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  1. Actually it's "Poster- made by me, anyway I like. Photoshop done by me" I think he was trying to create a Vagabond poster but your friend's translation is close enough. And either case, his post is so out of character these days. So cute how they always post within a day of each other and similar themes- maybe they made an agreement to always sync their posts.
  2. Watching today's episode of MITH, I didn't know that Hino was such a successful, powerful woman in Korea (probably similar to Oprah in the US?). So she probably doesn't follow anyone casually and her following OYS and her friends is a big "evidence" for our OTP!
  3. Hi @smilegirl88 (Chingu), Excited to see her BRAVE airport IG with her Ring! Thanks for uploading! Yup, she’s going to Jeju for a photo shoot. And apparently their flight was delayed over 2 hours according to her friend’s IG caption.
  4. How cute is our OTP! I love their banter of IG's from half way across the globe! And speaking of cute, LSG's IG caption mentions Cutie twice- "귀요미" and "큐티"! Maybe his message to her? Or his usual pet name for her? I also love how he copies her IG too with the picture riddle. leeseunggi.official촬영하다 휴식중 만난 귀요미 고양이! 큐티!! 숨은 그림 찾기! (feat.유인식감독님) #배가본드 #모로코 #차달건
  5. Actually, it means "What is the difference?" She meant between the two pics- I think it's a riddle for LSG. And the difference I noticed is that the book title is visible on the second photo and reads "Happy Times" and the author is "Lee"- a message for him?
  6. Thanks- this is a very good point and comforting! He's learning from all these masters and personalizing it now- a good sign.
  7. So much for my Japan trip theory. Just found out that the MITH foursome did a trip to Japan this past week (they said not for the show but a personal trip?) and LSG stayed 1 day later to attend the FIT concert. I guess theoretically she still could've met up with him on 9/28 after the others left but not likely? Sorry- next time I should wait around to gather all the facts before theorizing.
  8. It says she's the Head of Myrthen and they do skincare for celebrities and OYS' autograph mentioned her by name and called her un-nee so they must be close and she goes there often (although then I don't know why she's signing her poster now). I think it could still be recent if she posted it recently and with the Nylon cover. 박혜정원장미르테by혜정 대표원장 #미르테 대표원장 #미르테by혜정 /스틸앤스톤/맥스클리닉스파바이미르테 #연예인스킨케어 #청담피부관리 #청담신부관리 #피부관리문의 #피부관리잘하는곳
  9. I think it's recent because the make-up artist also posted her Nylon cover with this so she may have done the make-up for her Nylon photo shoot.
  10. So here's my theory about LSG's trip to see LHG's concert which was in Tokyo on 9/28. Our OTP did another Japanese trip for one of their anniversaries (9/28) and LSG attended the concert (alone or together with OYS) and returned to Korea with LHG to avoid being caught. And LHG is helping our couple by teasing him about being lonely on his post to throw any viewers off the trail. It incorporates both the 28th day and a trip to Japan! I can hardly believe that LSG would go all the way to Japan to attend LHG's concert alone without her, especially since he'll be off to Morocco soon and they won't have much time together then and it's on one of their "anniversaries"! ctto
  11. Me and numbers so I wondered if any of the numbers in her IG with the 4th floor sign meant anything. And it turns out 404 is a code for “love you forever” in Korean (since 4 in Korean is 사 just as in 사랑 (love) and 0=영 as in 영원히 (forever). The # is not in the IG itself but it captures the range so maybe it’s the reason she posted this IG as a message to him? My Korean lesson for the day.
  12. I sincerely wanted to apologize if my post upset some of us (I just deleted those portions of my post). It truly wasn't my intent to disturb the peace of this Forum. I thought this was a safe place to share my questions and obtain others' reassurances to chase away my doubts but it never occurred to me that my questions might offend some. I am so sorry and will make sure that you won't see those types of posts from me again.
  13. Thanks @haymochi for understanding my viewpoint. I was just trying to obtain you guys' comfort/consolation but in the future, I'll be careful to not post such questions.
  14. Thanks. A skeptic recognizes another one, huh? I'm also glad that we have "skeptics" on board because I would hate to see all of us being blind, irrational shippers. Good point- I guess his 소확행 doesn't have to do with love. I'm just hearing everything he says with a shipper's heart and assuming it all of it has to do with his love life but it doesn't have to. And again, there's a possibility editing may have distorted his message too, the way they were editing.
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