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  1. I thought that was the Wang official, Aunty Kang’s brother who brought up the fake charges against GTY in court.
  2. It looked like Official Wang was one of the guys chained up heading for prison or exile? Old Madame Wang probably got something similar to ED due to her late husband’s merits but the usefulness of the former Imperial Tutor’s merits have now been exhausted. All of the enemies have been taken care of. Even Molan, who has no love from her husband and no children which is one of the worst fates for a main wife (drama gave her punishment for killing the concubines’ babies unlike novel where she kind of got away with it, had kids and was treated kindly by her husband since she was generous with letting him have concubines). Love the loyalty and trust between GTY and his General buddies, Prince, and Emperor. Their closeness is always emphasized by the Imperial family’s use of GTY’s nickname Zhonghuai just like CB. QH finally walking next to his wife and taking her hands instead of walking ahead of her like before. Glad he got a more affectionate ending. lots of squeals for ST and XT with their cuteness. And the Shengs are finally a family, still dysfunctional in their own way but now one family instead of competing parts. They need to do an epilogue of all of them with their children, including General Shen and Madame Zhang’s family.
  3. I can see why the ED would attack ML. Like the others, ED is also a suspicious strategist. It’s a little suspicious that some of the best Generals just disappeared, presumed dead? She would take advantage of the opportunity to take complete control and displace the Emperor but also attack the GTY & company’s weak points, their wives (Madame Zhang was also preparing just in case). If those Generals happened to survive and return, they would be destroyed by the loss of their loved ones. The Stepmom takes advantage and facilitates the attack by letting the enemy in. Waiting for all the subbed episodes so I can fully understand everything.
  4. I wonder if ED was attacking because she was suspecting something since the Emperor didn’t force ML and crew out of Cheng Garden? She’s cruel/crazy enough to attack Rong’er and try to kill an innocent baby. Glad this trailer showed Momo get her with the club. Love that we get to see QH mature and finally start looking at his wife. They may have a more affectionate relationship than in the novel. Need to see the subbed version for better understanding but someone on YouTube said that the baby party was their idea for luring out whoever was trying to poison ML?? Don’t know if it’s right. And docile Yanran actually bosses her husband around
  5. I know understand what would normally happen to property of convicted criminals but from all the dramas I’ve seen, property seiners of the nobility is at the whim of the Emperor. I haven’t seen the subbed version so I don’t know if the seizure of property was mentioned. Was the Marquis title abolished or was it just that GTY was stripped of the title? If it was just him being stripped of the title then third brother (not sure about GTY’s son) could at a later time possibly inherit the title in which case, I can see why the Gu manor was not confiscated yet and I thought Chen Garden and Gu Manor were kind of merged.
  6. To me, I can see why they added more to Aunty Kang storyline and switched from MN to Aunty Kang in the attack/fire part. They cut out GTY’s first wife that was in the novel. Her death played a large role in the deaths of Third Gu brother’s family and Stepmom’s downfall (first wife’s family got revenge after finding out Stepmom was behind first wife’s death). Without her, they used the collaboration between Stepmom and Aunty Kang so it may be the Wangs (instead of Yu’s in the novel) that gets revenge on Stepmom when they realize the truth that it was her that used Aunt Kang and got her killed. Not having the first wife also brought about the earlier death of GTY’s illegitimate son since he couldn’t be used like in the novel (attempted adoption under dead first wife’s name by her family). So I saw all this as a way to tie up some of those loose ends. It’s just hard to watch all those baddies banding together but if GTY going away is a plan to flush out ED’s rebellion, I can see all this public display being allowed to play out as a way to hush the critics since it is full disclosure on why GTY should be allowed to split up the branches of the family. MN returning, on the other hand is overkill and should have been cut. I get that there are probably better ways to do it but there’s not many episodes left to do it in. Either way I am enjoying this drama
  7. Yeah. I think he did all that blustering about GTY to trick the Gueifei knowing that she’s been working for ED. The Who prison thing has to be part of a bigger plan. In that BTS, it looked like ML was also there on the sidelines with the Emperor and GTY.
  8. Uh...she can go to one of the farmsteads for being Stepmom’s spy since the roof is only leaking because of the fire set by her fellow minions of Stepmom. I get she really didn’t have a choice but at least if she goes to one of the farmsteads, she can live peacefully under a solid roof? It’s not like her status will ever change in the Fu.
