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  1. Wow...everyone here is on fire... leaderboard. I am honored to be amongst such fine company (keyboard warriors) 594
  2. No and I don’t I tend to. The recaps and comments here are enough to keep me entertained @sushilicious @Lmangla don’t be scared. No reveal. I just profile everyone as a matter of course. 590
  3. Yeah I agree wholeheartedly. I struggle with what is the ideal Vs what the reality is. Do we keep pushing for the ideal knowing these very people are more than likely going to get crushed by their entry into the arena? It does beg the question though, what would you say in his position on national TV? No comment? Let’s go to an ad break whilst I convene with my advisors? It’s hard not to get all bitter about the process and just resign ourselves to the reality and to tell people like PMJ that he is better served staying in academia and making a difference to humanity there. That people like him lack the nuance and versatility to spin or be agile enough to dodge bullets. Perhaps these people of integrity (straight shooters like PMJ) function as beacons of what can be. That whilst their time in the sun may have been short, it was worthwhile if only to shed light on the dark side of politics. I think had PMJ been any less honest, he would not have caused the stir that he has. He is meant to make us squirm. I like that he keeps his humanity rather than rationalize it away like more seasoned politicians would. A soldier’s loss of life is not somehow expediently tucked away as a glorified sacrifice. Personally I do feel (as you do) that he does need to learn how to deal with his emotions better if he wants to do this long term. Just like doctors. If they were to implode every time a patient dies on their watch they’d be a wreck and of little use in the field. He needs to believe that whilst he can’t win all the battles, he can win the ones that matter. That he can make a difference. That basic human decency counts for something. That weeping with the family when a patient dies on your operating table doesn’t make you any less professional, it keeps you real.
  4. That says more about her than you. Insecure, needy. Forsaking all others only happens after you take the wedding vows. Not prior. May be cold comfort but you dodged a bullet with her. 580
  5. No. I believe we haven’t had formal introductions. Let me start. Hi, I am nrllee. Ahjumma with a penchant to be a bit too blunt for those with delicate sensibilities, hence the tendency to burn bridges (sometimes inadvertently). The only thing I have on file for you is that you lift...weights...and you look after that body of yours. Possibly why you have propositions from those of the opposite sex readily. I am sorry to hear of another failed dalliance. Mrs D may yet be out there still. Fighting! 580
  6. Sigh...why is this even a problem? Does it have to escalate so that it’s public knowledge? https://www.soompi.com/article/1339755wpp/sung-hoons-agency-releases-official-statement-regarding-managers-illegal-parking 580
  7. Soribada Best K Music Awards where he’s presenting (Aug 22/23) where he’ll be glammed up. Afterwhich he will jet off to Japan for his fan meet 21 and 23 Sept. (they are likely to celebrate his birthday with him seeing it’s so close).
  8. This was the scene from Ep5 when Sec Han was watching PMJ on TV when reporter cornered him with the question about his dismissal. I thought the person in the pic with Sec Han was a woman but it may be a man? It was just very odd for the camera to pan in to focus on it. The person is obviously sick (with a drip and in a wheelchair). Only lasted a couple of seconds but it was deliberate. There’s a story there. My money is on him (Sec Han) too being the mastermind.
  9. I agree with @liltash85 I think for Agent Han, her stand offish attitude is likely to stem from the fact that she indeed knows more than everyone else? She’s been hiding this fact since she got her fiancé’s phone which was conveniently taken away from her. She knew this but couldn’t reveal it. She’s torn. She couldn’t quite believe the man she thought she knew may well be a stranger to her. So imagine her relief when Oh turned up as a more likely suspect for the bombing. She doggedly pursues this line of questioning because to her if Oh is guilty, then chances are her fiancé is not? @40somethingahjumma I think when the American version aired there were critics who thought like you did (I read some reviews). Honest men just don’t belong in politics. It was too ludicrous a concept to accept. And on that premise they decided that it was too hard to suspend their belief and watch with full hearted enthusiasm. So you’re not alone in your thoughts. Anyway I am with you with Oh being too convenient a scapegoat to pin the whole plotting to. He may be a pawn but I feel like someone else is the mastermind? Someone else who is capable of moving all the chess pieces (including PMJ).
