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  1. LOL Reminded me of this: Still gives me a chuckle every time.
  2. Production holds a lot of control over what you get to see. We got to see SA interact before because it wasn't an issue. Right now, if my speculation was correct, there is a change of direction on this matter in the show, and you can see efforts being made controlling it. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  3. I am of the same opinion as well. We can't be sure rn if that gf is JH but it's certainly plausible. Until new evidence shows up, I'm maintaining the stance that there hasn't been anything to firmly prove or disprove whether SA is real, although there are quite a few things that are hard (but not impossible) to explain away with the "not real" narrative. I personally wouldn't put much stock on what JK's friends say at this point. I've watched Haha in variety since the Xman days, and if anything he is a highly spontaneous entertainer. It's uncanny, his ability to instantly respond to a situation in the most entertaining way in the blink of an eye. Just last segment he was "setting up" JK with the Miss Korea doing PPL. This episode he was mentioning the "some" between JK and JH again. I don't think he was actively pushing an agenda in either case -- more like these were entertaining things to do for the show. And remember narratives can change overnight. I already mentioned the yearly pattern that they have with SA. But the most extreme case would probably go to Yoon Eun-hye. YJS constantly mentioned her and teased JK about it in RM. However, after the 2015 "Summon YEH" dumpster fire by SBS, he never mentioned her on the show again (other than the brief Xman x RM episode, and let's be honest, that loveline was the elephant in the room). There are still positives, however. I agree with @heynell that had JK wanted to put an end to this affair, he could've said something to deny it in a tactful or funny way. Instead, he just smiled shyly. Again, nothing concrete, but a good sign nonetheless.
  4. Every year now since Gary's departure and the infamous "KJK SJH firing" event, at the turn of the year (December or Janurary), the show would acknowledge or even push SA. Then boom, they would stop mentioning it. Very abruptly, like it never happened at all. Looks like this year we made it to April and the same thing happened again. Most of us should agree that in a sandbox, a loveline between JK and JH would benefit the show. Monday Couple was a big part of Jihyo's characterization on the show -- losing that was a big dent. Had other circumstances worked in JH's favor, this loss might not have been felt this much, but alas, the direct opposite is true. RM's changes (PD departures, CP changes, members aging) have made the show a more hostile environment for JH, and she is struggling becuz of it. If impacts to their personal lives be ignored, it makes perfect sense for the show to push a loveline for her, as it would bring her much needed characterization and spotlight. And let's face it, after Gary's departure there is no other more suitable than JK. So why isn't it happening? Well, "from this point forth we shall... journey into thickets of wildest guesswork". The production team would probably love to see such a development, and this is supported by ample evidence. It then follows that there is push back that prevents it from being a long term thing. If I may be so bold, I would guess that Jihyo is ok with it but JK has been pushing back. What does this mean for JK and JH irl? It's hard to say, given the pair's close personal relationship, romantic or not. A loveline is a double-edged sword, and perhaps JK doesn't want to use JH as just something to advance the show. So why is Jihyo OK with it? If the two share a platonic relationship, then JH has fewer immediate concerns with being in a loveline. Makes sense. If the two are in a romantic relationship, then JH perhaps feels a little uneasy with JK being in other lovelines. Also makes sense. Both scenarios are plausible in my mind, and both have glaring holes. If the first case is true, then I have to be honest: this move is incredibly short sighted, and no wonder JK is pushing back. If the second case is true, then JH is either being a little immature (granted, it's easier said than done for someone in love), or she's pressuring JK to go public. And it makes sense for JK to push back becuz the repercussion would be huge. Do they stay on the show? The pressure would be immense: look at what happened on I Live Alone. If one or both of them are to leave, then what about the show? YJS has said before that either all 8 stay, or all 8 leave. So what's gonna happen then? I have to remind people the above portions are mostly speculation and I could turn out to be totally mistaken. But I saw some really negative vibes in the Chinese community bemoaning the "lack of interaction". Well, based on the above reasoning, I don't see it as necessarily a bad thing. Also there could be a very simple explanation to "lack of interaction": JH has a bad cold
