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  1. Someone in MDL posted that the scene in ep 1 where ST is drawing may be a foreshadow to the main leads relationship. When ST is drawing, this is the audio that plays in the background. While this scene is playing in the background, Sang Tae is drawing what looks like MY's creepy house. What does everyone think? Foreshadowing? Now I feel like I have to go back and rewatch every single detail in every episode lol.
  2. I was left speechless and in tears after episode 3 and 4. Seeing MY's eyes that are filled with tears and smiling at KT when he came to her at the end of ep 4 just left me crying rivers. I actually had to pause multiple times throughout episode 4, it was just so heavy. Hearing him tell her she was like an empty can felt like he said those words straight to me. On a brighter note, I feel like we finally get to hear KT genuinely laugh when MY says she prefers magnolias because they fall all at once without hesitation. I wonder if we are going to get a scene where he gives her magnolias? Too much wishful thinking?
  3. Definitely could be a flashback.. In this trailer At the 32nd mark we could see MY pulling Joori's hair. I watched all the trailers and teasers like 10000x to try and spoil myself Btw, hello everyone
  4. Hello everyone! Looks like I found my new red shoes, I am super super hooked to this drama. After reading previous posts, like everyone else I believe that MY is either misdiagnosed or has a self fulfilling prophecy since her mother told her that she was a monster her whole life. Although I don't know much about Antisocial Personality Disorder, I believe that MY is capable of feeling pain and empathy to an extent, that she's just walled up. I could be wrong though? However looking at all of the previous trailers and teasers that were released, we see several shots of I really hope the case is that she's just severely wounded and messed up from her past. I can't imagine the leads having a love story with her truly having ASPD. Another thing to think of - What could have caused MY's mother to call her a monster, or if it was because her mother was just abusive. Also, this may be an informational video for those wanting to hear a personal experience with ASPD: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bdPMUX8_8Ms&t=1312s
  5. I put spoiler tag just in case for those who may not be caught up yet.
  6. This thread really got to 500 PAGES? Either way, I'm happy to announce I'm finally on spring break. Binge watch commence! I stopped at ep 21, but I'm not gonna lie, I already watched most of the spoilers
  7. I have been too busy with school and work lately so i stopped at ep 23. I will likely finish the series during spring break. Reba looks gorgeous though in the blue wedding dress. Excited because I see all the spoilers
  8. The truth? Which parts? I know that he knows she was his fox, but he still doesnt know about her in the mortal realm and the maid part right?
  9. I wonder if those who said there wasn't enough chemistry back then, took back what they said. Cause I swear, just DH staring at Feng Jiu with those lovey eyes is enough chemistry already! I'm all giddy at work looking at all the sweet clips @9tRedFox I'll still be here! I'm only caught up to ep 23! Been busy with school work but still checking out the clips and spoiling myself hahaha
  10. Lol! I gave up on catching up on the pages. I'm really excited for the upcoming scenes though! Too much sweetness lol
  11. I think its sub problem too.. I'm too impatient to wait for the sub on Viki, but sometimes I'm really like what?? The sub just doesnt make sense sometimes. And I thought it was just me
  12. I second guessed, or doubted however you wanna say, DH's love for Feng Jiu because I never finished the novel and only saw them together in TMOPB. But reading this gave me hope. Yay for the upcoming episodes
  13. We are on the same boat! Spent most of yesterday catching up on the mortal arc and I'm still not fully caught up yet. Its long, but yeah Ye Qingti is such a sweetheart. I didnt think I'd like his character as much, but here we are.
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