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  1. MltuufC.jpg



    Aww this is precious! How the time jump should've been? LOL 

    These photos were taken from a korean fanfic from DC inside gallery



    How are you guys? I still miss this drama so much even after almost 3 months have passed. I hope you guys are all doing well. Sending much love to you all!

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  2. 1 hour ago, ninaanin said:

    Dear fellow MA fans,


    If you are waiting to find a show that comes near My Ajussi on quality and "hooking-ability" to be able to watch and enjoy a new drama, then I'm afraid you will have to wait many many years or maybe forever.


    This kind of quality from a tv production happens only a few times in a viewer lifetime: it is a kind of epiphany that arises through a conjunction of mysterious and mystical phenomena!!


    My advice: put MA on its due high place, then lower your expectations - making an epistemological cut or a Kierkegaardian leap -, and with a detached espirit, I believe, one can be able to watch and enjoy another drama after MA. 


    True: It is not easy, I myself tried two or three times (About Time, Secretary Kim and Marry Me), before being able to enjoy (as entertanment) a new show. This happened with Investigation Couple (I like very much the main actor) and I'm currently enjoying Mr Sunshine (in spite of not being a fan of KES - BTW I'm surprised that some issues from MA surface here too [age gap and "pretty young face can be a cold murderer, but I love him and hope he will get the girl"] lol). I don't expect more than a few hours of pure tv entertainment, nor do I expect (or want) to be hooked, just to have enough interess to be able to follow and enjoy a show without much engagement. And this is working  now :)



    P.S.: Another point - I will be surprised if MA get some awards. Not because it hasn't enough quality (on the contrary!!!), but precisely because its high quality. We can't forget that this is an industry, and in this environiment quality means high ratings: even if MA was a beloved drama, its ratings wasn't the highest amongst the higher ratings (e.g.: LL, Secretary Kim and that Noona food drama have an average higher ratings than MA). I'm afraid that if this KES drama keeps its high ratings, there will be no place to MA in the awards, nor to others dramas :(. So, in regards to awards, I think we should also lower our expectations. 


    This is all for now. Back to my logged out lurker mode ;) .




    I think they still have a chance to win Baeksang's Best Drama category (or at the very least, be nominated)

    This year's best drama is Mother (average ratings: 3.46%) while in 2017 is Dear My Friends (average ratings: 5.06%) which is not that far off from My Ahjussi's average ratings (4.98%). Achieving high ratings is not the prerequisite to get this award so I feel like Baeksang is quite unbiased when it comes to this category. The only thing that worries me is if they take public reception into consideration. My Ahjussi received a lot of controversies in the beginning so I wonder if that factor will get in the way of them winning the award.


    In my opinion Kim Won Suk has a chance to win the best director category too and also Lee Sun Gyun to at least be nominated for the best actor category. For him to win will be a bit difficult, since there's a lot of competitors this year (some of them are Jo Seung Woo with Life, Jung Kyung Ho with Life on Mars, and Lee Byung Hun with Mr. Sunshine) But it's still possible.


    For me, it doesn't matter if they don't win, but if they don't get nominated, I will fight someone LOL. I want to see the cast, director, screenwriter to go to the awards ceremony. They deserve that.

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  3. Kim Won Suk just posted on his FB regarding the me too movement and the controversy surrounding my Ahjussi



    Another updated comment:



    I'm so frustrated to see this. I can't even imagine how the creators Kim Won Suk, Park Hae Young themselves would feel for their work to be misunderstood like this. 


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  4. 48 minutes ago, justamom said:


    OMG please share links. If they translated mine, I hope they gave proper credits!!


    I don't even want to get onto Douban. I have fallen into way too many rabbit holes.


    This is a recent and most popular chinese fanfic about DH-JA's relationship after the time jump 



    (I used Google Translate to understand the story. IT'S REALLY GOOD! Very detailed. JA-DH wedding and all that good stuff.:wub:)


    Fanmade MV: Crossover of IU and LSG's past dramas 

    Cindy (Producers) x Do Hyun Woo (My Wife's Having an Affair this Week)



    @justamom I believe they translated alex29's fanfics few weeks ago. I saved the link, but it already got deleted from the website, not sure why..


    29 minutes ago, t123han said:

     Seriously how many languages you speak? 

    Korean , Japanese , Chinese .... if I could speak all this 3 languages I would put a tent on their respective MA fansites. 


    No, not at all! I only speak English, and very little korean. I just utilised Google Translate feature as my guide:D:D

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  5. 2 hours ago, sadiesmith said:


    @mushroomsoupie, I agree with everything you said, from LSK's clothes to the reviews.  I have been asking some people in my circle to watch.  I am finding out firsthand that because of my hard push, when they finally watched they expected to be hooked much harder, and yeah, not there yet.  Have you been reading recent reviews on the Korean sites?


