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  1. So far I felt more for the general than the prince. Considering their background, the General always has the short end of the stick. And as fate has it, he’s always late at saving the FL. As the story goes on, I felt the story isn’t heartbreaking enough for the main couples, all I see is how heartbreaking the General is. I’m definitely watching it for the General atm lol, because frankly, the main couple development is pretty normal, nothing new or exciting -.- I’m not even feeling happy when they realised they still think/love for each other, or feeling sad when they break up again! regarding the ending (don’t read if you don’t want to be spoiled)
  2. Strike 3! Another blur out! yup, zero kissing scene! Wow! Lol!
  3. Either copyright or something about the eps got leaked? I thought I have nothing to watch last night, but I checked my website and bam! Like 6 new subbed eps along side with 6 raw eps! Gotta be one of the fastest release drama I’ve ever seen in recent years lol. Then I read the comment and someone said it got leaked! At this rate, I’m really behind because it just comes out so fast so I’m kinda fast forwarding a lot lol! (First drama in years that I’m so behind >_<) Idk I kinda like the general :/ even though it’s impossible for them, and he’s selfish but at the same time, uh, he’s an eye candy and his acting is above the male lead! Not exceptional but above him lol! I’m now rooting for the general even though that ship will sink before it’s even started lol!
  4. Haha, when I said the acting is better because mainly of Lu Yi, but also the support cast, his evil (or not so evil sect brother), basically LoQ has all the great support cast, so for that I say better acting, because I was drawn by the support cast’s acting. For the main cast, HQB is great, though her character is pretty bland, male lead was annoying so there’s that. uhm, since I’m only up to 5, maybe too harsh on listening snow, but I remember the fight in LoQ do emote exhilarating which is what TVB series used to give me. I grew up watching them as well. So far, the fight in listening snow isn’t even making me excited 1 bit, and I saw the trailer for the beautiful fight you guys described, and I question that umbrella vs umbrella very much. But I’ll get back to this series then comment more
  5. I will definitely grab it off you once you finish since I haven’t managed to download the previous one which you said that are no longer available. Thanks for the hard work in advance
  6. Yea, I know of the turning point in ep10, can I skip to it? Or do I have to get there lol? (In a really busy period atm, barely have enough time for princess silver). A youtuber who seems to have similar taste as I do seems to be disinterested in this drama also, though I don’t know how far a long he is, he understands chinese, so it’s hard to figure out where he’s up to when he’s like me, dropping this for princess silver atm.
  7. Only heard it once in the flame’s daughter, didn’t watch HSDS so cant comment, but in this series, it’s only used once? I’m guessing they tried to use it but then abandon it? I haven’t read the book, and starting to try a series, the least they can do is making it compelling for me to keep watching, which isn’t the case :/ I hate to have to go like 5Eps+ to like something, also I’ve been scarred by legend of qin, which has mile better music, much better acting, and the fight sequence were exhilarating even though very short and far few, and that show was almost a waste of time to watch, so this show is like following it lol.
  8. I know he meant to have some sort of trauma, but it’s about his acting lol. I wanted a bit more than those soulless eyes :/ . Due to lack of sleep, I properly watched up to 9, then skip a bit to now. Yea, the emotional impact is somehow a bit lacking :/ I think the male lead isn’t a great actor. I kinda like the general now too :/ like I hope we get to see a softer side of him! Even though he might be straight out bad. I agree the female lead is carrying the series on her own, which is unfortunate, because atm, I feel it’s slightly lacking in the impact :/ I watched the 2 latest eps last night and I just don’t feel that heart breaking for them :/ also there will be ZERO kissing scene in this series LOL! Two chances they have, we get a peck and a blur out, LOL!
