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  1. Oh! That was a beautiful scene. I like when he said he bought the candle for her, so innocently And after that he put the finger on candle to blow it out, it melted my heart I want to re-watch all episodes but I know once I started it it will badly affect my work so I'm watching only RiRicouple scenes on YT. By the way, this art is by sallyandpiper, so beautiful I don't know why it taking so much space in spoiler. If someone can edit this on behalf of me, please do it/suggest some solution.
  2. So true. I finished SYJ's "Something in the rain" but don't like it much. Though I started it because of the unique story line but after few episodes I lost interest because of the plot and FF most of the part. Both the leads were good but the ending left me disappointed. @eLizza Don't mention DOTS! Sorry if I hurt someone but the last few episodes of DOTS were totally unnecessary! And there is no comparison of writing of both dramas. Same goes to Goblin, sorry but I dropped that drama and only watched the ending! CLOY totally set the bar high for any Kdrama. @jamy47 CLOY is what DOTS was trying to be. toally agree
  3. Few days ago someone posted mv on GSJ - Shape of you. Does anyone know the link. I can't find it on youtube. By the way I found this tweet too funny.
  4. I want parody for that scene when RJH slightly pushed Seri's head when she was trying to rest on his shoulder in ep 5/6(don't remember). That would be hilarious
  5. @Samnamu-unnie She was falling for him and she knew that! That's why she said that because things get complicated and it did! But that shows how wonderfully the script is written. I watched both "My love from the star" and "The legend of Blue Sea" but the dialogues written in this drama, hands down, one of the best. Did you watch that scene afterwards when he said he is already engaged and trying to draw the line! She was already affected Of course Seri being Seri,such a high celebrity tried to look cool but what I am trying to say is, he too was affected when she said she wanted to go back SK for men, he was jealous slightly but he was jealous such a tragic story I noticed when they were talking about this but I was too lazy to find about the story. Thank you for sharing this. I think the writer really did a great job, each and every scene has such a deep meaning.
  6. Really good mv...Now that I think about this, I think the NK arc is really peaceful seeing the SK arc afterwards I need drama like this
  7. And here I thought it was all real, at least the village! But I saw in BTS video they were talking that someone will see them(the scene in which RJH was waiting for Seri in ep 4). At least the building in which GSJ and Dan were living is real,right? What about Seri's apartment?! I really want to see that
  8. For me it's their first scene, "Your looks are totally my type". Honestly it gave me quite shock! Loved each and every moment after that. Well said. I want to add more. I think it's applied to not only to the main characters but they showed it very well to the side characters too. Let's talk about Man-bok; I loved how they showed the guilt but because of the family situation he has to do the job. He lost the only friend he has and when again something similar situation arises he chose to help RiRi couple, the good over bad. And same with GSJ happened. It happened because of Dan but the realization is important and I'm glad that in his last moment he is satisfied that someone is there to cry for him. I teared up at that scene. Sorry but I have to disagree on this. Of course GSJ's death is the greatest regret but I love how they showed Dan positively. I forget to tell there is so much positivity in this drama. Back to point, I think every one deserve a second chance. So what GSJ was a con-man but as confessed by him apart from Seri's brother he never cheated anyone(please tell me if I'm missing anything). So when he wanted to live a happy life and wanted to forget everything, don't you think he deserve a chance? Also it's not entirely his fault but Seri's father's and the society is also somehow responsible. As I mentioned before in this post I think like Man-bok, GSJ too deserve happiness. And about portrayal of con-man in Korea, I think there should a drama where a main lead is con-man! Oh I just "The legend of Blue Sea" and what do you say about HB's role at starting in "Memories of Alhambra"? I think they could find a way if they wanted to! I mean RJH can help him after all he did so many things for him.
  9. For me personally, I will choose the first encounter between RJH and Seri for SYJ, when she said that golden words "Your looks are totally my type!" It's not only because of acting but it's the first impression of how bold and strong the character Seri is even when she is in other country, to be precise in an enemy country. And I'm sure there would be laughter in audience after seeing that. Best acting by SYJ as Seri for me : -Of course the interrogation scene, no doubt that's best scene. Best acting by HB as RJH : -The scene at DMZ line when he saw Seri and ran towards her (Gif/pic credits to editor)
  10. I'm my way back to home and laughing, smiling and blushing while watching this and the people around me think I have gone mad!
  11. By far the best girl character I have ever seen....Girl crushing her (Video credit to editor)
  12. Here you go... Also someone edited this pic to fulfill our dream. Oh I so wished to see this
  13. I don't know if someone mentioned it here or not but I'm new to k-drama world so I don't know that the cap reference is from "The stairway to heaven" until I read this comment. Quoting Red_fishball here, I really love how the director and writer tried to give every small details to the drama, kudos to them.