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  1. I like his funny expressions in HPL too, especially when he stares daggers at his employee who wants to work overtime when he wants to leave early for a date with Deok Mi. He’s not afraid to be silly too, dressing up as Latte and putting on lion makeup for the online world. So cute.
  2. He really is. He’s supposed to be looking at himself in front of a mirror, so he’s making faces, posing, and dancing at himself.
  3. I love the wrist kisses too. They are my favorite. I also like how she complained they were out in public, and then kissed him full on the lips to reward his wrist kisses. Such an affectionate couple that shows, not tells, how in love they are with each other. It’s also not a kiss often seen on screen, but feels very intimate, because it’s on the inside of the wrist. Other kisses: Cheek kiss - made before a passionate kiss, it shows his fondness and affection for her and how that comes first before lust. Face kiss - includes a forehead kiss, nose kiss, and then culminates in a lip kiss and intertwining hands combo. Sooo much affection and so swoon-worthy. Especially given RG’s complicated history with and deep feelings about hand holding. Matching kiss - asked for but not necessarily given, a request to kiss the other cheek too to match the kiss given on the other side. Too cute! Blindfold kiss - imagining giving a kiss to RG who is blindfolded, so doesn’t know the kiss is coming, and is equivalent to a love confession using body language instead of words. A bold move, ultimately not done, because it would leave her too vulnerable and open to rejection. Imaginary cheek and lip combo kiss: shows she wants a sign of love or affection first before receiving the full force of the passion she had wanted and yearned for. Love kiss: made after both have said they love each other and RG makes a drawing breakthrough. This kiss is not as urgently passionate as their first kiss, but is full of vulnerability and cautious wonder at the deepness of their love for each other. First kiss: full of feelings long held back and denied, but includes a cautious kiss first to test the waters before unleashing the floodgates. Woodshop kiss: not even a delivery man can stop the flood of feelings, continued after hiding themselves away, and on top of a table for better access and closeness due to their height difference. Interrupted only when their overzealousness knocks over a pile of wood, leading to soft, happy laughter and pure joy. Light kiss: made after lifting her back off the table, on her feet again, with a hug full of affection and slight reluctance to have to go back out in the world again to grab a bite to eat. Fake kiss: carefully made so that there is no actual lip contact to offend her, but intimately close enough to her face to affect her and put her in a daze.
  4. What’s gorong gorong 고롱고롱? Is that the sound of purring?
  5. Maybe a Japanese DVD with bonus footage will be released if HPL does well in Japan. KJW is popular there, so I hope so. It looks like the first episode will air on 8/4. Some teasers have been posted on the Mnet Japan Twitter page. https://mobile.twitter.com/Mnet_Japan/status/1150397031099166722
  6. He certainly doesn’t mind kissing her or indulging her in the BTS when he doesn’t have to. See this Instagram video by @happyeoja See this Instagram video by @happyeoja
  7. His fans actually filled up the magazine. So cute. See this Instagram photo by @areumdaunnnnn
  8. Yes, but it does come with extras. See this Instagram video by @tiffalen_mm
  9. Nice photoshoot with So Ji Sub and a young KJW. See this Instagram post by @jaeucksfangirl
  10. Nice KJW fan projects. Glad to see him receiving so much love lately. He wanted more people to watch his acting, which was why he chose HPL in the first place. I’m glad he succeeded. See this Instagram post by @kimjaewookphofficial See this Instagram photo by @goldjaeuck.fancafe
  11. The artist is Yong Je Lee. His IG is https://www.instagram.com/yongje.lee.75/ This article has a pic of the last and most important Lee Sol painting: https://www.soompi.com/article/1326879wpp/5-emotion-filled-moments-from-episodes-13-and-14-of-her-private-life
  12. Still missing them a lot, and wishing I had one of those HPL autographed posters in this video. See this Instagram video by @peizheng4060
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