  5. Time for a dose of positivity after the seeming doom and gloom. Long post ahead 1. As @kookiemongg pointed out, the production team has always addressed Kook Mong as couple and Kook Min as sibling, but this might have been lost on international fans. Not that it says anything about Spartace, but it shows that the production team has no real intention of promoting a loveline between JK and Somin. And frankly for me, this cat and mouse dynamic between them is funny on the show. It's reminiscent of JK and Kwangsoo's onscreen dynamic. However, it's also refreshing since JK had always been gentlemanly towards female guests and Jihyo, and here we finally have this girl that gets on his nerve in a very comedic way. 2. Since 2017, the show has openly acknowledged SA every year near the turn of the year. See episodes 332, 382, 385 and the plethora this year as examples. The funny thing is, every time, the show abruptly stops mentioning it. Like it stops being a thing overnight. This might be happening again, we'll have to wait and see. But I would like to remind fellow shippers that this phenomenon is nothing new. One can only speculate what this weird phenomenon means, but one thing is for certain: the relationship between JK and JH, in whatever form that may be, is very different from two agreeing individuals doing a loveline on a show as a conscious creative decision. 3. The dynamic between JSM and KJK online as well as in the last episode of MUD looked nothing like lovers. If anything, it all reminds me of accepting someone relatively new into your old friend circle. I get this feeling occasionally with YSC as well, as if there are certain inside jokes that he isn't getting quite yet. But yeah, when it comes to JSM, KJK has been like "yeah we're really close!" "yeah I met her mom the other day too, she's really nice and really pretty!" You don't say stuff like this with really close friends. KJK never says this stuff about Jihyo because there is no need. He does not need to show everyone that he and Jihyo are close, because 1) it's obvious and 2) it's personal. Now whether that close bond is romantic or not, nobody is sure. But nothing I have seen yet points definitively at no. 4. I must be sounding like a broken record by now, but this show is not entirely about SA. Heck, back in the day, the official loveline Monday Couple wasn't featured in every single episode either. This episode as a whole was very entertaining (Yooames Bond episodes have always been a treat). True that SA had low screen time, but there have been many instances where an episode puts an emphasis on a particular member. SA had episodes with them at the forefront this year too (episodes 436 and 438). I'd say y'all have been spoiled by the bombardment of SA moments this year that normal levels for the past isn't good enough anymore. And honestly, more screen exposure might not be a good thing if they really are a couple irl.
  6. The OP pointed out that YJS asked Jihyo to comment on the fashion choice if it was her boyfriend, and if the color was black. The OP inferred from these observations that: 1) Jihyo has a boyfriend irl 2) Jihyo is protective of her boyfriend and/or he is present 3) Boyfriend really likes the color black The OP then opined that had HaHa not interrupted, YJS might've unleashed a new round of SA teasing following the cue to color black. It's probably important to point out that it was JSJ who actually said the bit about the color black. Personally I think this is pretty delulu. As much as I support this ship, not everything on the show is about SA. But hey, that's what shippers do right
  7. This is perhaps the most precise evaluation of this character. Miejue picked her because of her talents in martial arts and her relationship with ZWJ but she was not a good leader -- at least, not prepared to be a leader yet. In the first edition of the novel that Jin Yong published as a series on Ming Pao from 1961 to 1962, Zhang Sanfeng reprimanded her in the end and accused her of taking Ermei in a wrong direction, and that Ermei would not gain the recognition it craved by using cheap tricks. In later editions, similar accusations were made by others during the Shaolin Temple conference. This is what happens when you take a 19 year old girl who had done other people's bidding all her life, set her on a dangerous, difficult and covert mission, and make her responsible for a whole sect against a particularly perilous world. ZZR is smart, has resolve and a backbone. Given time and training, she could perhaps become a potent leader of her sect. And maybe that was Miejue's original plan, who knows. But given the circumstances, she was woefully unready and her inexperience really showed.
