats a good way to think of it. As @Vals Stor put, we are looking at in terms of a mortal world view, where we care about personality, appearances etc. I also didnt notice that despite how different Ling Xi and A'mo are, at the core they are still somewhat same (pure, humble, kind). As for QY, I also think it makes a bit more sense that she moved on and didn't want to take her mortal husband back when he became an immortal, because she finally found peace and was able to find love again, however he just comes back out of nowhere. I really feel for YF, I even cried for him in some scenes because as much as he likes QY, he was willing to bring her to the mortal world and ask if she wants her husband's memories to come back, he even made her porridge, etc. You know its a good article when it forces you to question yourself and think outside the box lol. Either way, I know that the PCCD group is updated daily with new episodes, however I will try to stop at 47 and start when all the other episodes are released with sub. Because we know what happens in ep 50... Right? Lol. It's so tempting though. I'm so hyped for episode 50, its coming so soon, I just want her to be back already.
  11. This actually makes alot of sense, as I watch a few xianxia and even regular modern c dramas have a rushed or abrupt ending-- even though the whole drama is 50-60 episodes for example, like Legend of Fuyao. It was a bit over 60 episodes, but the ending was just like, what? Lol. But I heard for L&D the ending isn't abrupt like TMOPB, which is good. I'll just be happy
  12. https://cfen.si/2019/09/05/review-love-and-destiny-questions-the-trope-of-reincarnated-love/ This is a good read guys. Big warning for SPOILERS though. I know a few people on this forum came directly from Viki, knowing absolutely nothing about this drama. Its crazy though how different Lin Mo and Ling Xi are.
  13. Sorry to butt in, but I agree. I honestly wouldnt have minded if they added another 10 episodes just for the third arc. I'd like to see more how being in the mortal world and experiencing everything has changed her, and I was kinda looking forward to her being the ruler of Shan Ling but she didn't stay the ruler for that long. But there's a restriction on how long certain C-Dramas should be right?
  14. Great! Yeah I've been sticking around and still watching, just wanted to make sure they don't drag the break up part. I was yelling behind my phone screen like, smack him TN, SMACK HIM!! lol. Good to know he suffers. I already see it with his physical love sickness.
  15. Can anybody please tell me the episode they get back together? I am at the noble idiocy part where HSY is an absolute richard simmons to TN because her mom didn't approve of the relationship. He's so mean to her, I just cant.
  16. Omg, I thought i was the only one that noticed that!! She definitely looks like Chungha. Or should I say, Chungha looks like her because Nini is older. Either way, they are both gorgeous! Dont worry, I dont believe this will disappoint. This drama will start coming into its own and you'll fall in love with it. I love TMOPB with all of my heart, it is one of my all time favorite Wuxia, however I love this drama equally. Their love story and how it progresses is so good, it'll leave you wanting more!
  17. I was also thinking of starting over from the beginning when it comes on Viki as I saw some of you guys commented up there. But rather than rewatching from the very beginning as the episodes get subbed in Viki, I think I'll just wait until its fully released + subbed and rewatch from ep 1. I am more of a binge watcher lol. And those who also watched with subs from PCCD fb group, I am curious as to how the subs may be different.
  18. Hello all, while I was waiting for all the episodes of Love and Destiny to come on Viki, I decided to give this drama a shot. I am only on ep 3, but I gotta say, Yang Zi's character, Tong Nian is sooo cute!! Not the cringy kind of cute either. Even her room is cute!!
  19. If they do a sequel, I will definitely watch it. However I feel a sequel will only happen if this drama gets popular enough and enough positive ratings. It seems some people are still just finding out about it. I also thought CC looked way too old for Nini, but after only the 1st episode I was sold. CC is handsome in his own way, and I cant imaging a young actor playing a CC's character who is supposed to be hundreds and millions year old.
  20. I just saw that it says coming Sep 2. I really hope it is true, we will see next Monday. Last I heard, it wasn't coming to Viki at all because Croton had the license and didn't want to give it up. Anyway, if it does come on Viki, great! @bluevenus here is the link to request for the title on Netflix. You also dont have to have a Netflix subscription to request a title.
  21. I hope someone is willing to pick the drama and sub it, even if it is on youtube. I'm just worried this might happen to Pillow Book.
  22. It sure is!! I think I am like on so 43ish watching just the otp parts in Mortal Arc. I can almost get a sense of what might be happening, because of the background music and tone of voice. Totally worth watching it, even without subs. Last I checked, subs was only ep 7 or 8 on youtube. Could be only one person working on it. Maybe they just forgot about it? Lol!
  23. Hahaha same here! I only watch the main otp parts, skip the rest I figure I can get all the information later. At this point, I might as well just watch the rest of the drama without subs. I wanted to wait for the Admin's official response for the private group, but I think she's really gonna stop subbing it now. I tried clicking on the Kissasian site to leave them bad comments, but it was so hard to even get to the LAD page, so many ads and viruses.
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