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  1. Wise words. I don’t fan girl like most do. I follow them like I do my son’s friends or my daughter’s friends. It’s just that because they are celebrities there’s so much more information about them. They are like science experiments for me (research subjects). And I have fun predicting if something said about them is true or just fake news or not. Whether it fits with their profile. I am a bit disappointed if they fall but certainly not devastated. Often what happens for me is then I go back and try to work out if there was something I missed or if I judged wrong. It fine tunes my real life skills and helps when I am giving counsel to couples with marriage problems. It helps me quickly work out the dynamics in a relationship so I am better equipped to help people in real life. Which is why men of character pique my interest (real/celebrity). What is it about them that makes them tick? Can you pick out heroes in a crowd? Or can anyone be a hero? Why is it then that you see those YouTube videos of people in crowded trains and someone is being picked on overtly and everybody freezes or pretends not to see or is content to just film it and do nothing? And on the rare occasion where someone actually steps in to intervene, do people step up too or do they just walk away? I am probably speaking as a mother here. I want my children to be those heroes. To stand up and be counted because it’s hard to stick out and do the right thing. So I “stan” these people, not the ones that just look good beautiful on the outside and I tell my children, “look, see that? He did something right. Copy that.” No idea what an Eonammyru is but I guess it means you’ve been around for a while. Packmule I love. I think I am older than she is... wild guess based on background research and little tidbits picked up from chatting with her on her blog. I just got on the KDrama bandwagon very late in life. But you are right. There’s no right or wrong about how to approach oppa fan girling. To each her own. 960
  2. Late to the party (as usual ). Seeing the ratings sky rocket is always something that piques my interest. Didn’t sign up initially because I know zilch about baseball. Then I watched Ep1... and then Ep2... I am hooked. There’s enough there not to have to understand the intricacies of baseball to get a handle on the drama politics and dynamics. It’s fascinating... and yes Larus, it’s giving me all the Life vibes... Baek Seung Soo is President Gu... coming in and shaking up the tight knit fraternity at its core. Learning on the job, dealing with conflicts... totally wrong footing them at every turn. He knows how to play the people game... cold, calculating, exerting his authority but you know from the get go that he has a heart. Female lead is like good hearted Paediatrician No-Eul, she’s in her Dream job (pun intended) because her heart lies there (her dad and her look to be Dream fans from way back). And throw in the paraplegic brother character just to cement it with Life parallels for me . Sold. Yes that picture taking of food before he eats is an interesting quirk. I need to play catch up.
  3. Nothing in life is 100% accurate. All the “science” you rely on now can be upturned with the next discovery. You can only make guesstimates. The more information you have, the higher the chances of being correct. Margin of error is always there. You decide whether or not to date someone based on a guesstimate. The less emotion there is in that decision, the better your chances are at guessing right. Whilst the initial “spark” may be based on a feeling, the decision as to whether to move with it (for me anyway) is based on cold hard facts. What are they like at home? What’s their family relationships like? That’s where they are most “real”/authentic. I gather all that information and make a judgement as to the likelihood of success before I jump in. Is it 100% accurate? By no means but it’s a helluva lot more accurate than someone who jumps in straight away with no “research”. JJY has a sex addiction. That’s what I would’ve pinned it down to. It was his secret that he hid from most of his “clean” friends. He actually has an uncanny sense of reading people, as evidenced by his persona in 2D1N. He would always be the first to suspect something isn’t what it seems because he would read the filming staff, PD and crew. There was a running joke that it was very hard to hide things from JJY. Unfortunately he used this skill of his and honed his predator instinct - this skill also allowed him to pick who he could safely share his videos with (without being outed). A lot of the times he would turn up at set of 2D1N looking hung over. He was estranged from his mother. He was an online gamer (loaded with violence and sexual themes). I always thought it was weird that he was on variety because he had a “bad boy” image. Yet he kept fronting up to different varieties. It was as if he was trying to escape his addictions/bad boy lifestyle by trying to make up for it with the good stuff. So personally for me, I think him being “found out” was the “best” thing that could’ve happened to him. I hope after he serves his sentence in jail, he will move to the West somewhere and get himself into rehab and start