    The negative korean reviews usually touch on the patriarchal values, age gap and violence like the one @justamom translated few pages ago. I've never seen even any complaint yet about of the pacing or lack of interest in the brothers, yoora, & jung hee scenes. I always like it when they call My Mister as their drama of lifetime / 인생 드라마. Koreans really treasure this drama.


    As much as people say My Mister is "overrated", I don't think it's being appreciated enough by the international audience. It hasn't garnered that much viewers as much as Signal or Misaeng. More people need to watch it!!!


    I've been lurking on chinese forum Douban too. They've been posting fanfics like crazy ever since the show ended. :D Some of the english fanfics on AO3 even got translated and posted there LOL! Majority of them are rooting for DH-JA to end as a couple.

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  6. Long time no see, guys! IU-LSG's photos brought me back to this forum.. Oh my goodness!!!! They look so cute together.. Although i'm side eyeing Lee Sun Gyun's stylist.. They could've given him better clothes to wear, way to waste that handsome face <_< :D Well, at least, it's better than nothing at all. Japanese viewers are so lucky to be getting so much goodies!


    This is my favorite part of the interview. Ah... Just beautiful. Their answers resonated so much with me. I love how they are so like-minded. And it still surprises me how IU is still only 25/26 years old. She's definitely wise beyond her years.



    I've been reading recent reviews of the show.. And i must say.. The ravings and great reviews from people who've watched it as it aired are kind of like double edge swords.. Some people who decided to watch this drama because of the reviews, expected to be blown away and ended up finding it overrated.. For me, the best enjoyment happens when you expect nothing from this drama, because the idea of the whole show is about finding the beauty in the mundane.. and these broken characters.


    Most common criticism for this drama is the slow pacing in the first 4 episodes, and while I totally get why some people thought like that, from my standpoint the slow pacing is necessary for the show to set the dark tone and underlying sadness and despair of these characters.


    I even rewatched the drama (without skipping any parts), to evaluate whether or not I overrate it, and i still enjoy it very very much. It's crazy how I still cried and felt suffocated watching it. Truly a masterpiece. It's still in my list of Top 5 favorite korean dramas of all time and currently the drama of the year. 

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  7. 25 minutes ago, berny said:

    I was also wondering about that... why their son was made to study overseas so early.


    I mean i understand the quality of education they are after or for him to learn English, for him to be independent? or learn the western culture/way of life.   But why at a very young age? he's practically still a baby.. still in his formative years, when the parents' presence is most important?? shouldn't they have waited until he was already in High School or College?



    At first i thought it was just a plot device, but this situation actually happens a lot in SK.


    "Such relocations, known as early study abroad, have surged in popularity in South Korea, where a rigid, test-driven education system, combined with intense social pressure to succeed in an English-first global economy, often means breaking up families for the sake of school.


    Unlike American students who usually wait until high school or college to study abroad -- and generally limit the experience to a semester or two -- 77 percent of Korean students in the U.S. in 2009 were in elementary or middle school, a time when they are seen as best able to learn English."


    you can read more here http://archive.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2012/04/01/in_south_korea_us_education_means_split_families/


    I feel like the one that pushes their son to study abroad the most is Yoon Hee, as we could see in the series that she's portrayed as ambitious and career-driven. 

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  8. IU is truly an amazing singer songwriter. She wrote the most beautiful and poetic lyrics. She must've read a lot of books.. Since IU wrote this song using the perspective of Ji An, this song is probably about her grandma's infatuation with the moon, but it's interesting how by looking at the lyrics, Dong Hoon is the first person that comes to my mind instead. (It doesn't help too that Dong Hoon rhymes with Moon lol)


    The way i interpret it, the first verse is JA talking to DH, and the second verse is DH talking to JA, and the 3rd verse is JA's afterthought...




    1st verse (JA -> DH)

    Dear moon my moon
    Why can’t I get closer to you?
    Though I trail behind you with quick steps
    You’re like the moon that I can’t reach

    Oh moon like moon
    Why is it that you don’t disappear?
    Though I try to turn around and run away
    You’re like the moon that follows me


    Could it be fate?
    The moment our eyes met
    I thought I heard you talk to me
    with your low voice

    I replied you

    A hesitant answer
    Vaguely over there where you are
    I said I think I understand why now


    2nd verse (DH -> JA)
    Oh moon
    My moon

    It’s not like I don’t want to hug you
    But I know you’re much too large for me
    to hold in my arms

    Oh moon
    My moon

    It’s not like I don’t want to have you
    But it’s because you’re so dazzling to me
    And I am such a dark night

    Could it be fate?
    On your pale face
    I think I saw a shadowy smudge
    that doesn’t suit you
    Waving my hands at you
    Signalling you to come over
    I said there’s a loner here
    who’s very much like you

    that won’t disappear


    3rd verse (JA)
    My only moon
    Just as it’s unreachable
    Deep into the night
    The silence of the white moonlight
    I’ll stay awake tonight as well


    translated by iuteamstarcandy



    This is just so sad.... And now I'M CRYING AGAIN. Their relationship is just so bittersweet.

