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  1. Actually it's "Poster- made by me, anyway I like. Photoshop done by me" I think he was trying to create a Vagabond poster but your friend's translation is close enough. And either case, his post is so out of character these days. So cute how they always post within a day of each other and similar themes- maybe they made an agreement to always sync their posts.
  2. Watching today's episode of MITH, I didn't know that Hino was such a successful, powerful woman in Korea (probably similar to Oprah in the US?). So she probably doesn't follow anyone casually and her following OYS and her friends is a big "evidence" for our OTP!
  3. Hi @smilegirl88 (Chingu), Excited to see her BRAVE airport IG with her Ring! Thanks for uploading! Yup, she’s going to Jeju for a photo shoot. And apparently their flight was delayed over 2 hours according to her friend’s IG caption.
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