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  1. guys does anybody body know when is " never not love you" is gonna be out ? or have a link streaming ! that would be amazing
  2. just randomely back to make sure that everybody remembers that doaming si ! the mighty leader of the f4 and sucessor to the doaming hold is one of the fluffiest cuddliest most cute human being alive around his girl i still live for that and here is few of my favorites
  3. now that im rewatching the very first episode im so glad they tonned down the abuse ... bcuz holly richard simmons i would have hatted that rich kid too xD the more i watch hanayori dango the more i notice stuff i guess ...i understand that we need to see the very bad to enjoi the very best and i understand its a fiction that forced kiss scene is not even romantizised as everybody is saying ! THERE IS 0 ROMANCE in that scene sc cried and begged for mercy ! even daoming si fascial exepression show no enjoyment really just anger and sadness right after he sees her cry the "romance" IS BADLY HANDLED REALLY AFTER ! when sc seemes like she forgive him after 3h lol ..; and is like getting jealouse seeying him with other femals ect ! and he gets stubborn and claim " ugh its your fault anyways " ! like ????? xD the scene when he takes her back to his house for the make over is abusive too ! she must have been so scared and weirdedup going to a place shes never been befor they tried to make it look like daoming si almost:never uses his social/economic powers in this version ... but that first kidnapping and how he bought then slapped her with her parents shop food was just that really ..( very lowkey still compared to the classic work where domyoji dont even try to be humble about how rich and powerful he is ) another abusive side is " the stalkish" behaviours he can have tru the show ... or how little he trusted her ( even befor they even dated really) like that episode when she went to have fun with hr hightschool friends and he just showedup uninvited ! almost sent that dude to the hospital by hitting him ! and made sanshai like she did something something wrong while she only wanted to enjoi some time with her old friends dont get me wrong guys ! im the biggest daoming si/ domiyoji fan ... i love the complexity of the character so mush this post is purely focused on the abusive part of his personality ect ! god knows how mush i enjoy his developement and qualities
  4. @Table122000 totaly agree with you if only they made si express his sorry or not actually blame her for his wrong behaviors it would have mde it better i still think tho .. that this scene shows in all the versions and the original work how « bad » « dangerous » daoming si was/is his anger issues apart ! Nobody really denied anything to him befor (especialy not when it come to girls i guess since we can see he have fans all around touching him trying to take pictures ect at school ! And he declared to sc that when he used to « play » with ximen in highschool the girls would offer all kinds of skinship ect) so not only seeying sc with lei being kind of effectionat ... and her touching him the in those soft way ! While hes been developing his secret crush on his side ...is enough to make him snap ! Especialy how childish and inexprimented he is when it comes to relationships i was thinking about something that would replace the impact of this scene really tho ? ( bcuz its still very wrongly handled as muas as it helps show the character develepment for si)
  5. Guys i really think that london scene where lei looked extra weird meeting the guys is CGI XD im almost sure its not weird cinematography they just couldnt get darren to film that day maybe or couldnt fly him to london so they just had the crappy idea to greenscreen him or something and thought we wouldnt notice( GUYS WE NOTICES ...IT WAS BAD XD) also thank you @kokodus for the quizz xD always fun and ofc i got daoming si too ... i really tried to not guess the answers related to him and go with whats true ... still managed to get him somehow haha
  6. aaaaaaaaaa i feels scamed ! bcuz highkey lowkey those two last episodes were JUST COMERCIALS AND FLASHBACKS FFS XD BUT AT THE SAME TIME THEY GAVE ME A WEDDING ! a post marital preview and all my babies happy that ending gave me exactly what I wanted!!and at the same time TOTALLY NOT XD cuz it had so mush potential ... so many ideas ( so many rectifications) I woul ignore the plot holes and WTF moments anyday ... ive done it quite alot watching this show ( watching all hanadan versions tbh ... some parts are just silly and way too fetched xD) but that wedding ! OMGGGGGG WHYYY it was so cringy and weird and whyyyyy also the fact that sanshai didnt even say " YES" to the proposal on that specific day bothers me so mush somehow lol ( i know she said yes befor and both her and si are on the same line but wtf ?? ) doa ming zhuang is a queen and all ! but that sexy dance was so not apropriat for your brothers wedding ? also do you have to fu*kn hit him even the day of his union ??? and why not let Lei marry them in this version too ? ( hes been sush an angel to both of them this whole season it would have been nice and apreciated :/) anyways enough complains ! WHO AM I KIDDING .. I LOVED METEOR GARDEN 2018 ! i love every silly part of it i loved watching yet another doaming si go from a sick jerk ...alone and hurt to the wonderful loving man he became / IM READY FOR DYLAN TO GO REALLY BIG ! WATCH ME