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  1. So I am waiting till the series end before watching as this type of genre is too difficult for me to watch without knowing the ending before hand. Lol So I am reading everyone's recaps and little blurbs until then. But despite that, I am enjoying how DS is becoming the boss that everyone follows...even his own boss! Even though DS is clearly a naturally timid pathetic guy, he clearly has had an untapped strength till now. I just hope that he keeps it even after he finds out he really isn't a killer at all.
  2. So I am thinking it is the executive guy who hired the thugs is possibly going to be the 7th murder victim. But it is possible that nothing happens to him and the really killer kills the guy. I am hoping that DS retains something of his humanity and doesn't actually murder someone.
  3. I loved the episodes at well this week. It was hilarious to watch how DS thinks he is such a tough guy because of the diary and certain situations and yet it is very clear to us as the views that he is not at the same level as the real psycho. So far he has only scared people through psychological means, he has yet to actually hurt someone. And everything he has done was based on some movie he as seen or what he read in the diary. He has never done anything he had thought up on his own. But I am worried that he will go too far and/or the police will mistake him for the killer, when he is not at all and the killer will get away. But it is looking like the real killing is starting to take an interest in DS, and may actually come to like him because he is using the diary as a guide for his behavior, which will make the killer feel close to him. Please BK, use that brain of yours to find the real killer first. Don't let DS take the fall for the real killer!!!
  4. It is funny how ND and DJ keep sleeping with each other. But at the same time I am not surprised DJ keeps allowing it as she has mentioned that while it was uncomfortable for her in the beginning, she realized that she was able to sleep better with him at her side. He helps keep her nightmares and demons at bay. Which is why she suggested the same thing to the king. ND on the other hand, really has no boundaries, particularly since he has realized he loves DJ. He went 180 from being all "men and women should not breath the same air" prissy to supper clingy and cuddly. But DJ needs that clingyness in her life with how suicidal she has been with her revenge mission. I think it is significant that she wants to die for her mother, but then here comes ND and becomes her new mother. In a way, you could say he is filling the void the loss of her mother created in her heart.
  5. I know that perhaps ND's little stunt with YM was perhaps not the best move, but I did think that it was good in that it did demonstrate that ND is a worthy opponent. Since ND started on this journey, how many times has he fooled or pulled on over on YM? If you think about their interaction in the widow's village, YM was completely fooled that ND was a woman. And that was literally right under his nose and YM is supposed to be well informed and yet he had no idea that his own cousin was spying. Plus ND kept stealing all of his treats for DJ as well as disrupt their time together, not to mention how his little make out session with ND REALLY through him for a loop. Then while YM is still looking for DJ, ND finds her instead (yes, I know that ND and DJ have OTP fate, but still, he found her first)and is inadvertently hiding her from him. And lastly, while he knew of ND little scheme, that kind of blew up in YM's face in that HE gets kidnapped instead and nearly killed...and he really couldn't do anything to stop it. If his bodyguard hadn't shown up, he would have been D.E.A.D. ! So I have a feeling that ND is going to continue to throw YM for a loop and surprise him in ways that he does not plan for.
  6. I got to say, I really like the screenwriters right now. They only had Haru and DO's separation for only two episodes, which I think was the perfect length to build some tension, but not drag it on till the end. It makes me excited to see what will happen next. Too many times, I will watch a drama and they separate our leads for most of the drama, only to get back together at the last possible second....which I hate. Now that they are together, I can see them truely working to find out how they can free themselves from the writers preconditioned path. Also, I am liking BK more recently as he has gotten his awareness and he is starting to see the whole situation objectively now, which is making him more compassionate. While on one hand I am sorry that he will not get the girl at the end of the day, I think for him it is better and more important to free himself from his father and gain control of his own life. He needs to free himself from his demons first and I think his new awareness and understanding of DO will help encourage him to break free. And I think that is what will make him happy along with seeing DO happy as in a way she is a representation of his mother to him. Not really a relationship with DO. But that is just what I think.
  7. Out of the whole twisted family, I found WS one of the most interesting characters. Mostly as he really did not have a mean streak compared to the rest of them, when he was stable, he was very much an okay guy. His issues, I believe, stemmed from emotional and verbal abuse. Which is why he lost it with SH's Mom. He was bound to snap at some point mentally, it just happened in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time. But that leads me to another reason WS ultimately killed himself. Out of everyone in the whole family, SH was the only one who expressed to him that he was not a failure and that he had capability. When he was caught for the murder, he lost the one person who had believed in him wholeheartedly. Plus, from what I have been able to glean from the show, he was nice to her even before her mother died. Meaning he genuinely liked her as a family member. So losing her, meant losing everything that made his life worthwhile.
  8. I was hoping I was wrong for the whole show that WS had not actually killed the mom, but I had a sneaking suspicion that something was seriously wrong with him and that he was acting more like he felt guilty for something. The backflash when he hugged SH was a big indicator that he felt guilty, but I was still hoping that he would turnout to be a good guy. But it does explain partly why he was so nice to SH, he felt guilty for what he had done and in his own dissolute way tried to make up for it, but at the same time he couldn't face the consequences. Him killing himself made sense, facing the face that he killed someone meant that he himself had to acknowledge that he was a failure and when he did, in his mind there was no point living after that. He was desperate to prove himself and to show everyone that he was not the failure that everyone saw him as. And there is no worse failure than being a murderer, there is no coming back from that. He was a very tragic figure in that could have been a great person had he been raised right. There was potential, but it was destroyed by the family. Kudos to the actor who played WS though, he did a fantastic job in keeping all the viewers guessing. I wonder if he knew from the get go about the plot twist, cause when I look back, he left a lot of clues that hinted the whole time.
