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  1. Wookie Suddenly waking up: "It's not me...I haven't slept! Something happened?"Wookie spotted actor Lee Joon Hyuk "Oh, hyung! What are you doing here?" Lee Joon Hyuk: "Was taking pic for Instagram".Wookie: "I see". The reaction no one has expected to hearAnd text in Wookie's post:Very surprised Jung Rok. (Director Yeon, reveal this pic-evidence!)
  2. TYH wrap up party Wookie looks relaxed in this oversized clothes after wearing black tie two hours ago Hopefully you'll have good rest tonight
  3. Looks like it's vid of Wookie leaving wrap up party fans are waiting for him. And it's so cute that he recognizes fans
  4. The ending scene cr: alleram95 YS: I want to go public with our relationship. Is it okay with you? JR: Yes CEO Ent: Oh! Man: Hi CEO Ent: Long time no see Man: Yeah YH: This is the new laywer that just joined us, his name is Laywer Kim Kim: Nice to meet you YH: Cheers to our love MH: Cheers Reporter1: Oh it's Oh Yoon Seo Crowd: Yoon Seo ssi Crowd: Look at here please YS: My heart, my sincerity (playing a word on her name jin shim) you have known all of it, right? JR: Of course I have known all things about your heart. Your sincerity has touched my heart
  5. Ep15 CR: stroppyse Choi: My darling, ahh. (feeding her a piece of meat)Dan: Darling, also, ahh. (taking a piece of meat that the CEO had been reaching for to feed Choi)Lee: Wow, love is really blossoming at Always.CEO: Well, in my heart, anger is blossoming. You know, looking at those two, I understand why CEO’s don’t like office romances. Why should a CEO suffer? Giving out salaries to have to keep watching that sort of stuff. (indicating Choi and Dan) Oh. If we continue like this, I think I’m going to get heartburn, so since we seem to have finished eating, let’s get up and go. (starts to get up) Let’s go!Choi: Oh, that’s a shame.(JS comes in)CEO: Yoon Seo-shi!JS: Hello.Everyone: Yoon Seo-shi!CEO: How are you here?JS: Oh, I got some inside information that you were having an office dinner here, so I came by.CEO: It’s good that you came. We were just getting started. Come this way. Sit here. (to intern) Where is Jung Won-shi’s seat?Intern: Oh, over there! (moves so that the CEO can sit next to JS)CEO: Oh, that’s right.Kim: Yoon Seo-shi, Yoon Seo-shi, there has been some big news! It’s that Lawyer Dan and Layer Choi are dating!JS: Oh, really?Dan: It’s turned out that way. As a matter of fact, I was going to call you tomorrow to tell you about it.JS: Oh, congratulations! Congratulations!CEO: Lawyer Kwon, aren’t you happy to see Yoon Seo-shi? How come you’re not saying a word?JR: Yes?CEO: Lawyer Kwon, did something happen? Your face looks awful as well. Is it because you have Spring fever? (meaning allergies) It’s because you’re lonely!Choi: That’s right!JR: As if.CEO: What do you mean “as if”? We should set Lawyer Kwon up on some blind dates, huh?JR: No thanks.CEO: What do you mean no thanks? Just looking at you, you don’t have a girlfriend, so at times like this, it’s better to be set up. Huh? Hae Young-shi, Lawyer Dan, aren’t there some people that you know? (to set JR up with, that is) Aren’t there?JS: Oh, excuse me. Lawyer Kwon has a girlfriend.CEO: What are you…?Choi: Oh, really? You’re saying that Lawyer Kwon has a girlfriend?JS: Yes. That is… oh, she is actually me.(everyone bursts into laughter)CEO: You joker! You joker!Everyone: Oh really.CEO: You really are an actress. Without even your eyes blinking, you’re joking like that. “I’m the girl-“ I can’t even do it.JS: It’s true! Even though I did hesitate for a bit, but since you’re all people whom I like and trust, I wanted to be honest with you. I and Lawyer Kwon really are dating.(seeing Choi and Dan’s hands, grabs hold of JR’s hand)JS: And, I really like Lawyer Kwon a lot.CEO: Oh, that’s how it is. (burns his hand)Intern: Oh, CEO, isn’t that hot?CEO: Oh, it’s hot! I’m crying because it’s hot. Because it’s hot.Yang: Oh, really? And, not because your heart is hurting?CEO: No, no, no. It’s because my hand is too hot. It’s too hot. Oh, I really congratulate you. Really. (getting up) I’m going to go to the bathroom. I really have to go. Bathroom. Congratulations, you two.HY: Yoon Seo-shi, congratulations.
  6. Sales of Korean dramas and films rose around 15 percent at a major international content fair in Hong Kong last week - Among the most sold K-dramas there were "Touch Your Heart" by tvN and "The Last Empress" by SBS. cr: willenette
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