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  1. Not sure if you guys know this yet or not but Drake's career choice before he decided to become an actor was a veterinarian.
  2. We are working on the possibility of having Drake and Frank sign some of the smile shirts to sell at the show. Also maybe some photos of them together autographed.
  3. I can't tell much from this trailer but from what Drake told me it sounds like a pretty good storyline and I think Drake looks pretty good in that suit. 555
  4. for Mork's disease do some research on the frequent nosebleeds. Also, as you can tell by the seriousness between Tee and his dad it is a pretty serious disease that can be terminal.
  5. I will keep you updated as much as I can. Unfortunately, I am not allowed to say anything about upcoming projects until they are officially announced. I do understand why they have this policy though because Drake has been cast in a few projects that have been postponed/changed and or canceled. I can say there are already more projects in the works for Drake.
  6. "If Tee sees this video.Mork is probably not going to be with you anymore.yesterday is the last day I get to play Mork. and thank you Tee and Mork for letting me know about their love and thank you for letting me be part of them if there is another opportunity I will do my best thank you"
  7. Here is what I have come up with for the Smile shirt. Let me know what you guys think. The signature is with a black sharpie.
  8. Maybe a start but the beer here is only 5% and it looked to me like he drank at the most 2 small bottles. Not nearly enough to be drunk enough to need help standing up let alone acting the way he was. Now if those bottles were filled with Lao khao I could see it.
  9. I don't know how much experience you have had with being drunk or being around drunk people but I have seen people get up while they were passed out drunk and go pee in the middle of the room, the dresser drawer and in the closet. When we asked them what the hell they were doing and told them to go to the bathroom they swore they were already in the bathroom. People can be drunk and in a dream-like state and still function without having a clue what they are really doing. Having said that there were not enough beer bottles there to get someone Drake's size stumbling drunk let alone to the blackout state.
  10. I just had my daughter recreate the graphic for the shirt and will have some printed. I can get Drake to sign as many as we need. He is going to talk to Frank this weekend at the fan meet they are attending to see if he is interested. Having an auction with as many cast signatures as we can get would be a good Idea. I will inquire about a Thailand charity for the proceeds to go to if we pull it off. Thanks for the idea.
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