  9. @sava2sava Are you talking about GTY?? GTY only fathered Rong’er and Chang’er by Maniang. Chang’er died and Rong’er has been cared for and treated like her own daughter by ML since their marriage. GTY doesn’t father anymore children out of wedlock...just 4 sons by ML (in novel). In novel spoilers they described first two sons. Oldest son seems is like GTY and second son seems scholarly like CB, I think.
  10. Happy New Year Everyone!! Best wishes for good fortune and good health!! Xīnchūn kuàilè Gong Xi Fa Cai!! Xīnxiǎng shì chéng
  11. Based on the novel spoilers, GTY’s father only had three wives but because of the short timeframe between wives and that it all happened outside the capital people thought the the third wife was the same as the first wife and that all the sons were hers. I guess people thought this because Elder Gu Marquis left the capital with a wife who’s last name was Qin and still returned with a wife with the same last name so they didn’t realize that Big Gu Madame was actually a different Qin daughter or that there had been a Bai daughter in between the two Qin daughters. I got a little confused at first too. I think the drama did a good job of including all the wives. Also I meant that Big Gu Madame had been planning and scheming for at least twenty years or so since GTY is over twenty years old and GTY was very young when she married into the family. Living that way for that long and things not working out as planned could drive a lot of people crazy.
  12. I agree that all the characters are grey and you can see that they are all shaped by circumstances in their lives. In my opinion, the only truly evil character in this drama is Aunt Kang. I only say this because she literally plays with the lives of everyone around her like they’re her play things to do with as she pleases. I get that as the main wife, she can pretty much do mostly whatever she wants with the concubines and Shu children in her household but everything she has done has been beyond cruel. Sending in a Shu daughter to purposely die so she can use her death to manipulate others is crazy. Stepmom comes close in the game of manipulation but Aunt Kang beats them all. I think maybe this is why I don’t watch a lot of palace dramas since it seems like making servants and unfavored children go on suicide missions is usually a norm in those types of dramas.
  13. It was exactly these societal rules that kept him from being able to directly draw that line. Remember, to the outside world, the Stepmom is virtuous and GTY is the bad son. In fact, the Emperor purposely gave GTY a manor that was right next door to the Gu manor because he wanted GTY to reconcile with his family for propriety’s sake since GTY is now a high official. The fact that GTY and ML already in a round about way ignore Stepmom has already been seen as unfilial, especially before the walls went down and the two majors were joined. They have to bide their time until there’s a hole in Stepmom’s facade in order to legally separate the Gu household since separating a Noble household was a matter that had to be approved by court. As sad as it is, the fire and stuff was the ammunition they needed to be able to get approval as well as the Stepmom’s exposure. GTY is very lucky that ML is level headed and intelligent since she understands some of these nuances better than GTY sometimes.
  14. @doubleicon ...the system automatically replaces curse words with “Richard Simmons” or something like that. I had the same reaction until someone on here explained it. If anyone’s watched the argument between Aunt Kang and her husband, please explain what happened with their Shu daughter. From the way it sounded, the Shu daughter didn’t become a concubine like Aunt Kang planned.
  15. I can’t remember the backstory but it probably started off as Stepmom was sent there for her sister’s child. But for some reason, I have this feeling that by that time, she was already plotting everything to become the Marchioness and have her own children inherit. By the time old Marquis marries again, his family’s already rolling in the money brought by GTY’s mom. In the drama, they explained that GTY’s mother’s existence was kind of swept aside because of her merchant background. In the novel spoilers people didn’t even realize she existed at all. credit: copied & paste from Adnana from novel spoilers GTY is over 20 years old so she took a long time planning and scheming just to get an inheritance for her son. It’s no wonder she goes crazy. She’s lived most of her life in a game of manipulations. After seeing the Wang matriarch (Da Niang/Aunt Kang’s mother) and brother, it’s no wonder Da Niang and Aunt Kang turned out the way they did. I think they are a family of scholars and officials?? And in that scene, they’re still very hauty talking down to ML even though she’s got a higher status than them. They need to be taken down a couple notches for constantly covering up Aunt Kang’s crimes.
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