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  1. I think we just need to keep pointing out his lies (I don’t know what else to call someone randomly saying things without any proof to support his strange agenda except fake commenters to support him - fake rumors?), shine the spotlight on his irrational obsession & inciting Shin Hye Sun fans to keep supporting her. Sadly these days a lie that goes uncontested can grow if not swiftly put out or pointed out. Maybe SHS’s team need to know this and maybe they can sue him. She has a lot of sponsors that will not be okay w this bs.
  2. I think it’s incredibly rude & lacking in basic social etiquette to bring up this actress who most people don’t even know for everything musical or Shin Hye sun related. There’s no way that many people know who she is & I wonder if he makes up those commenters the way he makes up unsubstantiated rumors. Based on what he said, “I was told Shin Hye Sun isn’t just playing a ballerina dating an angel, she is one.” See? Anything can be said by anyone. I’ve tried to ignore this person but he’s becoming a barnacle to our beloved SHS bc she was cast as lead in a show w his obsession playing the supporting villain.
  3. If I could I would quote ALL of you!!!! I second, third, fourth and more everything everyone wrote! I have been so wrong about most of my predictions about this show and was scared to even write down my wish list from my previous post fearing I would be wrong once again. I was dreading that they weren't going to end this show properly since they didn't end it properly with the episode counts. that after all the searching for uncle, he's dead! Waaaaaaaa . I would have rather he was in prison b/c he made risky choices in desperation to save her and the one still managing to pay for her bills, but that message about not drinking and driving was an important one. I just wished there was a way to reunite them both ALIVE to make a true pure happy ending. My only still is that to the end poor Hyung Tai was left out. I should have written that I also wanted Hyung Tai and Jennifer to end up together in my previous post since almost everything else in that post came true amazingly given my bad track record. Jennifer and Hyung Tai are both so sweet and single overcoming heartbreak. What better way to heal than dating a kind thoughtful person who's very attractive? They would make a gorgeous couple inside and out. If anyone likes writing fan fiction, this would be daebak to read! Seo Ri playing violin on "stage" again Seo Ri married to Woo Jin Beach scene was date not ending That scene of them at the skylight window in their matching robes and wedding rings was way better than the raspberry kiss I was hoping for to show their full circle moment. I will always wish this show lasted 8 more episodes, but at least the ending is as sweet and hopeful as this entire show has been. Sorry SBS didn't treat your properly or value you as the international gem you are 30b17. Great job 3017 team! Great job Shin Hye Sun and Yang Se Jong! I am so amazed at their acting and utter sweetness together. Thanks everyone on this board for all your interesting takes, pictures, gifs and information.
  4. I loved those parts as well. Though I am still bitter at the cut episodes, I have come to the acceptance stage of my grief at this show ending much sooner than expected. I just wished those main couple romantic moments were longer and that most of ep 29-30 weren't spent on childhood flashbacks and Chan's date or finding uncle. All those stories would have been ok with just 1/4 of those scenes. Really, we want to see chan and Seo Ri using the rowing machines over Seo Ri on a date with Woo Jin?. Agree, @Ni Wen. It's weird that the OTP hasn't had a proper date yet. As much as I love Chan, I don't love the amount of time he got to spend with Seo Ri that took away from time Woo Jin should have spent with her on screen. I don't mind any of those scenes if there were more episodes, but to cut that many episode and not feature the main couple time together after all the pain and separation with some beautiful lovey dovey dates and not just a few seconds here and there just makes me feel this way at whoever has caused this situation at SBS and for the writer and PD to not understand what most of the audience truly wants and prioritize giving it to the audience to make it up to us for cutting so many episodes of their show. The beach scene is definitely sweet as date scene, but as the ending of them just watching the moon together and we don't either get a wedding, Seo Ri fulfilling her dreams or children as some others have wished for, I would be disappointed as well. Let's hope this show that is so full of hope and joy end on the same note and not just a meh whatever thanks for giving us a snack when we were hungry for a meal kind of feeling. I would have also loved to see Woo Jin wake Seo Ri up with one of his Chan raspberry kisses and this time he actually meant it for her, but modified to be more flirty and less blowing raspberries to show the full circle of how they met as adults to where they are now in their relationship.
  5. Anyone who reads Korean who can tell us what they are saying? Maybe an uprising to make SBS rethink their poor choices? This show went from this to this in a matter of minutes and it's given me emotional whiplash. I feel as bad as the characters feel for all their devastating revelations. Hyung Tae, to be treated as a stranger and find out his only love for his entire life who he waited for 13 years for, now treats him like a stranger and is the GF of another guy she just met a few months ago? Though I love the OTP, that's a very cruel treatment of HT by the writer. I hurt for him the character and the real life actor the most in this episode. He deserved more airtime and better treatment as both the real person and the character. Both scenes match my real emotions regarding this show today as well. I feel like Seo Ri right now, though of course finding out your best friend died is not the same as finding out your favorite show got cut and will end very abruptly soon. However, finding out that my favorite show has suddenly been mishandled and treated so unjustly by SBS is very devastating and upsetting. They were given a hit and all they had to do was not mess it up, but first cutting this show for some random sporting events and now they are permanently cutting a whole bunch of episodes and it's for Shin Hye Sun's other drama special? That's too soon to jump from one character and OTP to another in one week for the audience and so unfair to Shin Hye Sun because that means both shows will suffer as a result. SBS had ratings and hot topic discussions gold with 30 but 17 and this is how they treat it? I am beyond sad, upset, frustrated... This show usually leaves me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside but this is the first time I feel so drained and sad - and it's not even the show's fault. This was too much to take in all at once.