  10. Wait...what did I miss? I need a briefing to catch me up . @Sejabin set the bar pretty high with Andreas... now that’s a swoon worthy name if there ever was one. 586
  11. Love this synopsis already. I guess the patient that died under JiSung’s care may well have been “helped” along the way by JiSung (thereby touching on the topic of euthanasia). Euthanasia is illegal in Korea. Guess that’s why some go overseas to where it is legal to end their lives here on earth. Am not sure how they will swing the whole getting back into medical practice again especially if he was charged, but I am willing to let this slide. LKH’s Javert role - loving the analogy already. . EDIT to add Soompi article. https://www.soompi.com/article/1339676wpp/ji-sung-compares-his-past-medical-drama-new-heart-to-doctor-john-describes-his-teamwork-with-lee-se-young Ji Sung and Lee Se Young shared their thoughts on their drama “Doctor John.” “Doctor John” tells the story of doctors who try to uncover the unknown causes of pain felt by chronically ill patients. On July 18, Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung, Hwang Hee, Jung Min Ah, Kim Hye Eun, and Shin Dong Mi attended a press conference for the new SBS series. Ji Sung will portray Cha Yo Han, Hanse Hospital’s youngest anesthesiology professor and the most promising doctor in his field. This is the actor’s first medical drama in 12 years after “New Heart.” He began, “I feel a lot of responsibility. I was a resident in ‘New Heart,’ but I’m appearing as a professor this time. ‘New Heart’ was really meaningful because it was my first project after being discharged from the military. I remember working hard while preparing for it. After completing that drama, I thought, ‘In the future, I should play a professor and not a resident,’ and my dream came true.” He continued, “It’s very meaningful to me. I like hospitals. I like the smell of hospitals and the smell of disinfectants. There’s a feeling of calmness when going to the hospital. I think that it’s a space where there’s the most amount of sincerity in the world. My mind feels comfortable when I go to the hospital, so I felt more excited than when selecting another project.” The actor added, “I’m preparing in various ways to play an anesthesiology professor. I have the mindset of sincerely studying everything I can. I thought that I should be at a point where I can be responsible for what I say in my lines.” “Since I have congenital spondylosis (spinal bone defect), I don’t have bones in certain parts,” revealed Ji Sung. “So I used to exercise for my health, and I could relate [to the drama] a lot since I paid a lot of attention to my health. If someone says their lower back hurts, I have a lot to say as if I’m an anesthesiologist. I can relate to it in terms of maintaining my health, and I like it.” On his teamwork with Lee Se Young, Ji Sung said, “She works really hard in real life. I’m also that way, so I think that I should work hard in order to not cause harm. Lee Se Young is actually my sunbae (senior in the industry). She’s been in this field for a while, so I liked seeing her acting with responsibility. I think I’ve met a really good partner.” “I joined the drama with a joyful heart after hearing that director Jo Soo Won and Ji Sung would be in it,” said Lee Se Young. “I heard that people feel a lot of comfort just for the fact that people sympathize with them during their hard and painful times. I hope that many people will feel comfort and healing while watching our drama.” Lee Kyu Hyung added, “I immediately said that I would be in the drama when I heard that Ji Sung and Lee Se Young would be in it. The script was so easy to read. I liked that it had joys and sorrows while not being provocative.” O JiSung I like you already! I love hospitals and the disinfectant smell
  12. Wait are we shipping IU and JG? She says jump and he says how high? weren’t they in some Sageuk together? Scarlet something? Actually what hat has he been up to? Movies? I think I last saw him in Lawless Lawyer and I didn’t watch that for him. I watched it for Seo YeRi. 570