anew (I don’t think this is possible in Korea). I saw genuine remorse in him. He never once tried to parry the accusations levelled at him with excuses. Unlike SeungRi. . Does it make what he did any less disgusting? No. Justice has to be served. But I believe forgiveness needs to be proffered as well to those who genuinely repent and want to start afresh. Nobody can go back and make a brand new start, but anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending. EDIT - Stove League is catching my eye. Ratings have been climbing. I will start it to see what the hype is. I thought it was just going to be a baseball drama (I know nothing about baseball so it didn’t interest me) but from comments in the thread, it’s a lot more...it sounds like a social commentary...and I am all for that. Hoping on for the ride. EDIT2 - Just watched Ep1. Giving me all the right vibes. It’s like Life (in a baseball setting). Nam KoongMin is killing it and I like the female lead too. Lots of parallels with Life... even a paraplegic brother maybe? . Gotta start picking up all the baseball jargon. 960
  4. Definitely hard evidence is the best. But you have profilers for a reason. To link crimes up and predict if and when they will strike again. Getting into their mindset and dissecting their reasons for doing what they do. 942
  5. Yeah. You’re perfectly entitled to believe what you will. Why would she bother though to say it? She could’ve said it was all my idea to sell herself as the standout woman of the times? It’s not just one instance. I back it up with other third party accounts. And I watch their behavior when they don’t think anyone is filming...sure you can say it’s all an act. Or it’s an image that the person is trying to portray but if it’s fake, it’s very obvious to those who are watching carefully. So I never trust what fan girls say unless it’s backed up with facts that I witness on videos or third party accounts. It’s how profilers profile killers/serial killers. Based on third party accounts, interviews with others and behavioural studies they formulate a profile. Predictive so they can look at a future murder and say with a certain level of definitiveness as to whether it was conducted by the same person or someone else. And how the killer will behave in a certain situation. Fascinating stuff. 936
  6. Yes you could do that too. Perfectly fine. . I tend to profile in real life too so for me it comes naturally to carry that through every part of my life. I am told I unnerve a lot of people (very intimidating). 932
  7. @kokodus just one example. For context, this is the scene that they were talking about.
  8. This is where you look at what others say about them. There’s only so much that can be scripted. Watch body language. Are the people just saying it to appear nice? Is what they say out of the ordinary? How do they act in situations that are unscripted? I will show you some examples to give you an idea as to how I formulate a judgement. As for JJY, I knew he wasn’t to be trusted from the get go. Just didn’t know the extent of his “badness”. Was he sleeping around? Definitely. Was he filming it? That I didn’t know. SeungGri I never really looked into at all because I had never heard about him. 938
  9. Research. Watch ALL their videos (read interviews, see how they respond to situations). Listen hard to what they say and what others say about them. Not just their words but also read body language. And then formulate a profile from all that collated data. And test, test, test. See if future videos/interviews etc all line up with your hypothesis. Back it up. If it can’t be backed up, then chances are, the hypothesis was false or they have changed from the original and no longer warrant your following. I will try to find one example to let you in on how I make my judgements. 944
  10. That’s what I mean. I love them. They both emote beautifully... but the tragedy aspect is just overdone... I got to a point where I was like, “Okay writer, I get it? Their life really sucks big time. They need each other. Just please give them a break already? And let them be? I don’t need them to kiss or anything. Just let them have happy moments in the kitchen making delectable morsels of food and heal each other? No more tragedies. I need a breather from dramatics.” 940
  11. Choc chip cookies... just be prepared for a lot of tragedy... deaths galore. Enough to keep funeral parlour very busy... it is based in a hospice after all. I couldn’t take it after Ep 5... it was just sad... ALL...THE...TIME... so I bailed. 940
  12. How to Melt cooking Chocolate Place chopped chocolate in the top of a double boiler or a heatproof bowl set over (not in) a saucepan of simmering water; cook, stirring occasionally, until melted. it’s a delicate procedure...if you’re too impatient (like I was), you end up with a charred mess that is bitter and inedible. Note, you have to keep stirring... you can’t just walk away and leave it to melt on its own... thus far, this drama has been exactly that... simmering... and then bam... the apron scene... ... delectable... good things happen to those who wait. And yes, you can’t walk away... keep watching... and stirring... and you will be rewarded with the good gooey stuff... the best way to dine on chocolate.
