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  1. It was same for me after finished Legend of Fuyao, which was great and loved so much Wufu couple. I heard about Ashes of Love and remembered that i saw Deng Lun with Dilraba in Sweet dreams. I waited until more episodes were subbed as i committed the fault to watch Legend of Fuyao when it was aired and it was a torture to wait for eng sub. Even Ashes of love is not fully subbed i enjoyed reading comments and translations of members here. I also could read the book which was translated in eng and could know about the end. I loved this series and i am rewatching the first episodes waiting for eng sub of last episodes. Hope Deng Lun and Yang Zi will have another historical drama together. They have such an amazing chemestry!!!
  2. Just finished the last episode and I can say, I am not fully satisfied with the end. Happy ending indeed but there wasn't interaction/romantic moments between XF and JM, not even a last kiss!!! For Ran Yu it was sad to see him all alone and miserable but it was his punishment for his eager to have power and thing he can't get by force like the love of JM. I will miss very much this beautiful drama and this wonderful lovely couple. I plan to rewatch it again to understand it more. Thank you all for your sharing and spoilers. I was so pleased to read all your posts.
  3. There were two episodes 58 and 59. For sure there will be 63 episodes as they said.
  4. @dramacraze9006 Thank you so much for translation, i was so eager to know what they were saying. OMG, I am so excited, waiting for next episodes is a torture and for eng sub is more...
  5. Thank you a lot for translated it to us, i was eager to know what they are saying, OHH!!!! XF is really stupid how after what his uncle told him about JM and SH he doesn't want to listen and don't care even he knows that SH killed JM's father and aunt?!!!! When he thought SH saved him, he wanted to devote himself to her but after knowing that it's JM who saved him, no reaction?!!!!! I can't understand why the screewriter made him so silly and stubborn!!! it's a disappointment >_< Four episodes remain only!!! it's a mess !!!!
  6. I watched Legend of Fuyao and i am watching Ashes of Love. Both drama are great. Yang Mi and Yang Zi are talented actresses and I like both of them. I do like more Yang Zi. She is excellent is her role in Ashes of Love. Deng Lun and Ethan Ruan are talentent also, but i do like more Ethan Ruan's acting. If i have to choose between Wuji character and Xu Feng, i will definitely choose Wuji <3 This is my humble opinion and i respect all other opinions ^^
  7. That's what i saw also and looking for a confirmation if Xu Feng did married Jin Mi and I think he did it. But in the novel, there wasn't a marriage ?!!!
  8. @Di~ Is it confirmed that there will be second part of Princess Agent?!! The end made me speechless and so sad >_<
  9. Hello everyone I still visit the forum and read your discussions ^^. I am still in Love with Legend of Fuyao and can't get enough of it ^^, rewatching until now episodes and moments between lovely Wufu ^^ I could see that the rating for example in dramalist website dropped ( from 9.3 to 8.8), I can understand that some parts especially Tiansha arc disappointed many but still i think this series is one of the best, Great acting, wonderful OST, cinematography ... And a happy ending ^^
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