  13. Present con pics. LSY She’s so funny! I am so glad she joined this solid cast. Can’t wait for it to air.
  14. @nohamahamoud2002 Yeah I’m weird like that . I study them like I do my research subjects. My kids tell me it’s creepy how I research their friends and know more about them (and how they would respond or behave in certain situations) than they do. I must have been a Profiler in my past life. It’s probably safer doing what you do and just watch their dramas without being too invested as a fan. Saves heartache when they commit big crimes like Seungri. 554
  15. When I say character, I mean how they make life choices. That they will choose to do something because it’s right, not because it’s popular. That they will not bow to public opinion or the masses or be pressured into doing something just because it’s easier or convenient. This incident is what sealed it for me for DKS. In an interview with Kim SoHyun for her role with him in the movie Pure Love, she said this (everyone was talking about this kiss because basically he kissed the umbrella, not her lips - she was underage at that time, 17 I think). So for me it showed character on DKS’s part. Most of the male staff wanted the real thing , but he didn’t bow to pressure. He chose right Vs popular. The actress pretty much had zero say . If the male lead had said do the real kiss, she would probably have just gone along with it. He saw the reality of the situation, it wasn’t just about the scene and how it should play out, it was about her being underage (it wasn’t right to kiss her even if it was for filming only). He took charge of the responsibility to decide on their behalf.
  16. I rewatched some segments of Ep6. Sec Han is now gone to the top of my list of suspects as the mastermind. He was the one who suggested President Yang (?) hire PMJ to be the Minister of Environment. He knows PMJ’s weaknesses (strengths). He has PMJ’s trust. He knows PMJ is likely to come to him for advice when the going gets tough. And now that PMJ has pretty much asked him to come back to the Blue House, he’s back to where he started again? Not sure if he will say yes and if so what position will he take up coz Cha has stepped into his role. I agree with @jenappelle about Cha being the stand out “minor” character thus far. He and NamWook (love how he deadpanned about the negotiations with Cambodia/Vietnam failure to the other staff members and then giving them the happy news complete with high five ). The team seems to be rallying around the President. There still seems to be a mole? Who leaked the information about his sacking? Was it Kang? Actually who knew about his sacking - it was never public knowledge because the document was never formally signed off. Sec Han seemed to be the only one who knew? Only he was in the room with PMJ when he showed him the unsigned document. Did he plot to put PMJ on the hot seat all along? He seemed instrumental in getting him into politics, he knew about the sacking, he installed PMJ as Acting President. He seems to be popping in at key moments of change.
  17. I adhere to a two-pronged approach. I only follow actors avidly if they pass my “character” test . If I take an interest in an actor on screen I will research them (read articles about them, listen to what they say, how they act/behave in the public eye and more importantly what others say about them). In short I profile them. And if they pass, then they get on my list. Thus far only 2 have passed both acting AND character tests (but I haven’t watched a lot of dramas so there’s probably a lot of others who I have missed). Yoon Shi Yoon is one and the other is Do Kyung Soo. I would say that even though YSY is older, DKS has it on him when it comes to character. 568
  18. I think there were new details released about this case which explained the victims case better and why they were there. They had to explain themselves because like most of us here I was thinking it was pretty dumb of them to join him alone. This is from the most recent article (in a spoiler coz it’s Long) https://www.soompi.com/article/1339130wpp/victims-of-kang-ji-hwans-sexual-assault-tell-their-story-clarify-misunderstandings 562
  19. I spy @angelangie in the Squid thread so she may be able to provide some insight 568
  20. It’s c drama? O I just noticed the novel name is “Stewed Squid with honey.”. That’s where the squid reference comes from 566
  21. I second this. I want his family to stay intact. The moments between his wife and he were very sweet. They have an understanding forged by years of trust. I would hate to see that destroyed by what is suggested in that pic. I hope it’s a red herring. I did kinda think it weird that there was such a big age gap between brother and sister and he seemed so detached from her when she kept trying to engage him upon her return from hospital.
