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  1. I stand by my assessment of DOTS and Mr Sunshine and probably also the Lee MinHo one that’s coming from the same writer. Too grandiose for my liking. I don’t like it when they keep pushing the “it’s going to be epic” tag even before the drama airs. I like to decide for myself if it deserves the “epic” tag. Mr Sunshine was the same for me. Too much pomp and ceremony. I actually really like Kim TaeRi but give me Little Forest which she starred in anytime. Simple. No fuss. But poignant. I haven’t watched Weightlifting Fairy either. I may put it down on my list if I have time over the festive season. So far I have been content to just watch movies. 888
  2. Never really had that experience. So can’t comment. . I would’ve been happy even if Secret Forest only had 1 season. I close the book and move onto another. Didn’t miss anything. Definitely. I kept putting it off despite the rave reviews everywhere... and I didn’t know who Cho SeungWoo was and finally I decided to just see what the fuss was about... and I binged watch... and then rewatched a second time a week after just to get the full effects of all the clever twists. It’s the only drama in the thriller genre I have watched twice. 882
  3. Yes. That man is gorgeous. Honestly a man who can sing and strum the guitar? That’s a weapon of mass destruction. He’s dangerous when he smiles - that mischievous glint in his eye melts hearts. Just as well SiMok doesn’t smile much or I’d be in big trouble. Although he seems to be practicing with the pic that YeoJin drew for him at the end of SF1. Ottoke? 866
  4. @ktcjdrama Gah I can’t finish God’s Gift 14days. I got to Ep10...don’t read if you absolutely love the show... it’s a rant in the spoiler 866
  5. Been hung plenty of times over. Nothing new. Weightlifting Fairy with Nam JooHyuk in it. 862
  6. Is it? I find some guys hard to warm to as well. Nam JooHyuk is one for me. 860
  7. Yup men are better at pragmatics, divorcing their feelings from the logic. Women tend to blend the 2 more readily. Good for you. I just find her hard to warm to. She’s obviously a very classy lady in real life. Her response (and lack thereof) when the whole divorce spilled over in the public arena was classy. She didn’t put a foot wrong in the public space so she has my utmost respect for that. 856
  8. Yeah just didn’t gel with her. Don’t get me wrong, she’s all kinds of beautiful but she’s cold...every drama I watch her in, I just can’t “warm” to her. She’s like this Ice Princess (Frozen Imma lookin’ at you...LET IT GO... ). Plus all the medical scenes were just overdone and that just added to my growing disdain for her character. And yes I did prefer the second lead army girl too. She and the tsundere second lead army guy - let’s face it, JoongKi and him? No match when it comes to army greens. Plus he (JoongKi’s bestie) had this facial scar (if memory serves me right) that just added to his allure. I could buy that he was special forces...I couldn’t buy JoongKi as special forces material? Even if he did go shirtless to try to “prove himself” to me that he was a tough guy. Because they project. They see themselves as potentially the person who died. They understand firsthand what it means about the pressures that person underwent which drove them to the brink. I think a lot of girls would’ve stared into that abyss themselves but just never jumped. So for them it’s as personal as it gets. They talk about it in third person’s terms (Sulli’s death etc) to distance themselves but they are actually speaking about it firsthand through her. That’s my take on it anyway. 854
  9. Probably coz it’s pre-produced and it will fit into Netflix schedule then? CSW won’t be available till end Jan-early Feb 2020. Not sure what Bae Doona’s schedule is like. And LJH as well. I am just glad the gang is back together again. @UnniSarah Re : Bae Doona. Yes she totally rocked her role. Is she based overseas? Or is she based in Korea? If she resides overseas mainly then it’s understandable that she would have other things to consider if she were to film in Korea for a couple of months.