ENJOY EVERY SILLY DRAMA HE IS GONNA MAKE / XD always a delight to see love change people into the best they can be i enjoyed this new F4 mostly ... and cant wait for the actors to all shine their own way very soon hana yori dango has always been a boost work for the cast it had ( at least 3 people get big in each version xD) I enjoyed the ost and the cool cinematography we had ! but mostly i enjoyed the romance in this version ... we had angst but we had sanshai and si being as close to a normal couple as it could ... going on normal dates holding hands being shy about firsts fighting and just enjoying eatchothers im so thanful about this . after alot of thinking the jap version is still my ultimate favorite .. but thats just me and my nostalgic heart haha . this version is a close 2 ! thank you to all the people that shared news , spoilers , joy , frustration , cry and enjoyments with me in here you guys made the ride enoyable even more so THANK YOU AGAIN <3 hanadan fandom never dies im sure ill be watching this years later ALEXA PLAY LIKE A RIVER
  7. Now that the show is over (almost on netflix) here im gonna say it probabaly my last rent post befor my emotional good bye to the show so bear with me friends xD >ximen and XY relationship is lowkey weird for me ... i dont know if its becuz it was rushed or didnt have enough depth as i would want it to be but its just not enjoyable (as was the korean version of those two for exemple ) XY also is a bit too fixed on ximen somehow ? Like no girl ? If he acts like jerk or you dont feel celebrated YOU TELL HIm Her « as long as you are around im happy » crap bothered me somehow lol > Ep46 and yall still bully ginghe like that ??? Making him hope he can joing f4 ?? And use him ? /yes im looking at you ximen xD/ i mean yeah he is pretty annoying ik some episodes ... but still ! That just took some maturity oit of ximens character ! Meh >ging he and li zhen kiss next to XY and ximen was just weird and not needed ... idk >im also lowkey still bothered by how they left YZ feelings for si so ambiguous here ? So does she love him ? Does she not ? If him and sanshai didnt fight for their love till death(litteraly) would she just follow her parents choices ? ( that scene with her mom wearing the wedding dress messed with me ) i know she cares about her friendship with both of them alot but i just cant tell really ...
  8. me actually realizing that Meteor Garden is over… aprocess what am i gonna do now ?
  9. Sc and everybody to daoming si half the show « you cant get into Sc world » ! « We live in two different worlds » « its too hard for you to understand »
  10. Its not ? xD i really cant recall a ch/tw drama where the girl is as vocal about her feelings/lust as the boy (comedy apart) also in the original manga sc start being more close and open than in this version ( she touches him and reaches to him first ! And talk about her feelings too) but hey if its not cultural ! Then my bad still annoying (and not fair for doaming si really)
  11. Guys i think maybe its a chinese cultural thing ? The femals are never that expressive when it comes to romance and sharring feelings with their SO ( especialy on dramas and fictions ) the hardest to get she seems the better ? Doesnt make sense to me lol ( especialy how yow the leads can be ... i would be all around him too ! Showing him how mush i apreciat his love and efforts ... bcuz doaming si really did his best till now) but it seems like a theme thats going on since forever in the chinese/tw dramas ——————— also can i dare to ask for more jealous/possessive ximen ?????? I know we have more drama coming with his first love and XY but i wanna see him on that state again ceasar stares , and acts on that scene were hot and atractive ( and he wasnt even sure really ... he just acted out of instinct and protectivness for XY)
  12. i would easly see him as hwang tae kyung too ! he got the physics and the aura to be in a remake of you're beautiful or since he likes dilraba so mush ( he litteraly said in an interview that she is a godess for him and his love for her is beyond normal love/lust /since they asked him would you like to date her and he got shy xD/) i would be so happy if he really gets to work with her ! and make all his dreams come true ;; maybe something like " kimiwa petto'' with the age difference ? she would do a great mature sumire ! and i can see dylan playing a pet !really xD weve seen his clingy and cute side here on mg2018 ( but that turns sexy and pretty mature too by the end of the show)
  13. TBH now that im thinking about it it would be amazing to recast didi and shenyue together in a nother drama ( i dont know if they still do that thing ?! but i remember when rainie yang and mike he were at their otp prime and after devil beside you . They made them have like 3 projects together or something ! And people were here for it) they both have amazing chemistery on and off screen @myinnerbattles that london icecream playful kiss was totaly more dyshen than sishai xD felt like the team just gave them headsup on the script then asked them to enjoi eatchothers in londons streets and it feels this way in alot of random scenes in the show if we focus enough xD >on the canada trip after they scream « happynewyear » >when they were sitting on that bench and teased eatch others making ugly faces > on the island too you can tell at some moments that its dyshen ect ect ect xD
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