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  1. Was hoping they’d make it for the long haul but either way wish them both and their son the best. It seems to be so hard to maintain a relationship in the Asian entertainment industry when they have to maintain such high tempo work schedules. You hardly get to spend the time to really grow the relationship and having a child too. I remember Eugene (SES) in an interview talked about how they try to make it work with the agreement that her and her husband would not take on work at the same time but instead took turns which meant that sometimes one would sacrifice a really good role because it wa
  2. Credit Hunan TV YouTube LingYi and Shiyi-niang had a Mr & Mrs. Smith (Mr & Mrs Xu) themed entrance. This is a funny variety show. Awesome way to close out Sword and Brocade.
  3. It’s funny how bearing children is the cause of having multiple wives. My great-uncle has two wives and together they all have about 9 children to include the oldest that is adopted. They were having trouble conceiving and a fortune teller told them he needed to get a second wife to bear children...then after getting the “concubine”, both wives started getting pregnant. Luckily they all live together harmoniously. I agree that LingYi has always had Concubine Qiao’s number. He actually knew how she was before the whole incident happened because there were previous occasions on he
  4. @ck1Oz Happy Camp is a Chinese variety show. A lot of actors go on there sometimes while their drama is airing or right when it’s finished. Their games/challenges are funny. If you click on the first video, you’ll get a spoiler of the upcoming episode with Wallace and Seven. Zhang Zhe Han and Simon Gong from Word of Honor was on last week’s Happy Camp episode.
  5. @PPB The overall shock his character went into over learning of his family’s true nature got to me too which made me glad he realized in the last episode that Xu LingYi was the right one for Shiyi-niang because LingYi’s decisive and never hesitates to protect Shiyi-niang. His character was indecisive because all of a sudden he had this huge weight on his shoulders which was the fate of the entire Ou family. I guess I expected more of his character because he was so independent, going off on his own and making his own money/business using an alias. Not necessarily choose Shiyi-niang over his fa
  6. Yes it was heart wrenching to listen to their conversation in the jail cell. They came such a long way and everything they’ve been through had brought them to a great love that neither had expected in their lifetime. Wallace and Seven were superb in all their scenes displaying their emotions through their facial expressions and expressive eyes. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s final subbed episode.
  7. I know we’ve talked about Ou YanXing’s aloofness to his family dealings but he clearly knows how deep the feud is between the Ou and Xu family. He also knows how his brother died and that his father is furious. Did the writers really have to make his character that oblivious? He knows Shiyi-niang’s character and so she was probably framed but umm...hello, your family is her only enemy capable of being thorough in framing someone. Okay...rant over Now that he knows, he must choose between Ou family and Shiyi-niang’s life/innocence. What a father to put that on your son right after you finall
  8. @ck1Oz Wallace gets good comments about his roles and his kissing/romantic scenes but the dramas sometimes get bad or mixed reviews either due to his co-stars or the draggy lengths with Wallace sometimes carrying the show. I couldn’t take 62 episodes of General and I so FFW a lot but want a few more episodes of Sword and Brocade...lol. People in MDL are anticipating his reunion with his Too Late to Say I Love You lead. My only thing with Wallace and modern dramas is sometimes his styling; in my opinion he’s much better looking when his hair is short without the longer swept-away bangs that so
  9. @PPB ..I read some YouTube comments about how the audience was waiting for the ep35 kissing scene because Wallace Chung is known to be a good onscreen kisser...I guess General and I really showcases it.
  10. @ck1Oz I’ve found it really hard to impart culture when you’re in a mixed and fluid environment so I don’t force it with my daughter even though my mom keeps getting onto me about it. I notice that for family hierarchy in these historical dramas, the siblings literally just go by numbers...lol...i.e. Er-niang (2nd Miss), Wu-niang (5th Miss...even though they spelled it with a W)...so they’re missing some siblings. I find this similar in some Asian cultures. Regarding Go Ahead and other dramas where the male leads are young, I try to not think about the age of the actor playing the character b
  11. @ck1Oz I love Boss and Me and rewatch it every now and then. It was the drama that got me back into watching C-dramas and then I ventured into K-dramas with Oh My Venus, Moon Embracing the Sun and What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim (can rewatch these often when bored). Historical dramas like Sword and Brocade and Story of Minglan are my cup of tea although I do enjoy the occasional Idol costume drama. I’m a big fan of Jane Austen type of stories with an occasional “Bridgerton” thrown in to spice it up if it’s told well. Saw a few clips of Seven Tan’s previous drama Go Ahead on YouTube...OMG...lo
  12. Both the Luo sisters are plot drivers I guess...since they will both be used by the Ou family in their feud/revenge. Er-niang is the sole legal daughter-in-law of Duke Mao (elder Wang). Her marriage to the abusive Wang heir was in exchange for Zhun-ge’s betrothal to the Jiang family. The Wang heir’s older sister is the young Jiang Matron and she basically used her married family’s position to find a way to get a wife for her spoiled brother (everyone knew his reputation and so it was hard for them to get him a wife from a reputable family regardless of their noble title). She lost her baby w
  13. Sometimes I get so confused with the timeline. Haven’t they only been married for a little over a year at most? But they said in ep40, “married for many years and she still not pregnant” as the excuse for another concubine; albeit no one except the close servants really knew that they hadn’t consummated until after the death of Luo Tai-tai. So wife/concubine count for our beloved Huo-ye (noble in his late 20’s): 1. Yuanniang...poisoned 2. Shiyi-niang...almost beheaded...but last one standing (true love)...end game 1. Qin Yiniang...Ou family spy...poisoned
  14. I was hoping for a longer prego scene. I love watching scenes where the ML is protective and excited when finding out their loved one is prego. Looks like they left out their first born (son) from the novel too.
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