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  1. Finally an explanation for the scene they were filming last month. I'm still hoping for a season 3 some day, but I'll take what I can get, and this looks like it could be good. So many fond memories flooded back after watching the teaser, with that familiar soundtrack. I think It might be time for another season 1+2 rewatch. (Also, the rewritten translation of the novel is still being worked on.)
  2. I finally had a chance to watch the Our Skyy Tee+Mork episode today (busy holiday season). It was so cute , and I enjoyed it as an ending to their story. I was a bit worried about the light-heartedness beforehand based on the trailer, but the actual episode was fine with enough drama to satisfy my cravings. The production quality was excellent. Drake was great as always, and Frank's acting has noticeably improved. While the drama didn't go as deep as อาตี๋ของผม, I could have easily watched an entire season of this, likely thanks to the new director. Now I just need to check out the อาทิตย์-ก้องภพ episode as well, and then it's on to 2019 with Blacklist and many other interesting new shows. Happy holidays everyone!
  3. I'm a bit worried about how light-hearted the trailer for the Mork+Tee Our Skyy episode feels, complete with sound effects you'll typically hear on some other Thai shows. Hopefully they just decided to embellish the trailer a bit, and the actual episode does provide some real drama. The story seems a bit unoriginal, but it doesn't really matter since I'm just happy to see them back in these roles for one more episode. The quality of what was shown in the trailer looks good, and I'm very curious to see how Frank's acting compares now that there's a different director. Drake will obviously be flawless as always.
  4. Three of the main characters are gay, and so far (episodes 1 and 2) they're getting about equal screen time compared to the straight characters. While I was tempted to skip the rest of the show and just watch their scenes, I'm kinda enjoying all of the stories, and it's all intertwined so I don't want to miss out on anything. I definitely love seeing Singto in another gay role.
  5. GMMTV has added official english subtitles to episode 1 on their YouTube channel. Nice to see their continuing support for their international audience!
  6. It's on my list as well, along with a few more of the new series, and of course Blacklist because of Drake . It's too early for me to tell if I'll actually enjoy them, but they look interesting enough to follow and try a few episodes when they air. I already had a nice list of new shows coming in 2019, and these can potentially fill the remaining gaps:
  7. Awesome! I hope you'll share those photos here . I can't help you with all of the locations, but someone did find the hotel they used for Tee's apartment, the barber shop and the school's location. Check out the tweets I linked to in this post. Snow Town unfortunately closed down permanently on July 31st.
  8. For the first episode, I think the production quality was good, chemistry was great, acting mostly okay, but I'm not really into this season's main plot, at least what I've seen so far. Hopefully something more interesting happens later on (not just the conflict brewing at work, their co-workers annoy me already). Parents not accepting a gay relationship, while painful, shouldn't be that significant at this stage of their life as adults with actual jobs, living on their own. For now I'm more interested in the side stories. The Farm/Rit (ริท)/Bright side story is my favorite so far, and I look forward to finding out how that develops. I don't really expect Farm and Rit to still be together by the end of the season, but it would be a nice surprise twist if that did happen. I don't want poor Rit's heart to get crushed.
  9. Hmm interesting. Hopefully someone will find and post all the details. I only had time to watch part of the live stream on LINE TV, and only heard them announce the fan event and listened to some of the singing.
  10. The teaser and poster mention 5 stories, 5 couples, 5 episodes. I don't know how long the episodes will be, but I think they should be able to give them some meaningful content, provided they don't include 10-minute ice cream ads.
  11. Teaser for Our Skyy: The first episode will air on November 23 (Friday) at 20:00 on LINE TV, 5 episodes total. One episode per couple isn't very much, but I'll take what I can get!
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