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  9. So according to this Oh Na Ra interview, the PD, writer, and casts will have a group meeting this Friday! Lee Sun Gyun suggested the idea.. 




    She also mentioned that the My Mister chatroom is still pretty much active even though the filming is over.. I'm so happy to see the close bond between them. :D



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  10. Loqmlxt.png



    My Mister was not even nominated for the best drama category in the 2018 Brand of the Year Awards.. (Annual award held by Korean Consumer Forum, which celebrate the best brand that has been brightening the year in a variety of different industries.) 


    Nominations: tvN's Secret Forest, KBS's Mysterious Personal Shopper, tvN's Mother, tvN's Live, KBS2's Shall We Live Together, and JTBC's Pretty Noona Who Buys Me Food


    If we're just talking about the ratings, even TvN's mother was lower than My Mister's... Wondering if this is because of the controversy surrounding the drama. :(  Hopefully this will not be the case in next year's Baeksang awards. They deserve to at least be nominated and even win.. 

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  11. How do you guys think My Mister will fare at the Baeksang awards next year?


    Since Mother, Misty, and Prison Playbook were already nominated in this year's awards, hopefully the competition will not be that brutal.. (I want them to win!) :wacko::D But they still have to go against Something in the rain, Live, Mr. Sunshine, and Life.


    I'm 100% sure that Kim Won Suk, Oh Hae Young, and Lee Sun Gyun will at least be nominated for best director, best scriptwriter, and best actor. Do you think IU has a chance to be nominated as best actress?

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  12. 6 minutes ago, kdramafanlsk said:

    Actually the same potted rubber tree was in dong hoon's house in the next scene (camera panned to it before he sat and cried). I remember thinking he took it home! Hehe =D didnt know the meaning of it then though so this is great info. =)


    WOW! You're absolutely right:o:o



    The attention to detail in this drama is amazing. I remember it took them 13 hours to shoot that 5 minutes lady bug scene. Kim Won Suk's directing skill is seriously top notch. Not a single shot is wasted...

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  13. I swear the folks on DCInside are so sharp when it comes to noticing the littlest details of this show.


    Before DH's breakdown, we saw KH and his mom re-pot this particular indoor plant.


    The plant's name is India rubber plant / Rubber fig (인도고무나무)






    According to this site, the meaning of this plant is unchanging love and eternal happiness.


    The act of moving a plant to a better pot symbolizes how Dong Hoon (who in episode 4 thought that he was born in the wrong place and couldn't be reconstructed) will have a new beginning in all aspects of his life, by starting his own business, facing the failures in his marriage, and becoming an individual who prioritizes his own happiness.



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  14. Another great detail in episode 15!


    When the chairman and DH finished their lunch, he said "When JA finishes doing her time for her crime, tell her to call me. She needs to see the full light not half of it (the full bright world)" (Translation by dramamilk, DramaFever's translation is incorrect)


    JA's wallpaper screen before she deleted the wiretap app -> half light



    After she stopped wiretapping (her "crime") -> road to the full light


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  15. This is such a beautiful interpretation of this scene by overthinkingkdrama on Tumblr.. Now I get it... JA's sudden confession scene in the hospital makes complete sense! She knew what DH meant!!! Confession after confession. Oh my heart....  





    This scene, man. This scene. It sticks with you doesn’t it? It might actually be my favorite of the show. And as much as Ji An’s following words are, beyond dispute, heartbreakingly beautiful, I keep thinking about these ones from Dong Hoon.


    I think it’s because…they don’t quite make sense, do they? I mean, they’re not really true. Knowing isn’t always understanding. Understanding someone isn’t always accepting them. We know that from the rest of the show. We know that from Dong Hoon’s brothers. From his troubled marriage. Sometimes knowing someone means hating them a little bit. Sometimes knowing someone means pain. But I have my own thought about what Dong Hoon is trying to say.


    Because, as so often, Dong Hoon is speaking in code. Holding a part of himself back. He already came to realize something, when he found out about the wiretap, about Ji An’s staggering insight into his miserable existence, and her choice to take his side anyway. He realized at that moment how deep her feelings for him were. Perhaps before he could have dismissed them as misdirected gratitude, shallowness or immaturity. But in this new light, he can no longer do so. The fact that she knew him, knew all about him, but still accepted him and wanted him to be happy…that’s love.


    It reminds me of the love verses in Corinthians, to be honest. “[Love] does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs… It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.” If we take Dong Hoon’s words through that lens, and see it as this kind of forgiveness, this kind of trust, this kind of “knowing” then suddenly his words make perfect sense.


    What he’s actually saying is, “If you love someone, nothing they do bothers you. And I love you.”


    And while Dong Hoon might not be able to say it to her in those words, Ji An who has memorized the sound of his breathing and his footsteps, whose eyes pierce through to the heart of him and knows what kind of man he is, understand what he means, and she answers confession with confession.



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