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  1. So I just started reading Lotus Step to try and get over ELOD blues. I like it so far, especially since I didnt feel like Lian Song and Cheng Yu had much closure in ELOD. What do you guys think are the possibilities of the novel being made into a drama? If all of Tang Qi's novels could be made into a drama, that would be a dream come true
  2. I gave up on reading the novel hehe. I did however start reading the nine chapter novella, I just wish there were more episodes of ELOD and that it didn't have to end. The withdrawals are too real
  3. I dropped this drama at around episode 20 last year and I just picked it back up and binged it all recently.. now I can't get over it, I wanna rewatch the drama over and over again. I even picked up my old soompi account just for this. Feng Jiu and Dong Hua are literally on my mind 24/7
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