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  1. @40somethingahjumma I so agree I won't watch anymore C dramas I'm done unless it looks so good then I'll go to the ending to see if there is an ending before I will watch it because I am so angry over the ending to pretty man that if there's not a second season I will never again want to Cdrama I will stick with the K and the J and the other dramas and still watch the ending before I even watch the ****** beginning so I don't get wrapped in trapped in another one I can't believe I watch 28 episodes with no conclusion and that's the same thing they did with I love my president even though he's a psycho and Skip Beat!! I should have learned from those but now I did and now I will not watch another C drama without viewing the ending to make sure there is a freaking ending and that's exactly what I did with the one I'm watching now Only Side by Side with You! Yes I actually view the ending to make sure there was one before I started watching the drama although it's really ticking me off and I really don't like this character's personality and I hope it gets better because right now he is ticking me off so bad and I'm on episode 5. And I don't review dramas unless I am really ticked off about something or I really really love the drama those are the only two times that I review a drama
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