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  1. English translation of the Guest trio’s radio appearances together. They are so funny, trying to surprise each other. See this Instagram video by @jdwkim
  2. Here are some videos on YouTube by the media of his Taiwan Tiffany event and photoshoots. Watching the photoshoot coverage feels like watching the making of or behind the scenes footage.
  3. I love his mirror selfies. We get to see more of him and the room he’s in, and not just a headshot. He is so considerate and thoughtful of his fans. Cute lion melon!
  4. It looks like he is back in South Korea. Wearing jeans and a white shirt.
  5. Kdramaholic’s Twitter has some translations of his Taiwan interviews.
  6. There’s a livestream of the event! See this Instagram photo by @jdwkim
  7. Looks like he went to a restaurant and got gifts from a fan there. Lucky fan! See this Instagram post by @jg_kjw402417
  8. Here is the full video of the radio broadcast with the Guest trio. They come in around the 17:30 minute mark, and after they leave, there is a close up of the note that came with the flowers in Korean. Not sure what it says. http://playvod.imbc.com/Vod/VodPlay?broadcastId=1003725100060100000
  9. Such wonderful interviews with him. I hope he picks another worthy project soon as a lead, since he has already gained so much experience in second lead roles. He seems to have left a video message for a Japan fan club on their website: https://kimjaeuck.jp/msp/ He’s wearing the same clothes as in his Japanese magazine photo shoots. I guess he did this all during a short time span.
  10. More magazine pictures. He is truly so popular in Japan! See this Instagram post by @jaeuck_fans
  11. @Ayame Thank you so much! Yes, I think the Japanese version will be released on 9/4? See this Instagram post by @jaeuck.japan.fancafe Also, I think this one says he will have a possible fan meeting in Japan soon. See this Instagram post by @jaeuck.japan.fancafe
  12. What is he saying in this Haru hana video? He mentions DVD, so is he talking about the Guest DVD? See this Instagram video by @jaeuck.japan.fancafe
  13. Nice! Fans always seem to find him. I think the picture might be reversed though, looking at the signs behind them. The letters and numbers are backwards. He is probably standing to their right and not on their left.
  14. It looks like his stylist also commented and got a reply. He is so playful and cute! Google translate: Actress Yi Hua: Wake up, sir. Jae Wook: It's all right, it's my fault. . Style: Bring me a gift when you return. Jae Wook: You'll be all out with a birthday present, okay? See this Instagram photo by @jaeuck.arab
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