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  1. Everything is clicking into its place quite seamlessly. I admire the writer and PD for their great job. At this point in the drama, most of the issues and puzzles are being resolved without the usual angst that always goes in a kdrama. The execution is just right for me. For instance, RG's pain was not resolved in one sitting with LS. He had to go through an internal struggle and some soul searching before he was able to accept his mom's explanation and in doing so unlocked his memories. I don't want to dissect every single scene because i'm not really good at this type of analysis. But let me just share the scenes that really touched my heart. One, finding the last painting and RG seeing that it was him who was painted there. Writer-nim cinched the bubble series wonderfully with this painting. I can see that this last painting explained the message in the whole series and finally put closure to RG's internal conflict. Two, I love how Sindy has adapted so easily into her new independent persona. It really cracked me up when Secretary/driver Kim told Director Eom that the woman stole her child after they saw Sindy walk off arm in arm with DM's parents. It thrilled me that the high and mighty Eom is getting a figurative slap when her child refused to be intimidated by her tactics. Three, CSA is such an exemplary son and brother. For such a person used to the masses' adulation, he's content to stay in the background and be supportive while his mom and brother resolve their issues. Four and five and up, I can't get enough of DM's understanding and sensitivity of RG's emotional struggles. I love every interaction they have regardless if it's just holding hands or RG looking intently at DM or DM hitting RG. They're so cute and KJW-PMY do it so naturally. After watching ep 14, i feel full and satisfied. It's like i've eaten a healthy meal and it really warms my heart. Once again, kudos to all the GIFs of the new episodes.
  2. ikr? My heart is itching to crawl out of it's cage from looking at KJW a.k.a. RG's expressive eyes. Those eyes speaks a thousands words. And don't forget his smiles/smirks are enough to give even an ajumma heart palpitations.
  3. I agree. In HPL's case, there is no need for a bed scene. Just my opinion . The RG-DM chemistry is already off the charts with just the hand holding, hugging, smooching. Even the lip lock in the wood shop furniture was so HOT it gave us heart palpitations. PD and writer-nim must value our lives if they don't give us a bed scene. Imagine what it will do to us shippers? Oxygen deprivation? Cardiac arrest? Hyperventilation?
  4. YES! 100% agree. I couldn't have said it much better than you did. RG-DM are not your stereotypical kdrama characters in spite of this drama being your standard rom com. They blew away my expectations! I'm so not looking forward to next week when this drama ends.
  5. I can relate to that because i'm experiencing the same syndrome . It used to be that i would have some kdrama to keep me busy every day but with HPL, i keep lurking for spoilers, insights, GIFs, artwork, etc of our OTP. I did try to start on another rom com but i find myself comparing the lead couple with RG-DM every time! I'd keep hoping for the lion & rabbit's sizzling on-screen chemistry on the other leads. Any hope for an extension???
  6. Anything is possible in kdramaland and everything is up to the dramagods. If they want a wedding they can always fast forward to a year later or even more. If they want our OTP to have kids, they can fast forward to 3-5 years later. For me, i'd love either as long as we keep having lots RG-DM swoon worthy hugs and kisses.
  7. This is my favorite ending! Thanks a lot for this. I hope writer and PD nim are reading this thread and decide to adapt this ending. If not, this will be my ending in my imagination. I can picture RG's smile already and how he'll greet DM with a PG kiss on top of the kid's heads. Kamsahamnida!!
  8. Thank you for the live recapping! I've finished watching ep 12 and even though there were no serious kissing scenes, i still love the development of the story. I like it so much that there were no angst involved in spite of conflicts. People in this drama are just like regular, normal people who sit down and talk when they have conflicts or problems. No rumor mongering witch or villain that spreads nasty talks that cause rifts between the OTP. I appreciate it so much that the writer and PD did not take down this path. Our lead couple's relationship is so open, trusting and transparent. Oh, that i could find a Ryan Gold, too! And I could be like Deok Mi who is so understanding and accepting. Thanks again chingus for the GIFs. Keep them coming because we don't have any idea what's coming next week for our OTP.
  9. ahhhh! so excited to watch ep.12 tomorrow with eng subs. For the meantime, kamsahamnida chingus!
  10. Hmmm i hope not. Despite HPL being your standard rom com, the writer and PD (or is it KJW & PMY themselves?) has deviated quite a bit from the usual makjang for our OTP. So far, RG-DM interactions have been refreshingly mature and open. I would go so far to say that it has been more realistic. They haven't dwelt on petty issues and made them mountain of problems which is what usually happens in kdramaland. Keeping my fingers crossed since EG and Choi might choose to team up and try to get in between them and lead to what you're expecting. On the other hand, that's not a bad idea for this OTP because the making up will be even hotter! Fighting! I'm one of the lurkers waiting! Kamsahamnida!
  11. True, conflicts in kdramaland moves the plot forward but for HPL, in my opinion, the plot moves forward with our OTP's relationship and the mystery behind RG's childhood trauma with those bubble paintings. It's just 16 epi and we're on 11 already so i guess that would focus on the mysterious paintings, RG's abandonment, and DM's memories of running around with kids while playing bubbles. And there's SJ's dilemma with her husband. Not to mention HJ character development and EG and ID acceptance. I think it's fine there are no dramatic conflicts. I love the fluff and swoon worthy moments as it is.
  12. I'm so glad i have lots of free time today i was able to watch ep. 11 uninterrupted! A good thing too because i would have looked crazy laughing, bouncing and tearing up at some point. I love, love this episode more than the previous one. Kudos to the writer and PD. They did a really wonderful job with this episode. Just enough smooching, hugging, skinship, some laughs and a little bit of mystery to be solved. I nearly fell from my chair when DMs mom told RG that all those fangirl stuff were hers. I love the scene when DM was saying goodbye to her mom and she kept making signs that she loves her mom. She's so cute! I love the dialogues! "We're educated people. We can't fight out in the streets." So true! They're so mature. I know this is a standard rom-com but the way they handle their relationship is amazing. Most kdrama plots move forward through misunderstandings which really gets me frustrated. But these two, they talk it out. What am i going to do after you two? I seriously am going to miss the shades of gold.
  13. This part made me cringe. I guess it is just me thinking that EG should have held his feelings in because he knows and understands DM so much so he should have known that she has always been a brother to her! And from the start of the fake dating, he could tell already that DM was more committed to the relationship even though it was fake. His confession just made things awkward for them. I think it would have been better to keep his feelings and still stay close to DM like a brother. Oh, well! I'm sure at the last episode, they will go back to being besties.
  14. It's probably best to have a defibrillator handy just in case our hearts stop from RGs signature stares and from our couple's hot kisses.
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