  9. While I don’t think much of the male lead, in term of both look and acting so far (his look ping pong between decent and I can understand why some finds him hot, to not hot at all), but the story so far is great, the pacing is quite decent, you don’t feel it being too slow. The female lead is great, I feel she’s carrying the series well, cute, pretty, strong, and smart. So far, we have met all the important male figures in her life, and each has very different personalities, and slowly you learn how and why each of them are drawn to her (none of them has a look that wow me, or the acting to do so either lol). it may ends badly, but if the story is told well, I’m ok with it. Overall, great production quality, great story telling, and costume design. Acting is decent but nothing to drive home about. Though all the boys seem to be a bit weaker in the acting department than the girl, admittedly it’s because their roles are more demanding atm to showcase the complexity of their character’s inner turmoils.
  10. Uh... the second one seems more like an April food joke than an actual ending, if they give me that as an ending, I’m down right gonna burn something tonight >_> china would not care about people uproar with censorship :/ the relationship between the Chinese government and its people is like that of a parent and their children, where they make the rules, the children can protest, but in the end of the day, they succumbed to those rules T_T
  11. This is sooo funny in so many levels, I wonder if there is a conspiracy theory going on why he went nut with the editing! You know... that is way tooo tooo playful, almost like a husband/wife playful lol! It’s something that I believe dramaland couple would do, rather than just normal co-workers lol. Nonetheless, it’s a very cute still, if I was the director, I would totally put it in! Lol
  12. I don’t have much hope for China censorship I’m sorry :/ also with the sword stab in his heart like that.... high chance he’s dead, and they won’t let him resurrect because censorship -.- uh! I swear I’m at the stage where I’m ready for Netflix to pick up chinese drama and start producing them (must be using the chinese actress, sets, etc like now but without the stupid censorship). and yes, this gotta be the first drama where it’s a puzzle game! Work out which scenes go together pretty sure the one where he went full demonic outside of the main hall and she grabbed him and teleported, it is then meant to be followed by the sword cave scene where she stabbed him and he falls to his death, instead of a flat bedscene we got and the flat bedscene possibly mean to follow either after they kill LMX or right after JW die, or right after he has the episode in the library. Also it seems they cut the scene where she holds the lu he sword against his neck playfully on their bed, if this is a following up from the bed scene, and the “you sleep better because the xinmo is under controlled or is it because I’m with you?” Scene, then it makes the bedscene is indeed after LMX event my theory is that: censorship won’t let us do it right, so we just gonna jumble it up but that way, able to give you everything we got, so you can use your brain and work it out! Instead of doing it the censorship way, have many scenes cut and can’t achieve the ending we want anyway! Serious nose dive to the max here lol
  13. Yea, because the scenes they have, even though limited, can be arranged in a good order to make it a good ending. However, it literally got jumbled up weirdly. Are we sure that it’s to go from sad to happy ending or is it the reverse lol? Because I know china doesn’t like resurrection, soooo if the HE means he come back to life and therefore got censored then that’s why we are stuck with the sad open ending >_> either way, it does feel rather odd that even a 3 yo can arrange a much better sequence of scenes with what they have than what they present lol. It felt like sabotage is at work. and I think the scene where they lay in bed the next morning should have come after the bedscene, but again..... they don’t want to solidify the fact they sleep together???
  14. Sigh.... what a mess! Ep 53 is all over the place... they forgot they haven’t got back the Lu He sword??? They destroyed my bed scene because the leading to it was so illogical that the scene felt flat my brain is like what happen? Why? Huh? It shown that they didn’t manage to film a lot of scenes and now they just scramble to put whatever together for the ending.... ok.... I’m only half way through 53 and uh!!!! ok, just finished 54, I’m rolling my eyes so hard right now. This is how the order should be
  15. Those are review only. The actual episodes are not air until tonight and tomorrow. are we still on a 55ep count? Or has it increased? quite love last night two episodes though a bit puzzling with ZY’s hair style, she’s ping pong between housewife/gf and battle hair style. On another note, MQ is being guard by other during the day, but by her at night time my mind is totally not dirty thinking of those two alone in a room at night time at all also MQ’s full demonic mode is hot hot hot! Also there are random episodes being eng sub on YouTube, I think it’s ep 44. Apparently, the subber only sub the episode he likes. According to him, he’s doing/uploading 45 in the next few days.
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