  10. O please no. I didn’t like that doctor in DOTS at all. In my eyes (I rolled them often in the little that I watched of DOTS), that doctor wasn’t competent and I couldn’t take her “doctoring ways” seriously. Apologies in advance @bedifferent for ageing you prematurely by labelling you an ahjumma. 854
  11. I know. PSH packed SO much compared to him . And he ate so simply too. She went full out and cooked different things. She had music on all the time. She really struggled when they told her no phone use. He didn’t look at his phone at all and sat in silence much of the time . Honestly he had the worst weather compared to her but he never complained. After that show my dream house would be one with one of those wood fire stoves. So cool . 846
  12. O so you watched Little House in the Forest then? Where she and So JiSub did an experiment on minimalist living? I quite enjoyed it. Seeing how different they both were. For some reason watching So JiSub do absolutely nothing and stare into space was calming and very zen. They were just totally opposite to how they approached it. So JiSub seemed to be completely in his element. Totally unplugged from modern conveniences. PSH struggled a lot more. But I did like how she was healthy. She ate decent amounts of food. Unlike a lot of the actresses who are rake thin and hardly eat anything. 846
  13. I feel the same about Jin SeYeon. But I will have to put up with her (Park ShinHye) because Cho SeungWoo is paired up with her in Sisyphus the myth next year. “You Are a Syndrome” award? “Critically Attractive” award? “The Unexpected” award? I know OCN does weird but that’s just on another level weird. 846
  14. Not really. I watched a few eps and dropped it because the whole AR theme didn’t interest me and I wasn’t a HyunBin fan. Do you dislike PSH? What is it about her that you dislike? 844
  15. Yeah I know the ending isn’t what everyone wanted. I think I will watch regardless and make of the ending as best I can. I trust Cho SeungWoo’s judgement when it comes to making movies/dramas. He doesn’t do run of the mill stuff. There has to be some underlying message or novel idea for him to say yes to it. You just need to dig hard to find it if it’s not obvious. If God’s Gift ended “badly” by viewer standards, it may be because the viewers were expecting a “happy ending” or “loose ends all tied up” ending. Lots were disappointed with the ending in MOAlhambra but I agree with Packmule3’s assessment. It made sense. Similar to Life’s ending. I liked it. It made sense to me given the whole narrative and what the message the writer was trying to convey. I will watch and let you know what I take from it and try to glean what it was in the drama that appealed to CSW’s brain for him to say yes in the first place. 846
  16. Okay I file that info away in the annals of my mind. Good to know. She’s got good insights when dissecting dramas. I like that. As an aside, @ktcjdrama @triplem I followed up with Life (I didn’t watch live because LDW was cast as male lead and he always makes me feel like he’s sick physically - he looks so gaunt, so I feel bad watching him act ). Hence my question about Bedifferent. She was very active in that thread. I liked that drama too. In fact I just like the writer. Her 2 dramas thus far have been out of the box and her version of slice of life is quite literally a SINGLE slice of life. She doesn’t tie off every loose end. It’s deliberate on her part, unlike some dramas where it’s rushed and loose writing. For her it’s more about asking the question and leaving the audience to make of it as we would rather than feeding it to us on a silver platter. I like that. Not everyone has a “happy” ending. There are still some left wondering, “what now”? (Like the transplant doctor (?)). @ktcjdrama did you watch God’s Gift? I am currently chasing down all his past works and watching. I watched Ep1 and the little girl just “annoyed” me... she was just asking to be kidnapped/killed. . And her mom is just... I have no words. I may plow through it for CSW’s sake. 842
  17. Wae? Because you prefer the second lead over the first? Maybe you need to dial up @Dhakra the White Knight for second leads...O wait...that’s for female second leads. Not sure if he will do the same for male second leads. 826
  18. Yeah ditto. They are over the top. Every drama she’s in they are like that . In her last one they even turned on themselves. . Was LJH’s hair bad? I didn’t think it was. Look at YSY’s mop now in Psychopath Diary... that’s a travesty. . I was worried when someone said LJH’s character was a webtoon artist in 365 (but she got it mixed up with NJH). He plays a detective so he should have nice and neat hair surely? I don’t like my men with messy hair. I can’t take them seriously. 826
  19. @triplem well in her interview SHS said it wasn’t love she was after. 826
  20. Yeah gotta get a read on potential users to avoid entangling with in SF2. Although now that ES is dead (I can’t believe some of them thought she faked it and would return alive somehow ? How is that even plausible in this gritty reality thriller with no fantasy element at all?), none of the major irksome candidates will probably show up in the SF2 thread. Unless writer chooses to let her do some cameo in a dream sequence . btw, is bedifferent an ahjussi or ahjumma? I keep referencing people as female by default on Soompi. Like poor @Dhakra who had a gender identity crisis as a result 822
  21. @triplem @ktcjdrama more thoughts after reading more on SF1 thread. 822
  22. @ktcjdrama I am sifting through all the comments in the SF1 thread and yours (and stuarttmz? He’s left Soompi now) are the only sane ones that have any credence to understanding SM’s character. The rest are ludicrous assessments. This is your comment. It is exactly my assessment - my notes/comment in the SF2 thread. Is SM rude? Yes. But then so are most autistic/mentally handicapped people? It’s not possible to expect them to behave normally. Was he “grieving” when ES died? Maybe. He was traumatised but what he’s experiencing is not what the typical person would be experiencing? He treats everyone the same. ES is no different from the Clerks in his office or YJ or anyone else. He would probably have collapsed at their deaths too. ES is no more “special” than anyone else. I don’t think he would “miss” her or be racked with guilt like what the fandom of SHS are expecting. That’s the beautiful thing about his character. He is very black and white. Everyone is a means to an end. He doesn’t play nice or worry about what anyone thinks about him. He doesn’t care about the consequences. He just does his job. He doesn’t get upset/discouraged that the bad guys get a lenient sentence. He just doggedly keeps at doing his job. There was all this anger directed at the writer for using ES’s death as a plot device so that SM would develop emotions? They completely missed the point. The only times he ever displayed emotions and there was an actual word associated with it was when YJ drew those pictures for him. She’s the plot device, not ES. He’s learning emotions through her. And btw, that’s how autistic children are taught emotions too...with pictures. All I can say is thank goodness I didn’t watch live. I have decided I don’t think I can ever watch anything of her dramas live because of her fandom. 824
  23. I read it was rom com? https://www.soompi.com/article/1370863wpp/go-joon-jung-gun-joo-and-park-byung-eun-in-talks-along-with-jang-nara-for-new-romantic-comedy 810
  24. Okay after sifting through pages of rants about SiMok in the SF1, I feel like I need to set the record straight about his character. Off topic so in spoiler, although it would be nice to “get” SM’s character from the start of SF2 because we’ve already got cues from SF1.
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