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  1. There are many more but I'm just gonna leave this one here.
  2. Good catch! Although I'd say it's pretty tame compared to what they've done before. They've had skinship that was way more... inappropriate LOL. This is part of why I think the ship is still going strong: skinship like this feels really commonplace. It could be Jihyo, but I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn't. Others have analyzed that the earliest possible SA could have started dating was late 2013. For all we know JK could've dated someone before that, especially when we know Jihyo was dating that CEO in 2012.
  3. Yep, and he also put his arm around Jihyo in the same episode too. In fact, we've been getting a fairly steady stream of subtle sweet moments during the recent episodes. Also in the same episode, during debate "Can KJK get married in 3 years", when Jihyo started talking, JSJ said: "listen carefully to Jihyo, her words are important."
  4. Congratulations to KJK for winning the Daesang of the 2020 SBS Entertainment Awards! There are also a few cute SA moments at the award ceremony too.
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