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  1. Yey! Fifth brother is there! Hahaha I wonder if his relationship with Zheyan will be more defined in piklow book.drama haha. Dai si might be really playing Jiheng..huhu I like her...but I don't like Jiheng... Reba is ninja.. the above pic. It doesn't seem like her. The forehead of the one on the photo is more protruding.
  2. Maybe they will come back.. and hopefully we can see Reba in it and guess what scene are they filming hahahah. I hope to see the little Dough with FJ too. Their interaction was always funny. He is like a male FJ..
  3. We can create a discord channel for shipping discussion.. so any news will be easily received since discord works like a messenger. I'd welcome any shipping discussion too. It's better to discuss about it elsewhere so we won't grt out of topic here haha. What's the translation of Weiguang's video? I don't speak and can't understand chinese T_T thank you
  4. @TVN thanks! I was afraid I won't be able to watch it and wait for it to be uploaded in yt with sub. Ahh yeh, so FJ was wearing white when they viewed the yuelling flowers in Aranya's dream.. It's good that the drama hasn't started but we're already on page 15.. thanks to those who are giving updates, this relieves my longing for DH and FJ and since I don't watch anythinf right now. Eternal love was the very first drama I've watched.. Maybe we could have a private place to discuss this ship.. maybe a discord haha.. since that thread is dead
  5. If that scene was the boat scene where FJ kissed DH then it's almost the end scene, it's at the holy blue sea...but I thoughy his house was a stone palace not a cave T_T Unless they'll add another scene wherr FJ kissed DH and it's in the boat too.. maybe in Fanyin Valley or Aranya's dream.. Hahah yeah, we are like detectives. Just guessing what they're filming because of those pics. It's fun tho.. we have something to do before the drama airs. I really hope they won't alter much scenes from the book bec it's alrrady perfection minus the unconscious FJ in the end when her husband and child reunites.
  6. Those pics with red square was said to be Weiguang and Reba and maybe Reba filmed for a short while because she was so busy. Vengo is free because he already wrapped up everything unless he has a new schedule added. What other plots are circulating around weibo? Me too! I'm scared if they changed thr plot. I's rather have them continue from Eternal love OR follow the pillow book. If they were going from Eternal love, they could just make DH find a way to create a fate for him and FJ, he managed to erase his name, he could write it again albeit with some sacrifices. Or just the same with the book, Aranya and Cheb Ye's unifinished fate will create a destiny for them . Although, I hope they won't make FJ always chasing and crying after DH just like in Eternal love. But I would love it even more if they will just follow the book ♡ iT was perfection, even if the ending was sort of a cliffhanger, it was still great. I will still support this drama no matter what.. but where can I watch this once it airs? Viki is not available in my country :((((
  7. Maybe.. it's the yuelling flowers but FJ was wearing white in that pictures. In aranya's dream, she was mostlt wearing red.. but You could be right, thr pink flowere might be the yuelling flowers.. I'm confused because accdg to tieba, it was a fuling flower not yuelling.. this is confusing hhahaha they are so ninja! Maybe if they don't have dramas airing right now, we could have some official news haha
  8. Agree.. Vengo and Reba are more careful now. They were closer before... I remember a bts from eternal love, Vengo said Dilraba is not light, she is not heavy either and Reba heard him and Vengo was like, "Hey yo what's up baby?".. but the word baby wasn't heard, you judt have to guess it from thr movemebt of his mouth. He liked teasing Reba a lot in older days. Their closeness is one of the reasons why their chemistry is great and they were able to give justice to DH and FJ's characters.
  9. Reba is a freakin ninja.. no leaked pics! O.O Finally, Reba's wish came true. She and Weiguang had been paired up a lot of times but she was the always to chase after him.. she wished next time it's Weiguang's character to chase her.. And Weiguang too, he said they've been paired up several times but it seems like their character don't end up together. I can't wait for this drama! Pillow book is supposed to be funnier. And based from those photos, it seems like it's in Qing Qiu... what the h is DH doing in Qing Qiu? In the book, he didn't go there excpt for the talk with the elders.. or it could be in Aranya's dream.. they have a scene inside a cave after DH killed the water serpent, DH kissed FJ thoroughly inside that cave haha
  10. I think that pic from facebook were just the double.. Weiguang is taller and when he and Reba are together, Reba is a lot smaller. That pic, the height difference is not much.. but tha k you for the pic.. they were still DH and FJ even if they were just double <3 ♡ or I could be wrong, they could be the legit DH and FJ ♡♡♡
  11. In the book, there was an emperor song.. maybe it was what Weiguang will play.. or are they going to make him play as Qing ti? Or they tweaked the mortal world scene and make DH reincarnate as crown prince that FJ will have to pay her life debt... As what i've mentioned here before, I've read on the internet the description of this drama, it has 50 plus episodes and the plot goes like this, FJ is pampered being the only grand daughter of the fox king, she loves to throw tantrums etc.. DH saved her and she couldn't forget DH so she became a maid and a pet for him but DH does not know about love. In order to protect her, he sent her to the mortal world but she died together with the guardian he sent with her. While waiting for the fruit to let her be reborn, FJ entered the realm of a ghost princess(Aranya). Don't know if this id legit tho
  12. Oh.. and we haven't got a glimpse of the filming ceremony I hope they'll show it belatedly..I hope Reba was there too.. Uhm.. what do they usually do in a filming ceremony? Thank you and sorry for being noob..
  13. I hope in this drama they will stick to the book and not add any unnecessary tweakinf of their love story and I hope FJ will have more moments with DH when she's awake and is in their DH and FJ persona. Reba is soooo busyy! Weiguang has already started filming and photo taking for posters/promotion but we've yet to see Reba in any of those leaked photos T_T I hope that filiming for a dance reality show she'll only be a guest, so she will have to only film for a few days. Usually, when do we get the filming ceremony for a C Drama? During the start of filmi g/shooting or before the show starts? Thank you.. I'm kinda new in C drama. Reba is the first chinese actress I like...
  14. Me too! I love the DongFeng couple more than YHBQ.. I was a fan of Reba and watched TMOPB because of her, didn't know any of the casts. Then I fell in love with the stone-faced Dijun....I was so sad about their ending and I've seen on YT comments that they have their own book so I read it.. and I love it even more. Didn't know DH was that shameless haha his approach were brutal although he had good intention. The saying "the end justifies the means" apply to him. They are sooo opposite! I wish they will be loyal to the book and keep all if not most of the significant events between those two like kicking the flower pot, taking a bath at the hot spring, when she turned into a handkerchief, also their *cough* love scene and also when FJ seduced DH because she was under a love potion or was it aphrodisiac? because it was funny, she was soo innocent xD
  15. Reba and Weiguang are epitome of perfection! DH is hot and FJ is adorable. DH is ol, FJ is young.. according to the book she is still essentially a child. DH pedo much hahah. DH is powerful FJ is lazy and still young so hrr cultivation is not that high so her magic is somewhat paltry. DH is supposed to be stone-faced and FJ is funny.. Seeing them in one frame(if ithe one with mask is Reba) makes me giddy.. They look so adorable :3