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  1. @Ni Wen if you are on iOS you should be able to record it. But if not, there are 3rd party apps that you can use/ . Oh my gooosh, im really freaking out, I just watched the trailer earlier today and my heart just cant take how beautiful Yeon Seo is!!!!
  2. Wow, Uri Hye Sun-ssi is really busy. @kokkuri33, chingu, she really did listen to you when you told her to go on cow mode, didnt she? The drama hasn't even aired yet, her movie is probably still in post-prod editing and now she's set to shoot another one. She's definitly on a roll! And I am immensely proud! Anyway, chingus, SHS Global was planning on sending rice wreath to SHS for the ALML presscon but it seems the plan has been put on hold (we couldnt get in touch with the other admin and were actually really worried about her) but if you want to participate in the project which I would like to pursue, do send me a DM. I think SHS deserves this!
  3. Please include this in your xxxxx-page letter. @jakey09 my gosh, me too! hahaha But I did mention I wanted JCW opposite HS for ALML, when L hadn't confirmed yet. On one thought, KHN would have really been a good choice for ALML.
  4. OMG Was that SHS? I am blown away! If that's really her, she must have really trained so hard.. All these months of being quiet on instagram is so worth it then HAHA I couldnt even read through all your posts I just had to post my reaction to the video ASAP.
  5. Thank you, guys for wishing us well. I hope you are all safe and sound too, wherever you are. And I just watched the 2nd teaser. I kinda liked the 1st more. I'm starting to form theories in my head too. It could really be possible he'd already met Yeon Seo before he died. And then there's that possibility of Yeon Seo's accident being the reason Dan is dead. So many possibilities! Can't wait!
  6. Hey, this is non SHS related but we just had a huge earthquake here yesterday and we were asked to evacuate the building. And another big one today in another part of the country. I hear this isn't just in the Philippines, though but worldwide so wherever you guys are, please be safe!
  7. Annyeong, chingus! @kokkuri33 @Ni Wen @immorethant @meechuttso @jakey09 and everyone keeping this thread alive!! How's your weekend? We have a long weekend here so I hope you all are having a good time, too! Anyway, I wanted to quote a lot of your posts but decided against it because theyre just too many and I'm typing from my phone right now. Lol I read the posts in that koala site and didn't even bother to finish because I found myself eyerolling each time. Stuart must have forgotten that the 2nd lead actress of DOL, Kim Bo Mi, is also a Ballet dancer in real life and a Ballet major in college. Not trying to start anything here. WJW is a beautiful and talented actress. If she was indeed considered for the lead role but didnt make the cut, she could have made 2nd lead especially that I think it requires the skills she has. Stuart mentioned the he/she has been a fan for 6 out of 7 years of WJW's career. His/her post and comments were dripping of frustration, actually, knowing that she is a real-life ballerina but didnt get the part. Probably the same as how we all feel everytime we see a role that wouldve been perfect for SHS. Only Stuart's sounded more like bitter than frustrated. I find praising your idol while putting another down and instigating negativity, rather rude and immature. Sorry for this post, I just had to let it out. Lol On a positive note, I super duper agree about your thoughts on the teaser. The song, especially!!! The whole thing reminded me of the shows/series from the US. Not because its SHS as lead, but yea, this has got to be one of the best KDrama teasers made. Makes me more impatient
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