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  1. It's really touch to me http://Pyo Ye Jin Shares Touching Stories About Park Min Young From "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" Set: https://www.soompi.com/2018/08/15/pyo-ye-jin-shares-touching-stories-park-min-young-whats-wrong-secretary-kim-set/
  2. I just searched naver map exactly is 616 meters. Both of them live in luxury villas and extreme security
  3. GUYS!! I really crying when i watch the wedding scene I don't know why am i crying but it is definitely a tear of happiness I will miss them sooooo much. What should I do????
  4. Oh mannn, I saw the weibo comparative video appear on IG. Damn it. It was posted 2 days ago. Did we say that only private sharing? Why is it public? The person who posted it even hashtag the other couple in the clip and a ship war has happened in there. I think that also the reason why there some haters commented bash MY in SJ's IG. Grrrr...guy! If you are in this forum or reading it I hope you will delete it. Today is the last episode, let it pass peace and happiness
  5. I never thought we would see a picture like this (MY on SJ's instagram, and vice versa) what does it mean??? Should we be happy or sad? LOLLLLL
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