  6. First thing out of my mouth too was, "Finally!" Also, finally we will more screen time of handsome and kind Dr. Kim. More funny Woo Jin jealousy.
  7. I also think also that it would take away from the emotional tug of the story to have the mystery man be the driver. It's much more compelling if it's her uncle who sacrificed so much for so long for her while in hiding from the law or some sort of trouble, but he loved her so much that he did it anyways. Whereas if it's just the truck driver, it's kind hearted of the man, but because we are not invested in him and know nothing of him besides he liked that singing while driving, it's not going to be as emotionally satisfying as a viewer if he's the mystery man. Plus that would make way to many Kims in one story that are not connected - Seo Ri's friend, rival, uncle, Jennifer's husband, and now truck driver all Kims in one story and a comedy writer fails to make it a running gag? That's about 1/3 of the cast. No, that's too much wasted comedy gold. Real Korea might have that many Kims, but K-drama Korea does not without reason. Plus they made it such a huge point in the story to tell Seo Ri then Woo Jin that only family can look for family at the police station and I'm assuming that's a police officer the uncle placed the missing person report with. I couldn't figure out if he was a Private investigator or a police detective. At one point I even thought maybe it was her father who survived his terrible accident and because someone wanted him dead, he had to stay in hiding to protect his daughter and it would make sense that he did all this for her. Yeah, the mysteries and misconnections have gone on way too long without much progress. This writer did that w/ her last show, She was pretty, but there the mystery was not integral to the plot, knowing who the random best selling mystery writer was or the president's son was a fun small side gag and random mystery, but not knowing what happened to Jennifer, Seo Ri's family, who's paid for her hospital stay, not seeing our hot sweet neurosurgeon on screen with Seo Ri yet at this late date is starting to be too much. Now we have Chan's mystery ailment to add to it. Too many mysteries with too little plot progress is the only true weak point of this otherwise lovely story.
  8. I saw all the comments below the article talking about the ratings taking a hit so I looked them up and both SBS shows took big dips and their competitions all had their highest ratings. Why would they do this over volleyball and I used to play volleyball, but the seats are almost half empty at the actual Asian games, who is going to watch it on TV? Then I went to Viki to watch old episodes and the ratings there took a huge dive as well. It went from 9,8, one of the highest to 8,8. Not because people don't love it but a bunch of really terrible people used the ratings to complain about the show being cut off in their territory. What the heck is going on? Remember when someone posted a Viki link to request they buy rts to 30 but 17? How do we request they delete ratings about their site not showing the show in certain countries or areas that is being posted as ratings for our beloved show? Which has caused an inaccurate and very low rating. I hope there is a way to delete the actual math effect of these people destroying the show they liked so much to complain about not getting it in their territory but in a cruel way that will prevent other people from ever seeing such a great show by destroying the show's high rating. Which then pushes the show off the front page of Viki where all the high rated shows go and to the way back pages where mediocre to bad rated shows go, at least 10 pages or literally hundreds of shows back whereas with their true rating 9,8 from just a week or so ago, they were a top 5 highest rated Viki show of all time. Both the foolish decisions of some people from both problems above might seriously affect how our leads are seen as being able to get the big ratings and their ability to get top shows in the future. This show was written and directed by top people and I want that again for them and for someone like Shin Hye Sun who is not your typical female lead it might affect her negatively the most. I know she will always get jobs because she's so talented but she hasn't always gotten the opportunity to star in top projects ever before this show. Her last hit show was a weekend show and due to no one else wanting to star alongside a scandal ridden co-star. I really enjoy her as a lead on a weeknight show because I get to see so much more of her. Whaaaaat? I'm glad we're getting this info now, but this is seriously the most depressing day of news about such a great and happy show. How can a show that is so loved and was doing so well ratings wise on air and on websites get such bad blows all of a sudden? Any good organizers out there who know what we can do about all of this? I am not emotionally ready to lose 8 (35 min) episodes! Not for such a great show like this.
  9. Hahaha. I looked up Seo Ri meaning and this is what I found. https://sg.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20070324171927AAFeAje&guccounter=1 Was it auto translate just always changed Seo Ri to "the frost" and everyone was calling calling her by her proper name in posts and articles in Korean? It confused me because everyone else's name remained their proper name in translation like Woojin.