  22. How did Go Go Squid get its name? I mean the Chinese has nothing to do with squids? The literal translation is “My Beloved, The One I am passionate about (Hot in Love for)”? It baffles me. . I am not watching it but it pops up as one of the hot topics and I can’t help laughing every time I see it. 564
  23. He was implying that he didn’t think PMJ has what it takes to be the President. Ep6 Oh is still hard to read. He seemed to love the attention when he was asked into the room as they were watching the troops capture Myeong(?). Then there was that little smirk at the end when they were informed of the casualty? It’s as if he was dismayed that the operation went smoothly and Myeong was captured alive...and then a little gleeful (?) that it didn’t exactly go without a hitch? Maybe I read it wrong. I just found that everyone in that room reacted as you would to the news...everyone except him. Room 119... has all the 9-11 vibes... Bomb shelter. Everything is kinda pointing towards Oh...but it just seems too convenient. Yes I question the obvious. Sec Han looks to be welcomed back at the end of Ep6... I don’t think Mayor Kang is the mastermind... he’s been too small a character to suddenly leap back into the limelight again as the mastermind? So I still feel Oh, Assemblywoman Yoon, Sec Han are my main suspects. Who is the informant? Agent Han’s fiancé’s body was never found. He faked his death to continue his undercover operations? Is he working undercover? Someone who knew where she lived rang her from the phone booth. Was it him?
  24. Just watched Ep5. Still keeping me interested and invested in the characters. Thoughts 1. Siwan (?) (son of PMJ). I like PMJ’s approach as a dad. He’s a consistent man. Doesn’t fly off the handle. Doesn’t jump to conclusions. Always giving you the benefit of the doubt. Innocent till proven guilty. I wonder what his answer was to Siwan’s question, “you’ve never lied to me before right dad?” Poor boy. I can only imagine what’s going on in his head. Did mom have an affair? Am I the son of another man? Does dad know? If he doesn’t, should I tell him? He’s already under so much pressure as the Acting President. This would crush him. He’s very protective of his dad. As his mother hinted, the fight he got into was because some other kid made fun of PMJ at school. 2. I liked how PMJ sought comfort in his wife’s hand as they walked out of the car at the funeral. Then she responded in kind after they sat down. 3. I am with most here who suspect Oh. He is bitter that the nation left them for dead at the Battle. The PTSD suffered by the soldiers would only harden his resolve. Doesn’t look like the nation supported the soldiers on return either if he (and not some medical professional) was the lifeline for the Private (?) with PTSD? But he seems to be too obvious a choice? Especially when someone is feeding information to Agent Han like they are trying to pin it on him? It’s definitely NOT North Korea. They wouldn’t go down that path, not when real life peace talks are tenuous at best. It would be unpatriotic. Certainly Assemblywoman Yoon and Mayor Kang can’t be ruled out. 4. Sec Han...or should I refer to him as ex Sec? The camera made a point of zooming in on a pic on the mantle behind him as he was watching the TBN news interview... a girl in a wheelchair with a drip attached to her (she’s obviously sick)? It was very quick and I can’t make out if she’s young or old...maybe daughter? Wife? There’s a story there. Could he be the curve ball? The man behind it all? 5. Love the blossoming office romance between Cha and Soo Jung. I like how she turned him down...come on, chicken and beer? He’s gotta do better than that? . I think he knew that too after their conversation. Love how she gifted him with Instant Noodles as a congratulatory present. She’s not a woman to be pitied. She may have lost the job to him but she’s not going to wallow. She still has her pride. Keep chasing Cha, she’s impressed that’s for sure, but she doesn’t give in easy, you have to keep wooing her.
  25. I was wondering why Sec Cha (in DS60) looked so familiar, apparently he’s the actor that turned down that massively hyped drama King Eternal Sovereign with Lee MinHo in it. I remember reading about it and then thinking why on earth he would turn down something as big as that because it wasn’t like he was a big hallyu Star with a ton of choices. Maybe DS60 was why? Who knows? Maybe he didn’t like the script for KES. http://koalasplayground.com/2019/06/13/k-actor-son-seon-gu-declines-drama-offer-for-kim-eun-sooks-the-king-eternal-sovereign/ 558
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