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  1. i agree with all you wrote @akhenaten. especially with Yeo-Ji not being mentioned in the episode. i was waiting for something and got upset. plus with Han Jung Seok death at the spotlight again with PMS digging even more, a shout out to her would have been nice. since she was the one who suffered, investigated, fight for the truth about it too. but i do hope your idea that she's somehow hidden at the palace is the writer/pds excuse. how great this will be, no? another thing i'm thinking is that maybe the writer Kim Yi Young is struggling with the reduce lenght of the episodes she has (24) rather a long one that is her usual style: 50 episodes. so she is trying to tell a lot, given another characters space to development but has to cut or shorten others. Like, it's being while we don't see Lady Seo. nor a interaction with Yeoning. we saw very little interaction between the women too (one the thing i like about Dong Yi is that we had more female character. the ladies from audit are so amazing). i think she will come up with a solution without overshadow Yeo-ji and the other female characters. i hope i'm not exagerating and wrong. ok, least: can i just say that scene where PMS tells to Yeo-Ji he wants the Crown Prince, Yeo-Ji and him still brothers, together got me emotional and heartbroken? really. it was so moving. and after that he went to see Yeoning havinf the same reaction. i wonder if he's afraid that Yeo-Ji be becoming a court lady, thus he'll not able to be at her side anymore. these three are precious together.... and yes, all the acting, crew deserves awards. anyway... since there's no preview the waiting for the next episode get more unease.
  2. oww! i dont read youtube's comments but i'm surprise she has some haters in this drama. since it's my first drama with her i'm quiet happy with i'm seeing. in fact, i'm always happy with ppl here and in the dramabeans comments appreciating Yeo-Ji. unfortunately bc of a injury she'll not be back for 3 eps and my heart broken when i saw no sight of her in the preview. i hope she's recovering well, tho. i think it must be Jung Il woo hardcore fans. these one are never, ever satisfied with his co-star. they are either too old (ahem Lee Yo won) or have no chemistry at all, too whiney, whatever. @akhenaten welcome to this thread. i've been quietly reading your posts here. so i'm just gonna say: do watch Return Of Iljimae. for me (and i think for those who admire JIW acting skills) is one of his finest roles. since this one and 49 days he hardly top them. that's why i'm so happy that in Haechi he's showing all his ranges. i've been waiting for a this so long and finally he choose right, let's just hope it continuous. back to Return of Iljimae, it has a slow pace, but the development of the drama and JIW acting are superb. serious. it's a very underrated sageuk. apologise, i got a little emotional while writing this, haha. PS: i've been away but not entirely. i'm quietly reading all the thread i just have not much to write. the drama is still imrpoving and great. the last episodes left with a unease feel. can't wait to tomorrow, tho.
  3. @lightbringer06 no, i also dont find any of the females characters annoying. they all well written, imo. i was talking about myself , i'm the annoyed one, hahaha!
  4. @yoo1 and @Yahna thank you. and yes, i'm also relieved that the writer didn't put a love triangle. i just hope we got to see more of Yeo-Ji as much we're seeing Moon Soo and now Dal Moon. I apologise for my annoyance. i just wanna see more of the ladies charcters general.
  5. thanks @spark101 for the updates. hoping for good recovering and not rushing.
  6. oh, i'm reading that Go Ara was offered in july the role and Haechi was supposed to air "sometime in September". i wonder if before Jung Il woo, others actors were offered. thus the delay. but seem the quality of drama, was kind of a good thing the production slow down.
  7. @lightbringer06 isn't she Cheon Yoon-Young / Bok-Da? i thought so when isaw the ep. as for Go Ara, i hope she's recovering well. i didn't know she was first one offered the role. this is nice since the usual is first actor who is cast. says a lot about her importance. but i feel like she has less screen time. so i'm hoping in this new part she gets more. i do also remenber something about his father. will see how they development her background. something i did not have realized was that Kwon Yool and Jung Il woo already work together in My fair lady. i only watched few eps but didn't recognized him. such a nice reunion. and Ahn Seo hyun was in Golden Rainbow as the young part of the drama. i'm curious who's the casting director. whoever is, the hability to book such a talent, impressive crew of actor and actress.
  8. @star2010 thank you. i havent being able to watch with viki, but it look better. i prefer "ordinary women", than "normal women". idk why, but it sounds better and not that he is putting down others. i'm as well puzzled with it's "her" or "he". what i observe since they met - and maybe is just me - is that he deeply admires her. theres is a curiosity of both want to know each other. in the last episode when they fight together she said something like that; "i want to know about you". it was straightforward. just like in the first time they met after a year :"its not your business". Yeo-ji wants to help so Yeongjo either tells or she alone will dig until find. and she's not a damsel in distress: she's a damo and we and him already saw what is she can do. more, she's witty, focused and yes a little bit clueless but with things that she doesnt have time to think. (i'm now wonder with YG never heard or saw a damo). it's not that YG despise the "ordinary" or "normal" women. he knows very well they're expected to live under social pressures of the time and face the worst when the requires are no fulfilled such being a low born too. so when he meets Yeo-Ji who choose a different path - we hope to see more of it - he's enchanted.
  9. @lightbringer06 yes, ido! sorry for grammar mistakes.
  10. @lightbringer06 ow! thank you for the gifs! they are amazing! i really need to lear bc some many scens are stuninng.
  11. thank you @lightbringer06 ! i think that was this mentioned. i also do hope they show more of her background. her charc. devel. in the latest eps has been great. hopefully she gets more screentime.
  12. each ep is getting much better. Yeo-Ji and Cho-hong drinking together made my night. i was wishing for them have a chance to talk. i wanted a friendship between them. i like how we got to see more of Cho-hong, Cheon Yoon-Young, Crown Princess and Queen Inwon and their importance too. maybe i'm mistaken, but Han Jung-Seok (Lee Mil po) mentioned a little bit about Yeo-Ji and their connection in the early eps, right? or no? i'm trying to remember here....
  13. Hi! i'd like to share a tumblr post from Of Swords and Parasols where talk about Yeo-Ji character that can clarify some doubts about her and gaves us a few takes on the drama. this tumblr is really nice and my go to go source to sageuks that offers historical context. idk how to share the post properly, so here's the llink. hope you enjoy. http://swordsandparasols.tumblr.com/post/182967367305/haechi-the-damo-and-the-saheonbu
  14. @spark101 thank you! that's really helpful. mostly bc while reading, Yeonryung's bio and facts are dificult to find n english that's why i was confused related his role. regarding the ratings: i wonder if it the writer suffers more pressure when it's high. and when it's low she can have more freedon to developement without fails in the network and fans to make something beyond she wants. also, did anybody watched Hwajung? i'm curious bc i read some mixed things, mostly negative.
  15. i haven't watched today's eps yet, but i'm little confused. i'll put under spoiler. apologizes first if this sounds repetitive. and thank's for any enlightenment!
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