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  1. That girl happens to be Hong Jin Young I, fortunately, missed the troll. Not that I intended to feed them anyway.
  2. I also find it very cute KJK is sort of against the FC name, but said nothing and just agree with Yeoboseyo. I think FC reminds him so much of MC. jealousy much
  3. When they climbing down the stair at the department of modelling, they were walking side by side and SJH holding on to KJK's arm.
  4. Daaaayuumm.. SJH in glass is <3 And that hand pull from the last video He getting more territorial :p
  5. TBH I take this as a pinch of salt since HH is close to them both (Tiny too). They both could just be promoting the brand for free as friend. One thing for sure is that SJH are included in KJK's inner circle. Now OTOH, they start wearing couple items with no association with their inner circle, that pretty much a huge indicator (like back then they tend to use couple shoes - pretty telling from their backstage RM concert pictures)
  6. This is an interesting video not totally related to SA (nor something related to the scandal currently hot in SK right now), but related to us the viewers and shippers. We sometimes forget that peoples tend to miss something that we see so easily, and of course vice versa.
  7. Totally offtopic, but I'm so pissed right now since its gonna be so very hard to rewatch "the birth of Gimbap couple" episode now :/
  8. As you said, it probably just a random comment to that specific instance and the author of the video add it because its fitting. He added SA offscreen interactions. I've watched the whole set... I think 5 parts of it? dunno if theres part 6, because its documented a lot of SA interaction since FO
  9. How KJK react outside RM. We always say that once KJK starts leading, its the end as he wont revealed unless he is sure of it, and we got it.
  10. A friendly reminder toward today's episode... Please remember, at the end of the day, we are all humans that have feelings. Shipping our beloved pairing doesn't give us license to hate other innocent people. Also, don't fall for click bait titles that surely be surfacing.
  11. Due to Vivaldi being such a PITA despite it has been my browser of choice for quite some time, I had to switch to another browser.. and while importing/cleaning my bookmarks .. I found this gem of bookmark. The scary thing, I kinda remember each and every scene described.. thus prolly the reason why I bookmarked it in the first place. http://commanderandace.tumblr.com/post/133388579499/spartace-running-man-episode-list
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