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    So , the countdown is double digit now . Its D-99 (I really hope its still D-99 , but im still okay if his discharge date is one week late, but not in October or worst December ) .  So, i hope we can hear Lee Joon casting news for his new drama or movie (Kang Ha Neul already received offer for his new drama and he will be discharge in May).


    And when you have nothing to update about them, but still want to update this thread, so here is the picture....

    Somin fans send her food truck and she gave the cards to her fans .  This is on her birthday if im not mistaken. And the smiley still there

    (so sad :bawling:)


    Congrats Auntie Somin. Somin nephew is so cute. 


    Nayeon, Lee Joon niece , I think she is 3 years old now. 



    @jjadx gfg I think they are still together . I know we dont have hints about them but i have strong feeling about that. She is a DJ now so sometime her song selection is remind me about Joon ( La La Land Song, Arianda Grande -if you watch her  broadcast show on 14/2 Valentine's Day, she play this songs ) . And one  of her favourite song is this one , Its' Strange , With You (Credit : Cutefairy2017). So if you read the lyrics , its like its song for people who is in love with someone .  


    Like i said before, i will support this couple until their agency said they are break up. So, if that happened , i will move on and "retire" from this thread (i know who cares about that , right?) . And maybe i will not active here  if Joon comeback from MS. I  will  just come here if there is news about them only. I still cannot believe that i stayed in this thread for 1 year and 3 months. :D

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  2. Congratulation on success of your first fan meeting, Somin. 


    Thanks @MayraR and blogjungsominhouse for your support to Somin. 


    And JMSC are so lucky to meet her  :). And she is really beautiful up close.  

    And she said Somin told her fans that  A thousand Years by Christina Perri is on her playlist . This is my favourite song too. On Saturday , while I was waiting for Somin's update about her fanmeet , i  watched this fmv  over and over(I like the Christina Perri and Steve Kazee version more).

    I have died everyday, waiting for you
    Darling, don't be afraid, I have loved you for a thousand years
    I'll love you for a thousand more

    She is so cute when dancing the TT dance:D 


    @eyjooniesh so, Lee Joon commented on fancafe last Saturday ( on his gf's FM day). So,  when was the last time he commented to his fancafe ,is it since his birthday??
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  3. So, the final result for the best real couple is Joonmin couple. :D


    Thank you Joonmin shippers


    Yes, i know i know, this poll is just for fun and no one can deny that Song Song couple is the most popular couple . But, im still happy because many people still give vote to them although there is no news about this couple. Ok, let's see the other couple news and updates for the last 3 months (i'm not comparing them guys, please don't misunderstand me:):


    1. Rain and Kim Tae Hee


    2. Song Jong Ki and Song Hye Kyo


    3. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young 


    4. Lee Kwang Soo and Lee Sun Bin 


    5. Ryu Jeon Yul and Hyeri


    6.Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun 



    7. Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung 


    6. Lee Joon and Jung So Min??  



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  4. I'm sorry, i'm quite busy last week and i can't log in Soompi forum with my mobile phone. I dunno why:sweatingbullets: . I know i'm late but i still want to post something about Joonie's birthday:D

    Lee Joon Manager post in his IG (Credit :@iamouttime twitter)



    Joonie 's birthday present from his CEO

    Joonie's birthday cake from fans 


    And Joon post this in his fancafe



    1st July 2019.. Please come faster . 


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  5. 19 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:

    Or maybe somin already read the question beforehand since she needs to prepare the answer first, maybe she the one that purposely changed sun to seung? So people won't know? xDD

    Just curious if Chang Sun is a rare name in South Korea? Because if it does, maybe is so  obvious to use changsunchangsunschangsun:P. So far the celebrity i know close to that name is Chan Sung 2PM . Too bad is not a phone call from that listener, because for sure we know his voice right away.:lol:



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  6. 20 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:


    During Jung Somin radio segment 'Somlomon', in the video at 9:39 you can hear she mentioned "changseungchangseungchangseung nim" The person asked Somin what should I eat?  Rice cake or seaweed soup? Somin answered seaweed soup becoz I like seaweed soup.


    Coincidentally, Lee Joon's name in his fancafe is ChangsunChangsunChangsun 

    For reference here:-

    So I kind of wondering who is the mystery man changseung3× :kiss_wink::tounge_xd:

    Changsun is Lee Joon birth name , right?? So, why she said that ??  And who is that person??. Her listener or  LJ??:o

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  7. #joonmincouple hashtag on IG is 10K now. Thanks to all Joonmin shippers who keep posting pictures, videos and beautiful quotes . I really appreciate their hard work by doing the editing etc. Although some of them are not active anymore or their IG already deactivated, maybe they will active again after Joon discharge from military services. Hopefully, JM shippers on IG , Twitter or Facebook can give support  to JM until they get married...


    Joonmin couple is so close to Rain & Kim Tae Hae couple now. And the gap is only 2.4%. Please vote Joonmin until 9th February 2019 :D 



    @eyjooniesh It's last year picture but @gimgahyeon4480 repost it again yesterday . If im not mistaken during the flea market event. :)

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  8. Most beautiful Dispatch pictures. I think everyone agree on this.  Lee Joon and Jung Kyung Ho shows that romantic guys are really exist like in a Korean drama. 

    And 2 weeks ago, Jung Kyung Ho following Choi Soo Young hashtag on IG


    But, Lee Joon already did that last year :lol: He followed Jung So Min hashtag on IG


    Many Joonmin shippers were suprised by his action. When i first knew about it, my reaction was like this . 



    Ahhh, I miss those days.....

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