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  1. I really like this storyline actually. All these while, I thought this story is about AR team vs PSH team. Who knew that, this writer would have brought in another character (chairman OH) to attack them both. Interestingly, evil (AR) join forces with good ( PSH) to counterattack monster chairman oh!! Amazingly with 3 more episodes left, I can't really think how is this story going to end. But I know it will be a good ending. Can't wait for tonight's episode
  2. NJ .... Sweet but phyco oh ma ma maa... Omgg...how can NJ invites PSH for the wedding!!!!!! Helloooo... You are stealing PSH's wife in broad daylight!!!! Shame on you!!!!!! So so angry!!!!!!! Disgusting
  3. Hey guys, so what happened??? Did SH regain her memory yet? I can't watch right now but manage to get a sneak peek from here forum... Let me know
  4. Maybe SH will regain her memory back and probably decided to stay back with NJ. As a spy for PSH. SH probably trying to help PSH to fight against NJ in disguise... We'll see
  5. Ok, I'm back now. Hehe... Knowing NJ and SH just got married for 3months, no intimacy and SH told him to give her some time to adjust her feelings. Surely NJ head over heels for SH.. using her as tool is just an excuse. Deep down NJ longs for her love. Not gonna happen dude!!!
  6. Still... I'm quite disturbed with the fact that SH & NJ been married for a year. Many things could've happen during that one whole year ( if u get what I mean ). With NJ sweet talking and pure innocent acting skill and also love SH, Anything might happen.. sob sob... In Esther case, it was different. PSH was coma for 5 whole years, therefore nothing could happen. He woke up from coma because of SH's ringtone mobile. PSH did told Esther to give him some time to adjust the new environment 1st, so again... Nothing could happen! Well, only sleeping side by side like a stranger and Esther forced kiss PSH, that's all!!!!! Arr... I wanna leave this drama!!!!!
  7. Ok... I'm starting to feel disgust with NJ. First of all, how could you be so shameless telling SH that you are my wife!!! How could you trying this trick even!!!! Knowing SH is married to PSH!!! Imagine you trying to sleep with SH and kiss SH!!! And SH thought it will be alright to sleep and kiss NJ since she thought he was her husband!!!!!! For God sake, she's a married woman!!!!!!!!! Shame on you
  8. Yaaa.. after much condemnation about VC, we see his true colour finally!!! He is actually a smart fella, not a weak person as we all thought and a strategist. Hehehe... Probably him being coward or disheartened was all because of his elder brother. Maybe something did happen between them and elder bro's wife too.. maybe elder brother killed his own wife or something... The flashback scene between the 3 of them, elder brother looked mentally ill.. dunno, will see... But this is a most satisfying drama I have ever watched. Smart leading characters and fastest hidden secrets revealed !!!! Daebak!!!!!
  9. Haish... Nothing much on today's episode. I guess tonight we will find out whether or not VC tells the truth?! Or as usual, something or someone will prevent him from telling the truth again I dunno who is that mystery man but maybe that man turns out to be on LSH side?!? Pretending to be working with NJ??!?! Oh... My imagination has gone wild...
  10. Eventually Tiffany has to return Chan to them once they found out that Chan is also part of the park's heir. I'm sure the chairman will confiscate Chan from Tiffany if chairman found out Chan was his grandchild too. Tiffany for sure will be terrified too if she found out that this adopted son is from a powerful family!!! I seriously think that VC is waiting for the perfect moment to reveal LSH is Park's heir in order to save Aura from Ar/NJ. Matter of time now.. will see about it
  11. Ok, one more fanatic DNA drama to go. LSH Vs Gun. Hope that's the end for DNA thing... Haha.. unless someone decided to run a DNA test on NJ Vs AR.... what a DNA drama, dude!
  12. I kinda amazed with all these irrational scenes actually. I mean, since when LSH's car has a child seat? Well prepared some more!!! For Dori to sit and sleep there comfortably. Haha.... Well, kinda understand why Dori suddenly hated his mum, I mean, who on earth will tell a CHILD that your beloved dad is DEAD!!!! While his dad is right in front of him, hugging and carrying him before you confiscated him from his dad and u telling him that he's dead. Come on... Too much for a 5 yo child. Like chingu here said, she is dumber and dumber!!! AR another moron here, what rights do you have to take away people's child??? AR should talk and ask nicely... Or do it in a right way, whatever!! Actually I don't hate Dori, he's cute. He was just mislead by his mother Esther (use Dori for her benefits). (Repeated cycle: that was how AR treated DK-deceased) I'm so pissed off with the adults for making these powerless children cried!!!!! Selfish
  13. LSH finally has his memory back and was very heart broken because OSH's sufferings! I do think it is best that LSH keeps pretending memory loss and catch them in surprise! It was nice to see that the security guard is helping LSH. At least something... Well, it is still a long way to go since we still have 50+ more episodes to go... i wonder what is he saying though?
  14. Wow... Way to go ep 41..!!! Very much satisfying uncovering the truth one by one! SH was so shocked to find out the truth about evil doer NJ. Well, who wouldn't be when you portraying since a nice guy character all this time. I am getting irritated with Esther's behaviour. Annoying smirking face, lousy temper and screaming on top of her voice! It is so funny seeing her chasing around. She is practically running all the time in every episode. Running to stop that person, this person.... Aigoooo! What a life your are asking for
  15. I think the key for the answer (Lee soo hoo) is DK's dad. If you guys realize, Esther and NJ are always managed to counterback or prevent something from spilling the beans. NJ was eavesdropping when DK's dad was lying about LSH no found. So NJ thought DK's dad doesn't know anything about LSH yet. Little did he knows, DK's dad actually knows about LSH & OSN. Hopefully DK's dad doesn't die because he knows the truth.
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