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  1. Yea, that ashes scene - I felt it through FC, he was so shocked and stunned by his mother’s expression. And he was so bitter, and felt pathetic for himself: look at you two white hair at young age, hah, here I am worried for nothing (something along that line lol) when WY and RL we’re together before the ashes scene. After the humiliation event in 35, FC’s energy has always been to redeem himself, not so he can have her love, but to have her forgiveness. But yea, she was pretty cruel to him, time and time again. Some couldn’t handle it because they found it repetitive, i didn’t, because Jing Chao acted so well. He shown different sort of response through his eyes and facial expression: from being anger for being misunderstood and got given no chance, to resign to the cruel fate (no matter what he does, even with good intention, everything turn out badly), to complete resign and agree that even meeting her to reduce his missing would cause her a great deal of pains. Poor guy! At least RQ can die lol! It seems everyone wants FC to live to suffer lol just look at the trailer for the new eps, I think RQ will steal the scenes off the OTP lol/the actress! Basically, we were right at the beginning, the drama’s highlights is the 2nd and 3rd male leads lol, the OTP is just the scenery to them -.-
  2. Well, basically atm I’m watching for Jing Chao and waiting for leo’s Part since it will be heart wrenching. The main couples do nothing for me lol. If it wasn’t for other’s acting, I don’t think I will feel much for the scenes lol. All these happy times or scheming time in the south was sooo boring, how many “wedding ceremonies”/traditions can they do? Over the course of 1 year lol! It’s like a long wedding -.- I’m confused with this whole “so we have been together for a few months at least, everyone call you my Wang Fei”, but only when my hair is white then we will do the husband and wife kowtow -.-??? Anyway, once fu Chou and RQ’s arc wrapped up, it will be FF to confirm they are together n done lol. oh people are saying the reason why FC loves RL is because WY loves RL, and I don’t agree with this, he would not go to that sort of length if it was because he wants to win over his brother. Even in the drama, FC character slammed that notion: “you are not me, do not think you understand my feelings” when they think he’ll holding on to RL because of WY
  3. Just saw 45, and oh wow, this is the moment that really moves me to tear. Really appreciate Jing Chao being in this drama! For Leo Lou’s fans, I felt for them, we are at 46 and we barely get much of him :/ I know many are watching for his scenes, but it seems to not gonna be much -.-? Man, the General has such a bad luck life lol. Anything he want to do with good intention always turn out sooo bad and just make RL hates him more and more. He simply can’t win T_T his character is breaking my heart!
  4. I have to say Jing Chao was the only one with soulful eyes in this drama! You can feel the emotions conveyed through his eyes, no one else in the drama seems to be able to do that! They can act, but their eyes are all like dead! After the event in 35, his eyes were sorrowful looking at her, knowing there is this huge misunderstanding/misfortune event between them, and nothing he can do to change it, to explain it, to make her understand, or to improve their situation, he has the whole world conspired against him! He simply can’t win. Idk, as this goes on, I still love the General lol, and I’m like skipping the happy moments of the OTP -.-
  5. Yup, it’s plateau for me, too. I think it’s because the love story goes no where lol. They are afraid to push for more chemistry/lovey dovey scenes between the general and RL? I think it would be more heart breaking if she kinda let him in, then got betrayed by him, or think she got betrayed by him (like how bad would it be if she goes yes, I’ll give you my heart and let’s forget all these revenge stuffs, and her brother swap her and the General did one final plan because he has doubts on her!). Atm, I feel like they try to create 3 male leads that rather not so flawed. You can argue that the general is the most flawed, but you see his life story and you can’t blame him? And that bring me to another uh moment. In 33/34, RL gave him a big lecture on how he should not revenge, and create a blood shed on innocent people. Yet she ignored the fact that his father didn’t mind do the exact same thing on his son? His father didn’t mind killing his own blood, didn’t mind killing of the innocent either? (And yea, killing children is way worse than the child killing his own parents I say >_> because the emperor was old enough and whatever he did to the young General is what he reap). Sure, one side has to stop, but in that warring period, would they just let him be if he is not fighting for his life? And for him to be here today, he has to fight to survive. Suddenly that sort of talk felt out of place and so naive :/ for someone who is supposed to be smart like her :/ at the same time, it shows how ignorance she is of his feelings, acting all high and mighty. Very easy to say just let it go, when he has been abused and ignored since he was a little kid. And again, to someone who doesn’t receive love and always one behind his brother, now have a woman he loves, but love his brother telling him to let go, it is just not gonna go through him? Again, not smart! this drama suffers from afraid to make one character really bad? Everything is just sit in the middle, and there is no break through :/ we have a brilliant scheme here yet it felt flat :/ we have a general who throw everything at her, and she is like a stone rock that isn’t moved, not even slightly, where I understand why she likes that but it makes for pretty boring drama, especially when I don’t feel the strong chemistry/love between the two leads? And since she’s so rock solid, even if it’s heart breaking for the general, because it’s always a one sided love with not even a shred of hope/love from her, you can’t feel that badly hurt/moved for their story either? Like you feel for him, but after 4-5 times of being rejected, and how she is just a stone toward him, and you know there is a misunderstanding but like the general said it doesn’t matter if her heart doesn’t care. And so, instead of having these heartbreaking moments, we are left with uh?! She’s deserved whatever she wants and you should move on, General! Lol. End my rants lol! Sorry! This drama started out quite decent but it keeps dropping :/ and while I like the main actress, I now know why it’s a bit flat for me, and not just me lol, a few articles mentioned how the chemistry/acting isn’t there for the two leads (not exploding enough). Such great opportunity but the producer has been too safe to push the envelope!
  6. I kinda fast forward without really reading the dialog much, and when I saw RQ swapped them, I think he’s a doing it for her. He basically made her definitely choose WY, since we know WY has the antidote later and gave it to her at the bed, that mean WY was given the antidote, and I think this was done by RQ. He is making sure he’s pleasing all parties, and make sure RL sees/treasure WY, and realise he’s the only choice for her. For FC, everything was and is still against him. If RL has fallen for FC, I’m sure RQ would not swap her, but she chose WY, so swapping will definitely make her and FC never ever will happen. so I’ve been saying I don’t feel much emotional impact, and I think it might be the actress as well as the lead actor. When she was acting as her fake counterpart, she should be pleading her undying love, yet, I don’t feel it :/ their bed scene also lacking the burning love factor, he has always been in love with her and finally got her, and is drunk on top of that! And she has been in love with him for so long and not a novice when it comes to between the sheets, yet, her eyes are almost closed???? For JC, it’s fine, but for her, I expected a bit more yearning, a bit more passion? Even without any actual kissing scene! I like her teeth, I think they are cute, and I dislike how we must straighten our teeth to be pretty. Ruby Lin used to have those crooked teeth, too, but it has been removed. I think the same as bai lu.
  7. Yup, there are scene when they are both white hair later on. I guess human hair is really magical, turning white is just a matter of emotional turmoil >_> and turning black is just a matter of herbs! Oh wait, that’s why we have hair dye! At least the drama has something right
  8. The article I read translated it as pretty lol. Also a youtuber thinks she used photoshop to remove all the blemish from the skin, you can’t see spores and stuff! So she is like obsessed with good skin 0.o??? look like FC is full mode evil and no longer love the princess lol!
  9. Lol my guess was right, and it is indeed pretty anti climate! However, there are scenes later on when her hair was black??? So what? She dye her hair back to black??? Lol. And poor FC! And lol at another blur out -.- seriously is she trying to pass censorship? And therefore have all these blur out? The two kissing scenes are pretty much just touching lol! No real passion in them hence no need to blur out -.- and I’m guessing we will go from white hair to they work together and she gains back her black hair. Is this follow the novel lol?
  10. Yup, I’m seeing 48 raw, and want to watch it for Joe Cheng, but oh my gosh, Zhang Ming En’s acting was a turn off and I couldn’t stomach more than half of the first ep. sorry fans, but it felt too childish, and terrible acting.
  11. Saw the first episode, and the lead actress’s acting is pretty bad, while the male lead has 1 cool look and not much else. The story so far isn’t great either. And the FL meant to be smart, yet so far, 2 damsel in distress moments already =_= All in all, it doesn’t give a fresh new feeling. So unless you are a fan of the actor or actress, it’s not a great drama to follow.