  9. I am right with you for waiting for subs. As tempted I am, I need to wait for the subs otherwise it will drive me crazy not knowing what exactly is going down. I don't have that problem with other shows, but this one I HAVE TO KNOWWWW!!!
  10. Finally they kissed! But does anyone have any spoilers as to what else happened this episode? I am unable to watch it and am dying to know what happens!!!
  11. So I have a thought... What if WS didn't murder SH's Mom, but was made to think he did? This was done as a method to kill many birds with a single stone. They could blackmail WS to not want to be the successor through guilt, get rid of SH and SH's mom and thus be able to place WJ as the heir.
  12. Agree that would be a major twist if WS was the one who killed. But there have been hits through out though that WS for all his flaws is rather innocent at heart. The when he was dating the actress, they all asked how far he had gone with her, and she mentioned that he hadn't, and was surprisingly innocent. Plus I agree that they would not have covered for WS had he murdered anyone. Though, it is possible that they only did because the scandal would affect WJ's succession. But we have never been shown that WS has any real violet tendencies. The only time that was close was when he stopped his ex in the hallway... but he never really touched her at all. WJ on the other hand, seems really unstable, particularly when he loses his temper. Which we have seen a few times. He was even kind of scary with his wife at some points. So it is possible that he lost his temper with SH's mom and went out of control. Maybe he mistakenly thought his secret was being threatened? And step mom just took advantage of the situation. But Ms Han is really up on the list as well. But I have a feeling that she would use someone else to do her dirty work. She doesn't seem the like to take care of things personally like killing someone like that. If you notice that with Grandpa, she killed him indirectly by taking advantage of information. Could she have not done the same with SH's mom?
  13. @thistle @monica63 I agree that the episodes have flown. The story has been that interesting. But I keep thinking that this show is longer than 16 episodes. How they are going to wrap things up well in the next 6 episodes will be the final determining factor for this show. Many dramas start fantastic but peter out in the end because the writer wrote them selves into a corner and could not find a way out of it.
  14. I also find it funny that no one really questions how tall he is either. But in reality it is true that people do overlook certain things when they assume certain things about you. Also, if you think about it, for the time period, wouldn't be unthinkable for a man to dress like a woman. Or even want to dress like a woman. Wasn't it illegal or something? So it really wouldn't be their first thought that he is a man, plus it helps that he looks good dressed as a woman...so they unknowingly over look the tell tale signs.
  15. @elan1 @kyra myesha Thanks for explaining the deal with the hair cutting. That scene was hard for me to grasp the message the FL was communicating. It also explains why partly why ND was attracted to her when she did.
  16. Can someone explain to me again why DJ cutting her hair is such a big deal? I figured it has something to do with confusus values, however, based on the dialog before she cut it, the guy said something about how some other guy can't take her till her hair grows out and can put it up. Does this mean you can get married if your hair is short?
  17. YES! I am sooooo happy YR and HR ended up together. But there is one thing I am not sure about. So, they still haven't gotten married? If that is so, what was that bed scene about and them sleeping together. While that is pretty normal by today's standards...But wasn't that a big NO NO back then? Wouldn't they have gotten in trouble for corrupt morals or something?
  18. Schools should use clips of her for educational demonstrations of poor personal safety and protection.
  19. I am with you not liking the kids very much and them being ungrateful. You would think that going through the hardships they have, it would have matured them in some aspect in appreciating the good. But I do know from experience that sort of maturity only happens for certain personalities. I have seen some people become selfish and uber manipulative, and others become very thoughtful and proactive team problem solvers... yet both went through the same experiences. Plus when people are in surviving mode, the worst or best of them can come out.
  20. Wait! If HR keeps going back and forth between old and young...is that going to extend his life or something? Or what he is experiencing is after affects and eventually he will go to one or the other?
  21. This is definitely one of those "Love to Hate" kind of shows. I am wondering too why I keep tuning in to find out what happens next. Either I have OCD and am com pulsed to see it finished, or a Masochist enjoying the pain that this show is pulling me through, or even *gasp* the stinkin' writer is good enough to write a compelling story despite how terrible it is. What ever one it is that keeps me coming, I know one thing for certain.... I'm never going to think about classical music, orchestras or the timpani without the thought of murder, lies and deception running through my head. Also, may I never name my child Ian...after this show, there is bad JuJu there.
  22. I like that they show that WDH is not a perfect person, but a work in progress. Yes, he does not make the greatest of decisions, nor does he approach things quite the right way, but I like that he is not 100% stuck in his ways and that he is open to being flexible and changing. I think that though out the show we will see how he grows and changes. Plus we have to give him some credit, he has never had a good male role model and his father was completely absent. Plus his parents are both dead, he has had no one show him what a good father is like in real life and no one to give him advice about the best way to handle his new parenthood. I know not everyone will agree, but I think considering the situation and his lack of experience, he is not doing so bad. Could he do better? Of course, but the only way he is going to get there is through trial and error, so I expect he is going to make a lot more bad mistakes before he gets it right. And since WDH is not an evil person and is good buried deep down, I am looking forward to seeing him succeed in becoming the best version of himself. Just some thoughts.
  23. Yay! I am so glad to hear that they have at least cleared up for sure that YY did not kill anyone. Even though I was pretty sure that she did not, but knowing Kdrama writers I was scared that they would go down that route just for the thrills and keep up hanging on till the bitter end. This should help our little duo here start to team up and help each other find out what is going on and spend less time avoiding each other and getting nothing done.
  24. I totally agree, she must have two left feet or something. But what really gets me is that when she falls on the ground she doesn't get up right away. She just stays down in a vulnerable position waiting for the other person to make a move. Personally, I would have been back up on my feet as fast as I could. But it could be to demonstrate how scared and terrified she is of the situation?
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