  8. Remember, Master Miejue labelled Ming as one of her sect's mortal enemies. ZR's mission is to use ZWJ's feelings for her for Ermei's gain. Miejue never meant for her protegee to become friends with ZWJ, let alone marrying him (in fact she put a vicious curse on such an event). ZR was only supposed to manipulate ZWJ and carry out covert acts. It's just that she has deep feelings for him too, which complicated matters, and this internal conflict is what makes this character interesting. There is a newly added passage in the 3rd edition of the novel that's very telling. ZR was actually thinking about killing ZWJ that night, but she could not bring herself to doing it after seeing him so happy and cute in his sleep. There is no doubt that she loved him deeply and the author made it very clear. I don't think marrying him was part of the plan. This is evident in how heavily Miejue's curse weighed on her after the betrothal. And by no means I'm trying to fully exonerate her. Ermei sect's performance at the Shaolin Temple conference was despicable and she's largely responsible.
  9. This is technically pretty justified according to the back story of the sword and the saber. Guo Jing and Huang Rong forged them and hid secrets in them in the hope that one day a righteous hero will take them and expel the Mongolian conquerors from China. The swords was then passed to Guo Xiang, who was the founder of Ermei Sect. The saber was supposed to pass to her brother, but he died along his parents fighting the Mongolians and the saber was then lost. So as the sect's current leader, she has a more legitimate claim on the artifacts and their secrets than everyone else. It had belonged to her sect's founder's family, after all. ZWJ later became the legitimate wielder but that's only because of his leadership role in the war against the Mongols, which was what the sword and the saber was meant for. In the novel, the "killing" of YL was the part ZR felt the most guilty about. Like mentioned previously, she had a totally legitimate claim on the sword and the saber, and she alone knew their origin and secrets, so totally understandable if she did not feel any guilt taking them. ZM was her enemy, not only because she was a Mongolian princess (which the ethnic Han Chinese had viewed with intense hatred) but also because ZM imprisoned the Ermei Sect and effectively killed her master. There's no reason why she should feel guilty about framing her and making ZWJ go after her. The only innocent victim was YL. And I think that's where the guilt comes from. I'm curious to see where they are going to take this: is this denial, or does she truly believe that ends justify the means? Is she a Raskolnikov? or a Napoleon?
  10. Nothing new here. It's a remark about JH getting carried off stage by JK at his [sic] fan meeting (a video that most of us have probably already seen). It then remarked on how close they normally are at RM shoots.
  11. Ok CTH's "gambling" is literally like betting 10 bucks against your friend when you go bowling or play video games. It's just that he's a lot richer, so the amount is higher. Celebrities should be subjected to a higher moral standard, so it is definitely wrong. But it's not something that makes me feel disgusted about his character. Just hope that this will not negatively impact KJK.
  12. Only just watched the latest episode, and I gotta say, some people need to drop this junior high mentality that you can't have an amiable relationship with anyone of the opposite gender other than your SO. SA are not in grade 7 anymore, but the same can't be said of certain snowflakes (esp on weibo). Some people were also concerned that they had a fight. Well couples do fight, that's just life. There was this famous scene among SA shippers that depicted them apparently fighting (with JH stepping on his shoe and JSJ stuck awkwardly in between). And normally, couples don't split up over just a fight. In fact, them fighting is another piece of good evidence that supports the notion that they've been dating irl, most likely for a long time.
  13. Remember folks, this show has 8 permanent cast members, not 2. It's unreasonable to expect every episode to be overloaded with SA sweetness. This is RM after all, not WGM. True that our appetites have grown in the past couple of weeks, but that's hardly an excuse. Another sweet moment I noticed was after JK eliminated JSJ. He immediately went to JH after, a little apologetically as he kinda knocked her to the wall in his effort to get to JSJ. And then Jihyo said something along "she was scared" in a cute aegyo way (which was not shown on camera but you could clearly hear it when the camera was on HaHa).
  14. LOL if a guy's into a girl and she calls him unexpectedly to meet, most people wouldn't want to bring friends. Like what's this, I third-wheel myself?
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