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  1. Hi guys. Out of curiousity. Any of you guys have an idea why LYGJ and KMS's wedding is dated 8.26 m instead of 7.26? Any meaning to it just wondering hahaha.
  2. Reading all of our discussions here, I don't know if anyone notice PMY's hand during the slicing of the cake on their wrap up party. She was unconsciously trying to hold PSJ's hand instead of PDNIM. It was as if an automatic response from her. Then boom, she snapped and realize it was PSJ's hand that she was trying to hold and she immediately hold PDNIM's hand instead. As we all shippers here say, their action/reaction towards each other is like from a couple.
  3. It's ok. We'll help each other here. If you want to clearly understand something here, don't hesitate to ask.
  4. https://imgur.com/a/rGbDirw MY's reaction is like Miso's reaction to LYJ at Yoomis restaus. Jealous bulldozer face. Haha
  5. with MY ang Chang sung's reaction. I'm starting to believe that they have something before wwsk. Something is fishy betweeen them. Iaughed hard with Changsung's reaction.
  6. Very shocking!!!! Can't decipher MY reaction. She seems very bothered and as if she caught off guard. And look at changsung reaction, he was like panicking and worried!!! Haha can someone tell me what do you guys think bout the vid. Haha #coincidence
  7. I agree with you. This drama made the last 2 months of our wednesdays and thursdays very happy. It's like falling in love again. And I like what you said reg PSJ. In PSJ we trust!!! Haha
  8. Actually. I saw their IG post and they are still one proud son of a bi*ch... they are very inconsiderate and think very highly of themselves.
  9. As actors, we all know that their job is to entertain us and give us a show on screen or on bts. We may not know what they truly feel towards each other during shooting. But that hug at the end specially how PSJ hugged PMYgave me a peace of mind.... regardless if our ship sails or not, I will always remember this couple for giving me something very wonderful and true...
  10. Wow! The hug! I'm married and when a man hugs someone like that.... that man is in love. KUDOS to Wwsk and its' cast. I have always been amazed at PSJ as a person. And the latest interview and last part of bts showed how great of a person he really is...... to be smart and brave in confessing his feelings and by giving it all to his job... thank you WWSK.
  11. I agree. Well said. Makes more sense. Just like the situation in "Because this is my 1st life". Atleast we are assured of one thing, he really likes her so much. It"s as if he just want to know if he's in love with the character which is Miso or her co actor MY. I'm sure he likes MY. You can see it on how he looks at her at AAA17 and their act 1st interview together. I think as they progress thru their shooting, he has fallen in love with Miso and as the drama ends would looks to see if the feeling will not change for MinYoung. Just my 2cents.
  12. I hope we can get an open ended answer as well. Haha. Not to swing the mood of our happy shipping hearts today.
  13. Like what we have discussed before, those IG post are irrelevant and are malicious. I find it really hard to believe it myself and if they did go together, it might be really hard not to recognize them. As they all say, action speaks louder than words so I must say those BTS and interviews are more relevant and interesting than those coincidental IG post.
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