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  1. I think we just need to keep pointing out his lies (I don’t know what else to call someone randomly saying things without any proof to support his strange agenda except fake commenters to support him - fake rumors?), shine the spotlight on his irrational obsession & inciting Shin Hye Sun fans to keep supporting her. Sadly these days a lie that goes uncontested can grow if not swiftly put out or pointed out. Maybe SHS’s team need to know this and maybe they can sue him. She has a lot of sponsors that will not be okay w this bs.
  2. I think it’s incredibly rude & lacking in basic social etiquette to bring up this actress who most people don’t even know for everything musical or Shin Hye sun related. There’s no way that many people know who she is & I wonder if he makes up those commenters the way he makes up unsubstantiated rumors. Based on what he said, “I was told Shin Hye Sun isn’t just playing a ballerina dating an angel, she is one.” See? Anything can be said by anyone. I’ve tried to ignore this person but he’s becoming a barnacle to our beloved SHS bc she was cast as lead in a show w his obsession playing the supporting villain.
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