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  1. Yay High five Hye Sun is amazing as always. And Se Jong is also doing great as Mr. Gong. His character is really unique
  2. I watched High School King of Savvy a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. That was crazy ride but as soon as I accepted that it is supposed to be like that, watching it became fun. Honestly many dramas don't portray real life which is sad. I always laugh when someone who is supposed to be poor has new outfit everyday and expensive smartphone. Anyway, people still somehow enjoy watching it. And that's fine. Because either you accept the rules of the world created in the drama or you can just watch sth else. I actually quit some shows because of that. Still 17 is definitely sweet and fluffy. Even I questioned why they didn't think that there is sth wrong with Seo Ri (aka she acts like a teenage girl) and why they didn't ask her what in the world has happened to her. The ID thing is also badly played. It's true that they should focus more on such things so that it would look more believable to viewers. The show has its flaws but for now I enjoy it. However I am also upset about Wang Ji Won's character. I wanted Kim Tae Rin to be a friend or a mentor to Seo Ri. Why would such a great and well-regarded artist who is going to be a professor be afraid to some unknown woman who was practically dead for the world for 13 years? It ridiculous. On the lighter note, I like that Seo Ri is not afraid to say what's on her mind. Like when she confronted Mr. Gong after he had given her the cold shoulder. You go girl! Chan, you poor boy, be ready for a heartbreak because your ahjumma probably likes your uncle. Also, Kim Hyeung Tae, try harder to find your first love. @Ni Wen I am Hye Sun's fan And it's my first drama with Se Jong. I have watched Queen of The Ring with Hyo Seop
  3. I wasn't able to log in for quite a while. Did something happen to the site? I am glad it's working again Here is the whole recap on dramamilk: https://www.dramamilk.com/are-you-human-too-kdrama-live-recap-episode-35-and-36-final/ I honestly need subtitles to understand what exactly happened here XD
  4. I wonder how they will resolve everything in 60 minutes @nooneor Seo reported it like that
  5. I wonder if he already knows that our Seo Ri is the girl he liked back then or he just remembered it for some reason. I think that maybe he started to like adult Seo Ri but he was reminded what happened when he liked someone... I don't understand Korean so I am just making guesses
  6. Did Dr Oh die trying to save Shin III? Does Shin III really have less than hour to live? Did human Shin see his mom dying? What a mess. Seo wants to make Shin III look like a monster who killed human... Aish my head hurts
  7. That was indeed mind-blowing episode. I can't believe mom is dead... And Shin wasn't able to get to know her because he decided to act like a crazy fool...Seriously I am truly afraid what will happen next...
  8. Oh my poor heart Ottoke... So human Shin activated kill switch... @crazyyo Did sth happened?
  9. I am so conflicted. I don't want this drama to end but on the other hand I want to know the ending so badly.
  10. I guess I want Nam Shin III to realize that he can actually feel emotions. I want So Bong and Shin III to have their happy ending. I have no idea which way the wiriter will go but maybe he will turn him into human somehow so that they can age together. Anyway, I don't want to see them harmed. Just safe and sound. I think that unfortunately So Bong is not able to fight again. So maybe instead of being bodyguard she will become a coach to young fighters. Young Hoon should be the CEO of PK Group. Grandfather should live with his daughter and start to treat her and her son better. Nam Shin should leave with his mom and get to know her and heal his wounds. I want Ye Na to move on and find something which makes her happy. Her dad should root in jail for the rest of his life in my opinion. As for David, he should continue with his researchs. Please writernim, let uri Tin Can couple have many more of such lovely mornings Credits to dramabeans
  11. @jerboa83 Oh my, your mv is sooo good And "Holding Out For A Hero" fits perfectly here. Your right, Shin III looked really afraid and uneasy. As Young Hoon said it caused him a trauma. He was confused whether his rules are right or wrong. He was conflicted just like a human being. Why would robot fear? It proves that he is really more than just a machine.
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