  12. Yea, she’s pretty boring. I got bored after 5 episodes, I like the main male lead enough though (even though he isn’t a looker for me xD), however, with such boring female lead, I kinda falling asleep watching that series, plus way too many flashbacks lol. I watched the original summer’s desire and love it, and I don’t think the new one will give the same feeling, because Big S is just so pretty, and even though I’m meh about Peter Ho, he nailed the puppy face lol! the female lead of PS is indeed quite solid in her acting. She’s indeed one of the best so far for the young generation! But I need to see her exploding chemistry with a male lead lol! So far, the one who has solid chemistry with her Co-star and decent acting, best atm is Bai Lu for me (based on unbeatable lovers and the legend).
  13. I think they leak 16 eps lol! I remembered seeing 15-16 the night before (freshly released). Next night, I was just checking and thought I was being too hopeful, as no more should be coming out, but to my surprise, there were 8 newly subbed eps along with 8 raw lol! anyway, I checked out l.o.r.d and couldn’t stomach the bad acting pass half of the first episode lol! The main actor keeps doing this surprise face and big eyes! Can’t stand it! So childish. Then I went and checked out legend of the Phoenix, it supposed to be good? Well it’s not -.- the actress acts like a deer looking at a headlight the male lead has this 1 “cool” look that he’s overused it a bit all in all, these two dramas suddenly made princess silver from B to A++ lol! Basically in term of period/fantasy, princess silver is miles above the rest atm lol! i don’t like the producer notes on how she choose actress for the show lol. While I love pretty actress who can act, her requirements were foremost being pretty and then can act decently/has promising air (for each actress, she listed they are pretty/beautiful first then talk about their acting). That’s just showcase how vain cdrama has become lol. I read that article too and it didn’t leave me a good impression :/ there is no mention of how she choose the guys though. For the guys, acting wise so far, the General > Rong qi > the prince, that being said the General is just barely pass the decent mark for me lol (but after the mv, he really nailed the character so well). Rong qi is just a bit too melodramatic lol. His puppy cry face at the wedding is a bit over exaggerated lol. While the prince tends to have one expression for everything lol or such soulless eyes that his acting feels bland. this mv is a must watch for the General lol, the song fitted his character so well, so heartbreaking The line “you stand behind me, laughing at the idea lasting a life time” wow, talking about a stab in the heart! “I could only fight until the end, gently accepts the lies”. Best song for this drama :/ so melodramatic but so good lol
  14. Thanks for the details! Definitely a much better ending than my initial impression! Especially in regard to the general! He’s not straight out a villain! And yes, I’m totally loving his character if they follow the novel’s part on how he finally learn to love her the right way and able to let go. I do find his chemistry with her in the drama is a lot hotter lol! Maybe because it’s such a strong opposite to one another, too bad we never get to explore this pairing lol, only time we get is their unity front when other try to take them down. there is an mv of the ost sang by the main actress with pretty much a spoiler for the ending? It seems that she and the prince manage to get together and both have black hair? And judging from their hairstyle, it is after the stabbing incident. Especially since they can’t do time travelling lol. Though I found in the novel, the prince got jealous because she also loves RQ is a bit petty. He should have been more understanding? After all, it’s a dead man, jealous of a dead man is just petty! Knowing she also love him, that make him one up from the dead man because he’s alive -.-? Still don’t like the prince much after all these details lol! Poor Rong qi at least he got to love and be loved by her, however brief it was!
