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  1. Sang Sang and Ning Que's relationship is so cute and innocent. Its like they are already in love at the beginning of the drama, but they just dont realize it yet. I am curious though, Ning Que often addresses her or treats her like a little girl, like shes way younger than him. Whats the age difference for them?
  2. I saw you guys mentioning that they might possibly get together (in real life). If they do, I won't be surprised, since they acted in like 5 dramas together? They are bound to get close that way as they always get paired. Althought it would be weird if they did end up breaking up (if they did date) and I'd imagine it being somewhat like when Elena and Damon from the vampire diaries breaking up in real life. After the breakup, the scenes together just weren't the same anymore. Sorry if I went a bit off topic. I also wanted to share this cute vid of DH and FJ scenes together from TMOPB, to clench our thirst while we wait for Pillowbook to air.
  3. Just wanted to share my thoughts on the ending.. I interpreted that CY is dead, because if he is still somehow alive even after what looked like a deep fall and found a way out, then that means the damn old creepy man is possibly alive too. I'm leaning more towards believing that the end was her imagination, she did not seem that excited when he popped up. They just.. Hugged. No happy tears, no kissing, no questioning how he is alive. Also someone mentioned about that she'll always keep LYK alive in her heart. I honestly stopped watching after episode 28 and stuck around to read recaps. No regrets.
  4. I'm sold. So far the 1st ep is good... 5 seconds in and they were already fighting lol. The ost is also very good. I'm just glad I found a good drama to keep me sane while all my exams and essays pile up. I had to drop I Will Never Let You Go and 100 Days My Prince. They just weren't it.. Anyway I'll be dropping by here and there to ask questions about the drama as the episodes progress. Hope nobody minds
  5. I'm a little late to this one. But can someone please explain if this has a happy ending or a sad one without spoiling too much? I heard the ending is sorta like princess agents which is a big no to me
  6. I dont know if anyone posted this already. FJ looks so beautiful. I can't wait, I am SO excited!!
  7. I thought it was most obvious when she bought BQ a whole bunch of makeup and asked which one she liked most. She even explainined all the different shades, tints and scents to the blushes. However, seeing one of the evil twins (cant remember her name) develop a crush on MRF made me believe she was really a guy. I was fooled again
  8. So is that who that man is supposed to be?! I thought he was some random character to be introduced.. But instead hes acting as BinBins character?! If so, that sucks. They could have re shot the scene when he had more time.
  9. Big spoiler please dont read if not ready i repeat do not read if not ready
  10. Yikes... More angst coming... Guess we should enjoy the sweet scenes while we can now
  11. I think so too. At this point for me its hard not to dislike DFS. Especially after he finds out CY is Lian Yi Ke and he orders everyone to kill him but not BQ. I just dont like the way DFS pushes himself on Buqi. Instead of endearing, he comes off as childish creep and manipulative. Maybe I will change my mind later.. Maybe not.
  12. From the spoilers on ig, it looks like they do the deed again. At this point, HBQ should just have a baby! I wish. All i want for the happy ending is for them both to be alive and with a kid.
  13. Anyone know what the rating for this is in China? I know its popular for international fans seeing how much people watch on Viki
  14. Although i do want them to live a happy ending, with their titles and everything, i dont think thats possible. In order for them to live with their titles, all the bad guys would need to die, and there needs to be no more bad guys, nobody else wishing to kill BQ and hunting her for the Biluotian treasure. Thats why I believe its best if she "dies" and CY also "dies", so they can live a quiet peaceful life away together. I also will admit that CY being nice to LQW makes the drama more interesting. Sorry for comparing, but when I was watching Love 020, I found it lackluster (in my opinion) because the 2 leads were always together, and there was no love rivals to spice things up.
  15. You are right. I think we all need to remember that CY is the Lotus Hero so he will save anyone.. Afterall he did save BQ in ep 1 when they barely knew each other. He is just a nice guy. So nice, like a fluffy marshmallow. Idk what I'm saying lol
  16. Right! I'm probably just gonna ff all the scenes of CY being nice to LQW. She could die for all I care. CY better make it up to Buqi though!
  17. I think it happens in the latter of the 30 episodes like maybe 36-38. Because I saw the teasers for the episodes 32-34 and it doesn't look like they are headed that way yet. There is still lots of villains left after CY falls down the well like the stupid rat LQY and her stupid teacher, the King himself is like a villain.... We got lots to deal with. I also want a happy and clear ending. I last watched Legend of Fuyao, and though I'm sure it was a HEA, the ending was soooo vague, like a dream. And then we have Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, where they briefly reunite in the very last episode. Im done lol sorry for the rant. Wuxias dont like spoiling their fans
  18. Right. All these spoilers driving me crazy. At this point, I cant see DFS becoming king. Theres too much going on. I read someones comment on it, they said there are 2 endings. Happy and sad. Everyone needs to just die off and leave our main leads alone. And seriously, I waited 10 whole episodes for them to reunite!!!!!!!!! She disappeared in ep 18, and they dont see each other again till like ep 28! I wish they had more screen time together
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