  10. Thanks for the definition. I think the bus crescendo might have been about WJ as well. There have been hints that they have met before and she likes him back then as well. Maybe that's why 30but17 SR likes WJ so much despite him being rude to her at first, that initial attraction was still there. The reason I don't think it could be the day of her husband's funeral because that would mean it was after the accident had happened for a few days or the next day since Korean funerals happen pretty quickly. She bumped into SR's uncle and he seemed to be acting normal. His niece is in a coma and he showed no signs of distress? Kdramas would not let him act like nothing happened if by then something had happened to his niece. However, it will be interesting to find out why Jennifer was so upset and what was the deal with the uncle and library. She wrote "...the frost was crying..." I keep reading that SR is called "the frost" and I have no idea why Koreans keep calling her character that. Is that what they call people who were in comas? I hope not. Why would they call a teen that? Wouldn't it make more sense to call her spring flower or something that better represent youth? Does anyone know why she's called that? They do have the best and most satisfying chemistry of her fledgling leading career. It's hard to get much screen time to show much romantic chemistry as a support cast member. I hope this is just the beginning of many more great pairings. I have never hated sports as much as I do tonight.
  11. Interesting theory, that sounds much too twisted for this show considering they are supporting characters. However, I will give you big props if you turn out to be right. Libraries unless they are private tend to be government run and that one seems way too big and official to be private. Maybe Jennifer took refuge there during her painful time which explains her encyclopedia like knowledge on everything. Books and quotes may have kept her going during her darkest hours.
  12. I agree all those Kim Taes are not random coincidences by the writer. I accidentally wrote Hyung Tae for Tae Jin a couple of times in my original post, but have now fixed it. Thanks for the screen shot and theory of the pink cab lady. You could be right about pink dress cab lady being Jennifer, but writers don't generally have flashbacks of two rainy days that are from two different days unless it was a theme of the show. The rainy day for this show has come to mean the bus accident day and it would be too confusing to make two rainy scenes of two different days because that would water down the bus accident meaning of the rainy day. Her uncle being in that scene with Jennifer goes along with Seo Ri calling her aunt on that day saying he was in Korea and not Japan like they had thought. I agree and think the same that was why I said it does not rule him out as her husband just because they have different last names.
  13. That's a lot of Kims in one Korean drama. Usually siblings and relatives share a middle or other name besides the last name. Like Seo Ri's mom and her brother, Seo Ri's uncle also share Hyun. If you look up the meaning of Hyun, it means "mysterious." Both Seo Ri's parents and her uncle and aunt have Hyun in their names. Clearly the uncle's and aunt's disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries of this show. However, I think it's also the writer's way of saying her parents' death is also a mystery and not as straightforward as it seems. Usually writers put a lot of thought into their characters' names. So why does the dead man share familial like similar names with Seo Ri's rival? Their names even rhymes that usually reserved for siblings and children's names similar to their parents. We've only seen Tae Rin's mom, not her dad. The dead man by name seems more likely to be related to Tae Rin than Jennifer's Korean name. Kim Hyung Tae also shares the Tae with Tae Rin and they both have the same last name which leads me to believe they're siblings. If the dead man is Hyung Tae's father then that makes his story even more tragic and we need him to be onscreen more so we can find out more about his story. He deserves much better considering how long he was looking after Seo Ri. It makes more sense that Hyung Tae would hear that his father died or was hurt and he ran to the hospital than if his friend was hurt because during the immediate aftermath of such a chaotic, huge, and devastating accident, only immediate families would be notified. Yellow shoes called Jennifer, "Hwang Mi Jung" which doesn't share the last name with Kim Tae Jin. Though that alone doesn't rule out that he was her husband. The theory that her husband died and the stress caused her to lose her baby makes sense because Seo Ri's uncle and Jennifer met on a rainy day and the bus accident happened on a rainy day. She could have just found out her husband died. Someone speculated that the woman who rushed out from the cab wearing pink could have been Jennifer. Yet Jennifer was wearing black in that flashback on that rainy day. Yet black is too soon to be worn if she just found out her husband died in that devastated moment in the rain to already be wearing black to mourn him. So many contradicting clues. I can only compare clues because I am still overall clueless about Jennifer at this point. Everyone's speculations make the show even more interesting. What does everyone else think?
  14. Here are trailers by Kocowa with English subs on their YT, IG, and main sites. Both Kocowa and Viki will also air this show. As of right now it seems the Korean title is "Thirty but Seventeen" and the International title is "Still 17" which is why SBS & Viki have the former title and Kocowa has the latter on their websites. Don't forget to sign into these websites and like this drama to show them love, especially at SBS, the boss of this show. SBS's IG isn't showing this trailer yet, maybe we should request it until they post it. However, we can like other posts on SBS's IG about this show. This particular trailer has hit a nerve and has already been viewed about half a million times on IG accounts all over the world in just these past couple of days. https://www.instagram.com/sbsnow_insta/
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