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  1. @radianttreasure Thanks a lot @ForgottenSoulx Yes, ofcoz i dont mind Tagon to be gone.. But Saya.. i can only hope as he is also one of the three heavenly bodies. Regarding Taelha, in the synopsis, it is mentioned that she is the first empress, but it is also mentioned that she is from neonthal race which may not be correct... so may be they are confusing us in the name of synopsis
  2. Hi All, This is my first post in this forum, though i have read all the post in this forum. After yesterday's episode, i had to make this post. I have a two theory in my head, 1) What happens if the history repeats, both the so called "father" (Tagon) and "son" (Saya) falls in love with same girl (Tanya) like Sanung Niruha, Tagon and Tealha respectively. 2) As someone pointed before in the thread, if Enseom can see the the other's twins's world, so does the other. What happen, if Saya has seen the Ensoem' world, Tanya, and fallen in love with her.. I really really hope the main OTP will have a happy ending, and no will die and i will not get a SLS. And a request is it possible anyone to translate the above chart ?? I am very curious....
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