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  1. My thoughts exactly. I don't want this kind of ending. Just like I said before. I hated the ending of Oh My Ghost. I understand this whole first love trope even though it often doesn't make any sense. But in this case Cheoljong knows nothing about grown-up So Yong. The one he started to warm up to is So Bong. That's how I see it. So please writernim don't try to fool us.
  2. After watching episode 8 I am almost sure that it's still Bong Hwan in So Yong's body. He said himself that her soul didn't come back. However, somehow he has her memories and experiences her feelings. He is as confused as we are I guess XD But it's still Bong Hwan, affected by So Yong's memories and feelings though. It looks like he got over the fact that he has to stay in Joseon. Anyway, I died when So Bong was like "How dare he try to hurt my poor king?" and came to Cheoljong's rescue and hold this vase aka chamber pot XD What a shame that So Bong mishit haha For now So Bong clearly pities
  3. Well, in this drama everything is possible. Who knows how this soul swapping really works. Who's unconscious, who's the one overtaking the body. I guess we will have to patiently wait for answers. The kiss at the end of episode 8 was unexpected. So Yong's cousin looked so pale XD I want Cheoljong to know who saved him in the past. Because he will realize that his relationship with Hwa Jin was built on a lie. And because of that lie he made So Yong's life miserable.
  4. Thank you very much. Now I understand everything Now I remember that this king was poisoned and Cheoljong's father was killed during the night from his nightmares.
  5. So I have watched episode 7 with subtitles and I still think that So Yong is gone. There was no sign of her when Bong Hwan's soul was bouncing between two bodies. As for memories it's not the first time when Bong Hwan was able to access So Yong's memories. But, you guys were right that there is no narration from Choi Jin Hyuk for now. Anyway, I really don't want them to go Oh My Ghost' s route. Because it's not right. It's not like you fall for one person and then you can immediately switch to another person just like that. Right, So Yong saved the King in the past but in the present The King
  6. It looks like it's really Bong Hwan in pink/yellow hanbok Is he shaken by the King's coolness? haha PS: Shin Hye Sun's facial expressions are HILARIOUS. I almost spit out my tea when I saw So Bong making faces at the King XD
  7. These stills definitely look interesting. I also think that it's our Bong Hwan in Queen's body. Maybe he accepted the fact that he can't go back (cause it's dangerous for him in the future or something else happened). My guess is that real So Yong wouldn't smile at the King. She would be cold towards him. Perhaps Bong Hwan has new plan haha Anyway, Happy New Year guys!
  8. Hi guys! It's been a long time since I posted something. But I totally fell in love with this drama so I decided to join the discussion. It makes me laugh every weekend. I honestly don't know in which direction this drama will go. Are So Yong and Bong Hwan the same person? I don't think so. I personally think that So Yong died. That's why Bong Hwan's body is in a coma when he is currently in Queen's body. But maybe as someone said they share the same soul. Korean dramas very often use reincarnations as a solution so it's not impossible. However in this case I think that for now the King change
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