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  1. I just finished watching ep 13 and OMG.... This episode gave me real chills!! The actress who played Mun Young's mother nailed her role! She really was laughing after she just murdered someone! And although we all had an idea about the head nurse, the ending scene when she was driving smiling couldn't have been creepier. I was like this at the ending. And Mun Young's reaction when she found out her mom probably killed the Moon brother's mom.. Aside from that, I went from crying from when the shaman lady confronted her dad, to straight up crying from laughter when Sang T
  2. WOW, the ending of ep 10!! How am I supposed to wait a week for the next episode?! So many parallels. KT giving MY the flowers, and she finally gets to tell him that they're beautiful. We get MY following KT just like how he used to follow her, and omg the scene at the beach when KT tells MY to get lost and she clenches her heart sobbing. Looking at the next ep trailer, I hope the trio solves their Kang Tae ordeal soon, I want the three of them to be together when facing the mystery behind their mother's death and MY's mother. I personally am confused whether Park Ok Ran is MY's mother or if
  3. I let out numerous sighs this episode.. Wow. Despite all the happy scenes and MY and KT getting closer, I could feel the incoming heartbreak. We all knew that KT would eventually be pushed to choose between MY and ST. I just want everyone to be happy. I wish Sang Tae didn't say that to Kang Tae, but at the same time I understand why. I fear that either KT will move and choose his brother over MY, or that MY will let KT go so he can be with his brother. I hope there is no break up, the two leads have just been through so much already. Also, doesn't it feel like everyone is agai
  4. Good morning everyone! It is about 6am where I am. I'll watch eps 7 in about 5 hours when I wake back up I also recommended this drama to two of my co workers, one who also watches Kdrama and another who was never watched kdrama before but will give this one a shot because I recommended it. Hopefully they actually watched it! I'll recommend this drama until the day I die lol
  5. Welcome! I love that you pointed out the details, I hope that the kiss painting is a foreshadow and we get our classic kdrama kiss on episode 8. That also seems like a reasonable realistic ending, as long as nobody in the main trio dies in the end, I'll be happy I keep getting the feeling that the ending will be tragic or bittersweet but maybe I'm just being pessimistic.
  6. I keep going back to watch the ending of ep 6 even though I cry every time. It's just so touching, yet so sad.. I suspect I will probably rewatch the ending over and over until Saturday. Gosh, episode 6 left me a crying wreck, so much that I couldn't even read the subtitles, especially during the scene when ST and KT were fighting.
  7. So far, all my speculations about this drama have somehow been correct. I had a feeling that Juri had to have been the one to start the fight or say something to cause MY to react like that. I also had a feeling that MY may have liked KT when they were young. It broke my heart to see MY so excited to see him when she was running down the stairs, only for her mom to be down there and see her stomp on the flowers. It looks like both MY's parents really traumatized her.. Here I am, on July 4th crying to episode 5 while fireworks are going off. So far every episode has made me cry. Al
  8. Someone in MDL posted that the scene in ep 1 where ST is drawing may be a foreshadow to the main leads relationship. When ST is drawing, this is the audio that plays in the background. While this scene is playing in the background, Sang Tae is drawing what looks like MY's creepy house. What does everyone think? Foreshadowing? Now I feel like I have to go back and rewatch every single detail in every episode lol.
  9. I was left speechless and in tears after episode 3 and 4. Seeing MY's eyes that are filled with tears and smiling at KT when he came to her at the end of ep 4 just left me crying rivers. I actually had to pause multiple times throughout episode 4, it was just so heavy. Hearing him tell her she was like an empty can felt like he said those words straight to me. On a brighter note, I feel like we finally get to hear KT genuinely laugh when MY says she prefers magnolias because they fall all at once without hesitation. I wonder if we are going to get a scene where he gives her magnoli
  10. Definitely could be a flashback.. In this trailer At the 32nd mark we could see MY pulling Joori's hair. I watched all the trailers and teasers like 10000x to try and spoil myself Btw, hello everyone
  11. Hello everyone! Looks like I found my new red shoes, I am super super hooked to this drama. After reading previous posts, like everyone else I believe that MY is either misdiagnosed or has a self fulfilling prophecy since her mother told her that she was a monster her whole life. Although I don't know much about Antisocial Personality Disorder, I believe that MY is capable of feeling pain and empathy to an extent, that she's just walled up. I could be wrong though? However looking at all of the previous trailers and teasers that were released, we see several shots of I really hope the
  12. I put spoiler tag just in case for those who may not be caught up yet.
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