  13. I will send you a PM. 940
  14. I will certainly give it a go. He did well as a dad in SF1. Writer is the one who penned Go Back Couple? Which I have heard is good? PD did Abyss (but that may have failed because of the plot)...he also directed 100million stars from the sky (which I heard was good?). It sounds like a cry fest...but a good cry fest... like Be With You. is it cold in Chengdu? Didn’t you say you were there on holiday? 926
  15. New year new profile pic. Ms Cat is taking a break. 926
  16. @triplem this sounds suspiciously like So JiSub’s Be With You (movie)? If it comes even a smidgen close to what BWY was...it’s a cry fest... and I am on board. Upon my word I watched that movie so many times. It’s my go to feel good movie. Like Forrest Gump. A Box of chocolates that keeps on giving. 924 https://www.soompi.com/article/1374975wpp/kim-tae-hee-and-lee-kyu-hyungs-upcoming-drama-reveals-new-character-posters
  17. I love a man who has his priorities right. Fabulous example of standing up tall and doing the right thing. Acknowledging his failures but manning up and learning from them...then taking the necessary steps to make it right. https://www.soompi.com/article/1374954wpp/ji-sung-talks-about-family-life-quitting-drinking-and-more 918
  18. @triplem @ktcjdrama @bedifferent shall I summon the Avengers for this? . Serial killer hunting alert - a hunting we will go? https://www.soompi.com/article/1374839wpp/watch-jang-hyuk-and-sooyoung-trust-nothing-but-what-they-see-in-thriller-drama-teaser 904
  19. Yes . I thought it would be fun. They show you around and act like your personal guide. @packmule3 mentioned it in her blog. http://bitchesoverdramas.com/2019/08/02/richard simmons-talk-rent-an-oppa/ 884
  20. Not if he doesn’t admit himself to get treated. That’s the problem. He thinks he’s perfectly “normal”. Unless he acknowledges he needs it, you can’t force him to get treated. He has committed no crime. He’s just stalking her. She can take out an AVO (apprehended violence order -not sure if Korea does this) so he has to stay outside a certain radius of her and if he crosses that line, he can be warned/punished but there’s really no other way around it. You can’t lock him up. He has basic human rights too. Lots of pedophiles and weirdos are out there loose. He’s one of thousands. It’s just a reality that idols/celebrities and even normal people (I know wives who take out AVOs against their abusive husbands) face on a daily basis. Sad but true. 884
  21. Doubt it. He is not of sound mind. He doesn’t think like “normal” people do. None of these stalkers/Sasaengs are sound mentally. I pity the poor girl. It’s enough to drive her to insanity (always watchful, always on the edge in a crowd). I hope she’s getting counselling to deal with her fears and that it doesn’t curtail her socially as a result. 884
  22. @Ameera Ali A bit extreme but I get the gist . My daughter is already hoping she will bump into “someone famous” on the streets of Korea when we visit in Feb. I told her maybe we should just buy face masks and don black caps and hoodies and pretend to be celebrities instead and see how many people we trick into believing that we are celebrities. ((Cue eye roll from her)). Definitely going to do the sauna thing and wear a towel on our heads and crack hard boiled eggs on our foreheads. Essential to get the whole cultural experience. 884 EDIT - @packmule3 nice to see you pop in for a visit. I am still trying to convince daughter dear to “Rent an Oppa” with me. It’s not going down well.
  23. That’s me too. I will keep watching. Tried to watch some Hollywood stuff again but baulked at the amount of violence and immorality. I will stay in the safe space of Kdramas and varieties for now. It’s harder finding stuff that gives me the good feels...so I have been wading through older dramas with good reviews. I can understand why some just leave after a while. The novelty wears off. I think I will keep dropping dramas that don’t satisfy. Will try to get regular with varieties instead. 2D1N was my staple but after JJY, it left a bad taste. May pick up something like Running Man. 862
  24. @triplem . He still looks awkward but never mind. NJH has always been one to help her costars relax into their roles. She’s bubbly and professional and easy to get along with so filming with her is a real treat. 2020 is looking good for me drama wise.
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