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  1. The number of pre orders have gone up! Were less than 300 away! Please, please help us promote! Thank you!
  2. Guys, someone is willing to help out for those who couldnt order. We are way below target. Also, if you know people from your country who wants to order, it'll be cheaper if you order together. I'm from the Philippines and we ordered in 3s so we dont get taxed and shipping was cheaper (10usd per person). Send a DM!
  3. The Promotion team has announced the result for the DVD/BluRay. They are not producing the DCut. Overall, there were more or less 1,500 respondents to the survey. 1k from International, 500 from Domestic. However, they said that International purchase rate is will most likely be less than 50% of the pre-sales demand so they cannot continue with the production. They are however, pushing for the Making (BTS) DVD which will most likely be around 55k won.
  4. Wow, its actually my first kdrama purchase ever, the OST. Can't wait to get mine! @digi223 Let's throw them all to Han River!
  5. Are they referring to the 2 books ALML released? If that is the one, I will find a way to buy them! LOL I tried to get them from the yes24 site but they're not available in the global site.
  6. This sounds more like a lover's threat (and is definitely better than Najung-e lmao)
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