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  1. @shjfan23 well I'll have to wait for HJ cameo then but I may have to rely on you to tell me which episode she's in, just case this series the doesn't interest me . I read that PBG was off to do his mandatory enlistment at the end of August so they must be filming the series now?
  2. It's so quiet on the HJ news front. What's going on with her new management company, there's just no news at all, how disappointing . Does HJ even have any CFs? she had so many with her old company. @shjfan23 there's so many new kdramas but none seem to excite me so I've been going back and watching older ones, Secret Boutique was really good. I have trouble watching dramas while it's being broadcast as I'm too impatient to wait for the next episode (HJ dramas are an exception ). I wonder if we will see anything from HJ this year.
  3. @hola2jin urgh thanks?? so this is based on a celebrity's advertising power to create consumer loyalty?
  4. Haha that's my next one after KDSBH . I would really like to watch Here Comes Mr Oh but can't find it anywhere .
  5. I am getting serious SHJ withdrawals so watching rewatching her filmograghy starting with OHYA, anybody in the same boat?
  6. @shjfan23 Thanks for the info. Thankfully Soop has english subs, HJ is so cute. Can't wait to here of her next project hopefully not too far away.