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  1. This article published almost 8 months ago. There are other people too, I don't understand why media is targetting Yang Mi only! Also if that was the case she wouldn't wait to announce her divorce. Anyways I trust her.
  2. I heard the pregnancy rumor a year ago which both of them denied that time...and it's been a year! Don't trust such rumors.
  3. Happy new year friends...sorry I'm late! (pic cr. editor)
  4. Totally agree! Even when she was playing the role of a figurine; you can see, she is innocent yet totally different from Su Su. She even played Xuan Nü. Five different roles, she definitely worth it. Oh I love to see her with Mark again
  5. I loved the scene when she took her eyes back, that was a clap performance by her. Yeah, I'm thinking the same!
  6. Few more pics from "The 5th Awards Ceremony of the Actors of China" (Cr. twitter & Weibo)
  7. After watching this clip, I think it's for TMOPB
  8. I heard many rumors about their divorce before, didn't think that it would become true! Hope she will meet the right person and have a great life ahead. @stella77 @dillycat on which website are you reading?
  9. So what YM fans were saying was true! I'm really disappointed
  10. Hello! Where is everyone? Any news or pics from the 24th huading award show?
  11. Happy Birthday Ethan! May you get all success and happiness in life. Always love you Can't help but to post this GIF again.
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