  15. I started this with no expectations either xD as a matter of fact, I started this with none of the male lead look any good at all not the ML, not the general nor the famous third male lead whom everyone watch this series for from AOL lol. I read one news article about it, about how it tuck your heart string worse than GMP, and how it’s so bad that the female lead’s hair has turn white, so I was intrigued. I’ve never known Jing Chao, but his character has the most layers (like an onion!) and since the ML hasn’t managed to pull anything from me, I’m watching for the general lol even though this ship will sink so hard on another note, Jing Chao will be second male lead again with Tiffany Tang xD and they will be husband and wife for a bit of time before he die! So I’m definitely tuning in for that series xD i have to say though... 2 weeks of waiting for new episodes make me really doubtful I will continue watching it as it air or just wait until it all come out lol! L.o.r.d is out and I think I should check it out :p
  16. Well, considering even my Vietnamese newspaper ignore this drama, I don’t think it’s doing so well. As much as most people loves the male lead and think the female lead is pretty, cute and very good at acting, the series as a whole missing something. Possibly it’s rather predictable at this rate, like the trailer, the closing credit, the book’s ending, all pointing out as the drama will follow it. Then there is a certain missing something for me: like a lack of emotional impacts, like I mentioned in my previous post, I don’t feel strongly for the main leads, and still haven’t. And we are at 32 :/ and since we know her heart won’t change, then it kinda go snoozefest predictable way (even though it’s done well, me as an audience isn’t gonna be surprise :/ hard to explain but yea, I almost wanted it to go the dessert drama with Cecilia Liu at this rate lol). Then there is the chemistry between the leads, maybe it’s ok chemistry, but it isn’t the best? Look at the legends, the chemistry is off the chart, and so while that drama tanks in many ways compare to this series, it creates quite a buzz and love from the fans. And there is other complains, like a YouTube I followed, she didn’t even bother trying because apparently this series has major photoshop issue: making sure everyone’s face is white and clean of blemish lol. I think it did well online, but not exceptional. And then there is a leak issue, it’s bad to release 32 eps in literally a week, then making people wait for 2 weeks to go back on schedule, it gives people time to realise they aren’t that attach to the drama lol, and so not as strong a buzz either (if you know what I mean). And normally, if I love a series, I would rewatch during wait time, but I haven’t :/ not even 1 part (which highlight maybe another problem? No real part to go back and rewatch which is bad for romantic drama)
  17. That’s s some scheme! Lol! Poor Rong Qi and Fu Chou. And this is why I said this drama’s highlights are the second and third male lead lol. I feel for them, and so not much for Wu You (he is the definition of born with a golden spoon then have the cake xD). For FC, witnessing his dad rather him dead and won’t accept him as son, and for RQ where his mother hates him and use him. Those two do not have any love in their lives, and the princess do not have feeling for one, and forgot the feeling she has for the other! I feel for RL as she did love RQ. But... knowing these make me further doubt how she could go white hair lol. Definitely not because of the pains, maybe because of the poison, but pains? The second n third male lead have it way worse -.- And I also don’t like how wu you ruined her reputation on her wedding day either, that’s just immature. He should know he was the first to refuse her, and if she wasn’t the princess, he would still refuse the marriage to the princess! He did not think for his country (yea, don’t want to be used as pawn, but at the same time, where was his sense of responsibility? When you were born into a royal family, living with a full belly, you should learn to be responsible), not once but many time over. And he thinks he’s the favourite prince and so he can go and humiliate any govern official to his liking? His character is so childish, and he literally can do no wrong.
  18. Yup, that’s my theory as well. Sadly the mystery isn’t great/being overused/over hinting. I skipped most of it and still know what they are trying to say lol (too many repeat flashbacks)
  19. Lol, nah, only the two leads. What cause the general to think she’s an imposter and not the real princess?
  20. He explained that because she can understand his music (“the second you told me how you felt about my music, I knew you are the one for me” that’s what the General said when she is like “I don’t understand why you want me, or love me when we barely even know each other”). I think he’s always so guarded, and hiding behind a facade for so long, that no one can read him. But when he plays his music, that’s the only time he’s true to himself, and she can say outright what’s really in his heart/mind.
  21. It’s my guess based on the mv/ending credit scene. Can’t remember where I saw it but
  22. Lol, pretty sure that part is included lol (however changed). It’s a step further from what the crown prince did but basically same scheme lol. Though I don’t know how that sort of thing should even sound like a good plan in anyone’s mind? (Feel like the author just want to make the General a really disgusting person 0.o). Anyway, we will get there soon lol. pretty sure in the drama, this will happen: Too bad, his character barely has much scenes! And even though I guess his story as much, and know that it will he reveal in the next few eps (possibly gonna devoting at least 3-5 eps on him, their first love, etc), that makes the drama has less than 15eps to reach home. Gonna be a rush, yet boring predictable one lol. And this is why I’m like the princess is actually pretty lucky. Sure she might felt used and betrayed, but deep down, each man loves her and protect her. And some even betrayed her for the right reasons (her emperor brother). For someone so smart, she’s not empathise enough or understanding enough. And so, I don’t think I will feel for the reason her hair turns white. This drama highlight is about the second and the third male suffering, rather than the lead couple’s suffering lol. It’s a shame that her character started out strong and smart, while still being smart as the show goes on, she lost the sparkles for me :/ I can’t fault her actions that much, because if you don’t love someone, you should not give them hope, but because you see how much pains the general and her emperor brother have, you somewhat not liking her lol (or not loving her as strongly? If you know what I mean)
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